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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Pretty Pretty Princess

Super Smash Bros. Adds BAMF Zelda As Fifth Playable Female Character

Because I wasn’t already excited enough about the new Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, Nintendo has announced the inclusion of a record-breaking fifth playable female character in the game. A Smash Bros. staple, Zelda returns as the baddest princess (come at me, Peach) in this new incarnation of the game that has ended a million friendships.

This version of the titular character from The Legend of Zelda seems to be modelled after her Twilight Princess-era look. Zelda’s not the only bit of Hyrule you can find in the new Smash Bros., either; Link and Toon Link have already been announced, as well as stages that look like Skyloft (a personal fave), Gerudo Valley, and the Spirit Tracks Train. Sadly, rumor has it that one of Zelda’s most popular Smash Bros. moves – her transformation into Sheik – has been removed, and replaced with this attack from Spirit Tracks:

Zelda joins PeachRosalina, Samus, and the Wii Fit Trainer as one of the smashing ladies you can use to beat your opponents. Get ready for some fiercely elegant take-downs!

[Note: Originally this article said Super Smash Bros. will have four playable female characters, because I completely forgot about Samus and hate myself for it. We even basically have the same name. Apologies.]

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  • Anonymous

    Wait, doesn’t it have Samus Aran?

  • Christian Hoffer

    Samus is also a female character!

  • Sam Maggs

    Yes! Completely forgot she had been announced. Fixed! Thanks so much.

  • Dan Palla

    Hi Sam! I’m assuming I haven’t gone crazy and you are a new contributer (or writer or whatever you call it) so welcome. So far I like your style of writing and look forward to seeing more of your words.

    In regards to Zelda/Sheik I guess it has been like 15 years since Ocarina first came out(and was then re released like 5 times). So excluding the transformation makes sense, but I will still miss it.

  • Anonymous

    Rumors in the biggest rumor sense ever.

    It is not even proved that the armored character is a move or an assist trophy =P

    Considering how it happens I would vote for a substitution of the Din’s Fire (->B).
    Hard to think of a down special that is so horizontal in the series. They are all Top/botton/Reflection moves

    Also should be noted that when they announced characters in Brawl, Sheik was the last veteran to be announced (and yes, diferent anouncement from Zelda).

    And they can use Impa from Skyward Sword which was basicaly Sheik(ah) =P

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    I have the pet theory that Zelda will have two transformations, phantom and shiek.

  • Sam Maggs

    Thanks, that’s very kind of you! I’ll miss Sheik too, but people are also talking about using Impa instead – which will be awesome!

  • Emily

    Okay yes hooray!
    But also nooo I love sheik!

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who cracked up at Starfox’s expression?

  • Kaihaku

    If they did remove her ability to transform into Sheik, I hope that they include Impa as a playable character to retain that style of gameplay.

  • totz the plaid

    I hope Sheik is still in her move set and this is just an additional move for the Zelda side!

  • The Literary Omnivore

    Oh, I hope that no-Sheik rumor is just a rumor. Sheik is the best.

  • Lien

    Zelda? The best Nintendo princess? PFFF! Girl, please! Daisy is totally the one that can trample over all of the lesser pretenders. With a soccer ball at her feet even and no f***s given:

    Just waiting on Nintendo to announce her… aaaaanytiiiiime.

  • MagcargoMan

    Why wasn’t there an article about Rosalina’s reveal?

  • Dessa Brewington

    Yeah, I’m thinking assist trophy.

    But they better not touch Din’s Fire. I love Din’s fire!

  • Madeleine Odowichuk

    I guess it makes sense to keep Zelda more Twilight Princess-y. Skyward Sword Zelda was interesting in the way that she had her own journey, but she is definitely not a fighter type.
    I’ll miss Sheik, but I like the idea of using the Phantom from Spirit Tracks.
    So for the lady characters, we have Zelda, Samus, Wii Fit Trainer, Rosalina, maybe Peach… any others?

  • LifeLessons

    YAY!! *does happy dance*

  • Axe Armor


  • Axe Armor

    Zelda’s kind of rocking a JoJo pose up there. Especially since she appears to have replaced Sheik with Silver Chariot.