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A Very Netflix Halloween: Our Top 10 Halloween Picks On Instant Watch

Horror movies and Halloween go together like football and Thanksgiving, or Christmas and screaming recriminations. No doubt plenty of our livelier cohorts will be doing things they can feel bad about posting on Facebook later on tonight, but for those of us who are staying in tonight like dang old grownups, we put together a list of our favorite selections for Halloween that you can access right from your Netflix Instant Queue. These movies are guaranteed instant Halloween — just add a snack, an adult beverage of your choice, and someone to snuggle up with for the scary parts.

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Please note that this is the reason behind otherwise “Duh” selections on this list like Evil Dead and Phantasm, which should be in every self-respecting horror movie fan’s collection anyway. That said, if you’d like some Netflix-independent recommendations, our readers have you covered over on our Facebook page, because our readers are awesome and have kickass taste in movies (They want you to watch Angel Heart, for God’s sake, which you should TOTALLY do.). Maybe you could like us while you’re there? That’d be super.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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