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Natural Disasters

Oh Joy, Another Cringeworthy The Wolverine Poster

Where to start? I was staring at horror at the awful tinting job until Susana pointed out that his claws are coming from between his fingers, not his knuckles. And they don’t even look like they’re in the same poster.

Fox, can you fire whoever’s been doing  your poorly Photoshopped, occasionally ninja-filled posters and bring back the person who designed this one? This is embarassing.

(via: SuperHeroHype)

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  • Aeryl

    Have the people making these posters even SEEN the movies?

  • Adam McCormick

    I wonder if this could actually be a plot spoiler rather than a bad PS job.

  • Lance Bravestar

    They’re just trying to make Wolverine more relatable. I mean, who hasn’t put pencils between their fingers and pretended to be Wolverine?

  • Threadpool

    Needs some badly photoshopped ninjas…

  • Katie Frederick

    I’m so baffled, because I really love the early posters: specifically the one that looks like an ink painting and then also the one kneeling with the sword in the rain. But yeah, these latest posters are just so weird and lazy looking.

  • Anonymous

    For that matter, have they ever seen proper lines and angles?

  • AnnaB

    Or memes? That last Lotso Ninjas poster looked like a Tribble meme.

  • Elias Algorithm

    Tiny blood-filled water balloon?

  • Tamara Brooks

    All the X-films have terrible posters. It’s like the art teams are having a contest to see who could have the worst posters approved and actually used.

  • Saul Silver

    I actually like this one!

  • Adam McCormick

    I was so right, hahaha, there will be Samurai and Ninjas!