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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Oh Really?

Movie-Loving Thieves Are Stealing A Particular The Wolverine Poster in Droves. Guess Which One.

My first thought upon reading the headline “Fox Will Have to Replace 50% of Their Outdoor Campaign for The Wolverine Due to Theft” was “Waaaaitaminute. The Wolverine posters have been horror shows. They’re A Clockwork Orange torture-level bad. Are people stealing them to burn them, thus destroying their evil magic and ensuring that badly Photoshopped ninjas and a shirtless Hugh Jackman, face a rictus of primal anguish and claws coming out from between his fingers, don’t crawl forth like Samara from The Ring and carry out a campaign of terror against poor, innocent moviegoers?”

Then I remembered that one Wolverine poster that’s actually really awesome, and it all made sense. They may be thieves, but they’re thieves with good taste.

According to Fox Chief Creative Officer Tony Sella over half of the calligraphy-inspired posters put up at bus shelters around the U.S. have been stolen and will need to be replaced. Not only will Fox have to pay for those new posters, but before the replacements go up the posters that should be convincing people to see the movie will instead be beautifying people’s homes.

Not that I feel too bad for Fox. They have millions to spend on marketing. They can deal. But it is quite the dilemma for them. They can replace the purloined posters with the same design and see them get stolen again. (Let’s face it, it’ll happen. Those posters are freaking gorgeous.) Or they can put up Shirtless Scream, Shirtless Scream With Ninjas or Duotone Disaster: Wolverine, What the Hell Is With Your Claws? and see them get painted over by humanitarians who want to rescue their fellow commuters from the pain said posters would inflict upon their eyeballs.

I bet Fox is wishing they made some average posters right about now.

(via: Collider)

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  • Anonymous

    I recall the Burton Batman teaser posted (the close up of the batlogo the some mistook for teeth) was spawning a similar series of crimes. People in New York were shattering bus stop glass to get at them.

  • Anonymous

    If only enough posters could be stolen to actually make Fox feel it in the pocket book, anything to put the squeeze on them. I can never forgive them for what they’ve done/are doing to Marvel’s mutants.

  • Aviana Knochel

    Can you purchase the cool calligraphy poster? Because I want one too but I don’t want to break the law (yet).

  • Sprainogre

    I’d totally replace them with more of the same. Hell, I’d put up more of that one. Let them get stolen. Hopefully it would make the local news. This is an opportunity to be exploited.

    On that note, I’d also like to be able to buy one as I’m not up to breaking the law for one (yet). I wonder if ebay has any… (they do!)

  • Saul Silver

    I remember the Catwoman from Batman Returns posters also being stolen.

  • Cranium Rinse

    Am I the only one who finds these posters mildly racist? Every time I see one I hear Paul Mooney going “Tom Cruise is the last samurai?”

    I know part of Wolverine’s (seemingly endless) backstory takes place in Japan, but all the shots of a white Canadian holding a samurai swords and the calligraphy and ninjas just screams “appropriation” to me.

  • Travis Fischer

    Perhaps, but it was “appropriation” that happened 30 years ago and is now firmly cemented into the character’s history.

  • Travis Fischer

    Also, that is one sweet poster no matter where you’re from.

  • Moriah Davis

    I have been waiting for that Calligraphy poster to come down at my movie theatre (we employees get them for free). I’m sure it’ll get snapped up, but a girl can hope!

  • Anonymous

    I still don’t believe that the photoshopped ninja poster is an actual poster.

  • Craig Oxbrow

    I’d like a poster of the nice black suit myself.

  • Truit Beasley

    Yes. You are. “The Last Samurai”, was a travesty on many levels, you could add, “The King and I” to the long list of Great White Hope movies as well. Great tunes though! Wolvie is a member of a persecuted minority, so that makes it okay..I guess. Well,Blade uses katanas as well as Michonne in “Walking Dead”. No katanas in these posters though, just his claws. In the eighties, most things Japanese were cool, and Logan’s character fit in with that aesthetic. Technically Wolverine’s not Canadian either. Gee Banff is loverly this time of year!

  • Aeryl

    I can agree that the marketing stuff is somewhat racist, but in the actual story Wolverine isn’t trying to be a part of Japanese culture like Tom Cruise was in The Last Samurai. He’s just in Japan doing Wolverine-Type things.

  • Anonymous

    This is inadvertently the best way to let movie companies know what we respect and love in posters – ACTUAL FRACKING ART!!!

  • Anonymous

    The second poster in the row is like….wow… that looked like my mom photoshoped that, and my mom isn’t even good at photoshop

  • Lisa Still Smouldering

    Fox deserves more revenge for their terrible choices in television programming, it’s nice to hear them have to pay for something (PAAAAYYYY!!! *fistshake*) Also, that poster is not only badass, but also pretty much taken from the pages of the original Wolverine miniseries the movie’s based on. ‘Good taste’ indeed.

  • Lisa Still Smouldering

    The ‘Samurai’ poster is most-likely the ACTUAL poster they are using in Japan since the movie is being subtitled ‘Samurai’ there (I guess an effort on Marvel’s part to Japan it up a bit more…) so it’s not racist…?

    Maybe just Marvel I guess, but I doubt the Japanese are complaining much since the whole thing is badass and set in their country (and has a lot of shots that are homages to various Japanese films, if the trailers are anything to judge it by.)

  • Nik Davis

    I’ve seen the poster pop up on eBay for 100 bucks.