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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Mutatis Mutandis

X-Men: Days of Future Past To Be Banshee-Less, Possibly Havok-Less

I guess we can’t have all the mutants.

The news of Banshee’s absence from X-Men: Days of Future Past has yet to be confirmed by director Bryan Singer, but Ryan Turek of Shock Till You Drop tweeted that he heard straight from Banshee actor Caleb Landry Jones that he wouldn’t be in the sequel. So that looks like that. Farewell, sweet ginger prince. We barely knew ye. (Though we knew ye better than Darwin, at least.)

That Havok, played in X-Men: First Class by Lucas Till, might be absent as well is all speculation at this point. But amidst the recent flurry of mutant casting news Landry Jones and Till both went conspicuously unmentioned. MTV notes that the ten years between First Class and Days of Future Past might’ve seen Banshee and Havok spend some time with the X-Men and then go off to do other things like they did in the comics. Plus Till and  Landry Jones each have several movies coming up—good for them!—which means scheduling could likely be an issue.

I do not like this news. Not one bit. First Class has its problems, but one of them was not the new characters, who were more-or-less uniformly awesome. (Even if the movie didn’t always treat them as such—see Darwin and Angel.) And, look, I want to see Storm, Wolverine, Rogue, Kitty Pryde, Sir Patrick Stewart!Professor X, Sir Ian McKellen!Magneto, etc. alongside Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, and Michael Fassbender. But not at the expense of the new characters. It’s like with First Class last decade’s X-franchise passed the torch to a new generation, only to turn around and say “On the other hand, we’d like that back.”

(via: MTV)

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  • Anonymous

    Oh, dammit! I’d rather have Banshee and Havok in the movie than Rogue and Iceman, those major disappointments from the trilogy…

  • Anonymous

    Thy never did much with developing Havoc or Banshee in those films, so I don’t feel a loss like I would if they suddenly got rid of, say, Nicholas Holt’s version of Beast or Angel. Those are two “new” characters that they actually spent a little time fleshing out motivationally (though Angel’s “gone evil” thing was tropey). Havoc and Banshee were kind of just team padding. Havoc’s biggest emotional connection seemed to be Darwin, and we all saw how that turned out.

    That said, given the direction Havoc is going in the comics, good riddance.

    …And I’m still hoping that Darwin’s return will be an eleventh hour plot twist akin to his comic origin. It’s all there, but maybe hoping for that level of deft handling is too much.

  • Nick Gaston

    Darn. I rather liked Havoc MORE than Marsden’s Cyclops…

    Of course, this wasn’t helped by the fact that Cyclops’ screen time was divided between “vaguely uptight” and “crippled by shell shock.” When he wasn’t captured, brainwashed, or simply “not-present.”

  • Anonymous

    So are they just going to say that most of the original X-Men & Brotherhood died offscreen before the Sentinels were even invented? That spoils the fun of a full X-men vs. Brotherhood fight to prevent an assassination that’ll cause DoFP.
    I’m annoyed that they went to the trouble of showing Magneto specifically free Emma Frost at the end of last movie & now she won’t carry over into this movie. January Jones’s acting was one of the film’s lowpoints, but that doesn’t mean they can can’t keep the character. Just recast her with an actress that has some emotional range.

  • Gabriel Nantes de Abreu

    Thank God! I hated First class!

  • Wayne Anthony Feeney

    Has it been announced that Emma Frost won’t be in DoFP?

  • Anonymous

    They’ve previously said the Hellfire Club (even though it’s become the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants) won’t be in the movie. So it’ll just be Xavier & Beast vs. Magneto & Mystique for a lovely game of doubles tennis.

  • Rachel Smith

    With all of the characters already set to appear, it’s not
    surprising that some won’t. But I’m glad that I can still see these forgotten
    mutants, as I watch all of the previous X-Men with Blockbuster @Home from DISH.
    My busy work shift at DISH makes me grateful for the in store exchange option.
    I always forget to send back movies, so I love not having to wait to get the
    next X-Men on my queue.

  • Wayne Anthony Feeney

    That is a real shame. January Jones wasn’t particularly great as Emma Frost, but I still thought she was a good character. Also a shame about Havoc and Banshee. My hopes for DoFP are starting to dwindle…

  • James Fletcher

    I’m tempted to make a snarky remark about making room for obscure characters like Wolverine, but this news really does bum me out. It seems more and more that Bryan Singer is more interested in fixing the Last Stand, than making a true sequel to First Class.

  • Ryan Colson

    Why do so many people think XMFC had problems when really they are just not imaginative and want spoonfed factoids or some such? :(

  • Ryan Colson

    Banshee was just in it to be Siren’s daddy since she’s in x1-3

  • Ryan Colson

    Wolverine had a relationship with Rogue
    Rogue had a relationship with Iceman
    Pyro had relationships with Iceman and Rogue
    Cyclops had a relationship with Xavier
    Xavier had a relationship with Magneto
    Nightcrawler was developing a relationship with Storm

    Jean had relationships with Wolverine and Cyclops

    Maybe you just didn’t pay attention to the two films :)

  • Anonymous

    If there is a God, ze will forced them to cast Rosamund Pike as Emma and feature her in the continuing franchise.