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Cautiously Optimistic

Which X-Men Star Is Up For The Lead In The Crow Remake?

A new name has entered the fray that is The Crow remake and the actor in question is no stranger to comic book adaptations. 

Bloody Disgusting is reporting James McAvoy is now up for the lead role of Eric Draven.

This is not one of those 100% source-confirmed things unfortunately but as Bloody Disgusting points out, they were the ones who said Mark Wahlberg was up for the role, which turned out to be true. That never panned out but neither did Bradley Cooper.

The film will be a new take on James O’Barr’s comic, originally adapted with Brandon Lee in the title role in 1994. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo was originally set to direct but last year he left the project and F. Javier Gutierrez took over. Jesse Wigutow is working on the script.

We haven’t seen a timeframe on this remake/reboot so we’re not sure if McAvoy’s X-Men: Days of Future Past filming would get in the way but what do you think of him in the role?

(via BadassDigest)

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  • Brooke Michelle

    We don’t need a Crow remake. We don’t. Just leave it alone.

  • Brett Gravois

    couldn’t agree with you more…

  • Lucas Picador

    Yeah, I can’t think of a more painfully dated 1990s movie concept than “angry goth kicks butt”. Perhaps they can put moonwalking, ninjas, and Hulk Hogan in it as well?

  • Kim Filiatrault-Bateau

    I also agree. This is B.S. What’s with all the reboots? Is Hollywood running out of fresh new ideas? Please. Just leave the Crow alone. I even think that the sequels sucked. And James McAvoy as the lead? As Draven? Oh hell no.

  • Captain ZADL

    Look, I liked the Crow, both the comics and the first film just fine. But I do not want more. It’s done. Let it die peacefully.

  • Ryan Colson

    “Vengeance is yours, brother!”, quips the CGI Raven in Hogan’s voice

  • Ryan Colson

    Maybe they are just adapting the graphic novel straightforward instead of the “who the hell read this” version of the original?

  • Desiree Townsend

    I’m not thrilled about a remake either; but if they’re going to do it, they should do it right. That means no James McAvoy.

  • Anonymous

    Why make something from long ago and target it at age groups that have no nostalgia or desire to see it? This is 3-D Yogi Bear all over again.

  • Anatasia Beaverhousen

    The huge problem with this remake, aside from it pissing over a nearly perfect film that is Brandon Lee’s legacy, is that the original film was a very good adaptation in the first place. The things changed from the graphic novel were improvements as it worked better for a film format. (Missing cowboy, yeah I know, that aside.)

    I know that hollywood isn’t going to listen though if they think they can make some money. So at this point I’ve accepted, reluctantly that the remake is going to happen at some point.

    So if it’s going to happen, I’d much rather they actually attempted to make a good version of the film, with a good cast and whilst staying true to the essence of the original film, boy and girl killed horribly, boy comes back from the dead to seek revenge, they need to do something different or it will be completely and utterly pointless.

    So if we’re going to talk about a new Eric Draven, let’s not make it James McAvoy. I like James McAvoy, but he’s just wrong for the part. It’s a tough part, which is why the sequels were no where near as popular as the original film and for godsake, don’t mention the tv series which still haunts my nightmares. I did like city of angels, for all it’s flaws, but no where near as much as the original movie.

    The main character walks a fine line, he’s a guy you like because terrible, horrible things have happened to him and he does terrible, horrible things in revenge and you still have to like him whilst this is happening and you have to believe he is capable of doing them.

    Plucking people from the X-men cast, Michael Fassbender for me would be a better and more obvious choice, and again, as much as I like James McAvoy, I think Fassbender has a better range.

    However, they’ll never top Michael Winncott as Top Dollar though, should they even be able to get anyone original cast member to return (as I read once that almost all of them had been fairly traumatised, particularly Michael Massee), then I don’t think anyone could pull off Top Dollar the way Winncott could.

  • Joshua Paul Hawkins

    Read the book and then watch the movie and tell me that a movie based a little more on the book and done tastefully isn’t within the appetite of the fans.

  • Diana OmegaSama Davidsson

    Good gods don’t touch this movie. What the hell do we need a remake for? I am sure this will become some lame ass Twilight wannabe abomination.

  • Lizzette Santiago

    I can’t see anyone else but Brandon Lee playing Eric Draven. That’s why the sequels sucked. But if a remake is going to be made, my choice to play him would be Jason Momoa.

  • Lizzette Santiago

    And I would like to see Joe Manganiello as Batman. Tired of seeing these skinny short actors playing Bruce Wayne.