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Allow us to explain.

Almost Totally Excellent

Young Justice Trailer Gets Us Excited For the Return of DC Nation

If you were one of the viewers disappointed when Cartoon Network pulled their DC Nation programming block without warning, it’s almost time to rejoice. On January 5, DC Nation returns with new episodes of Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Here’s a promo for the former (with a few slight spoilers from this season’s previous episodes) that shows lots of new characters, plus our returning favorites.

(via Spinoff)

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  • Joe

    Of course this assumes that Cartoon Network will let us see the new season and not shelve it halfway through the run again.

  • Anonymous

    Deathstroke YAY ! Hopefully, he will be voiced by Ron Perlman…

  • Lapin

    (Falling into an excited tizzy over STATIC OMG THEY’RE GIVING US STATIC)
    (I am far too old to be so invested in this damn show)

  • Anonymous

    It was so awesome when Impulse showed up. Loved in the comic when he got his own space ship, stood atop it and yelled “Bart Trek!” It was a goofy comic.

  • Anonymous

    I admit, my reaction was also “Wait, did I imagine that or was there a Static in this trailer?”

    I am happy to see Virgil getting some screen time again; he’s been one of my favorite underutilized DC characters for ages.

  • Caitlind Oteiza

    Tell me about it.