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Demonic Cellphone Number Banned After Everyone Who’s Had it in Last 10 Years Dies

0888 888 888 is a cellphone number that will forever live in infamy in Bulgaria: It’s been permanently suspended by cell carrier Mobitel after all three of the people who’ve had it in the past ten years have died untimely deaths.

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Its first owner was actually the former CEO of Mobitel: He died of cancer at age 48, and it was rumored that one of his business rivals poisoned him with radiation.

Its second and third owners were a mafia boss and a drug kingpin, respectively, both of whom were gunned down. It doesn’t get much more dramatic than the Telegraph‘s description of one of their deaths:

The number then passed to Bulgarian mafia boss, Konstantin Dimitrov, who was gunned down in 2003 by a lone assassin in the Netherlands during a trip to inspect his £500 million drug smuggling empire.

If you call the number now, you’ll get a message saying that the phone is “outside network coverage.”

Ironically, 8 is considered a lucky number in many Asian countries. In fact, in 2003, a Chinese airline spent $280,000 to buy 8888-8888 as their phone number in an auction.

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