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All The Walking Dead News From Yesterday (When We Were Busy Grumbling About The Finale)

The season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead left me more frustrated than ever (read our recap). My issues with the show have reached a point where I’m pretty sure I won’t be watching Season 4 but I’m still interested to hear why certain decisions were made. If you’re interested as well, hit the jump to hear what creator Robert Kirkman had to say about that particular character death, what the person who plays that character had to say, and how ratings were better than ever. 

If you’ve yet to watch the Season 3 finale, beware of spoilers here.

The Hollywood Reporter did an interview with Kirkman about the rather large detour they took from the comic book he created. Actress Laurie Holden’s character Andrea met an untimely fate in the episode thanks to a zombified Milton (which in turn, was thanks to The Governor). And yet, The Governor lives to fight another day as actor David Morrissey is set to return as a series regular in Season 4. Kirkman mentioned it was ex-showrunner Glen Mazzara’s idea to kill Andrea.

It’s a big departure from the comics, which to a certain extent is somewhat risky but at the end of the day I like the idea of there being big differences that key in to this is the show, this is the comic. I like that there’s some kind of separation there. It was definitely something that weighted upon us heavily. The unfortunate thing is that you’re not really going to see why this was a good decision and good for the show until season four. We thought having that tragic end to her story line — having [Andrea] work so hard to save these people of Woodbury and find a peaceful resolution to this conflict was really something worthy of the character. It’s also something that changes Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) mindset and alters a lot of the characters and their modes of operation moving into the fourth season. It seemed like the right thing to do at the right time.

When asked about the backlash from comic fans about the choice, Kirkman said they just have to wait and see. “The comics still exist and I’d urge those people to continue reading the comics where Andrea is still alive. Just know the show is something different and we are telling different stories,” he said. “It doesn’t mean we’re not going to see a lot of the big stories and big events from the comic book in the TV show eventually; it just means those things will be a little bit altered from time to time.”

He also mentioned the evolution of the season made for a few different ideas. Originally, Andrea was meant to survive and take over as the leader of Woodbury. In another incarnation, she never freed herself from the chair at all. Kirkman promised that even though two lead women were killed off this season, “female characters will take central role in season four.”

Meanwhile, Holden told AMC she felt the final words spoken by her character were “perfect.” “I will never think of her as a victim… I see her as a casualty of war,” she said, “Andrea had a tumultuous journey this season, but at the end of the day, in spite of everything, so many positive things came out of it; the people of Woodbury did escape and reach their sanctuary and none of the people at the prison were killed.”

Holden said while she considers the death a tradegy, she doesn’t believe it was in vain because she was fighting with a purpose. She said, “The fact that this woman who was once suicidal and had no will to live, was able to grow, evolve and emerge not only as a survivor but as a leader? That’s been such an amazing gift for me as an artist. And I feel blessed to have had a three-season run. I am truly proud of this woman’s journey; I love who she became and what she stood for at the end of the world. After losing everyone and everything, she never lost her heart.”

The Hollywood Reporter said the episode marked a new record. “Sunday’s deadly season-three finale shattered the zombie drama’s own ratings record yet again, scoring 12.4 million total viewers in its initial 9 p.m. broadcast and 8.1 million in the advertiser-coveted adults 18-49 demographic,” they wrote. “The numbers for the series based on Robert Kirkman’s comics become more impressive when factoring in heavy competition from HBO’s season-three premiere of Game of Thrones and the finale of History’s miniseries The Bible — as well as typically decreased viewership levels on Easter Sunday. For its part, Game of Thrones also notched a series high, with Sunday’s season kickoff drawing 4.4 million total viewers in its initial 9 p.m. broadcast.”

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  • Ryan Colson

    We pretty much new ol’ Dave was comin’ back last year when they planned to do two seasons of the Governor’s madness, but I guess the confirmation is just there to be that….

  • Mandy

    “Originally, Andrea was meant to survive and take over as the leader of Woodbury”

    Why couldn’t this have happened?!? Ugh. THAT would have be really interesting to see. Esp as the acress says we’d actually get to see this journey of a character “who was once suicidal and had no will to live, was able to grow, evolve and emerge not only as a survivor but as a leader.” But nope. She just kind of gets shuffled aside in the Rick/Governer fight and doesn’t get much love at all.

  • Rebekah M. Jones

    This. Once again, a inspiring female character is killed for the benefit of the male ones. Isn’t that just such a risky move? 9_9

  • Saul Silver

    Andrea was the new Lori of this season and I’m glad she’s gone.

  • AnnaB

    “Sunday’s deadly season-three finale shattered the zombie drama’s own
    ratings record yet again, scoring 12.4 million total viewers in its
    initial 9 p.m. broadcast and 8.1 million in the advertiser-coveted
    adults 18-49 demographic,”

    OMG, did they factor in the number of viewers who fell asleep with the TV on? My husband certainly dozed off 10 minutes into the show. And let’s not even get into how utterly disgusted I was about the episode around the time Andrea and Milton were talking. I was pulling my hair in frustration. Seriously.

  • Ryan Carden

    I don’t have a problem with the killing of either Andrea or Lori. Andrea is my favorite character in the comics, but on the show, she was nothing like her comic incarnation. Laurie Holden did a fine job with what they gave her, but what they gave her was crap. Her character was defined in the second season by her suicide attempt in the first, and by making nothing but foolish decisions throughout the series. Lori was even worse, though she was better this season than last season. Hopefully, they will promote the brunette who survived the Governor’s rampage (was her name Karen?) and Sasha (that is Tyreese’s sister’s name, right?) to series regulars. Both these characters have a clean slate, and could be what Lori and Andrea should have been.

  • Suzanne Larsen

    with any luck season 4 will be Carol becoming the awesome “comics Andrea”, and she, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, and Michonne will strike off on their own as everyone else is consumed in a horrible prison fire.
    But probably not *laugh*

  • Hokuboku

    It seriously makes me sad that some people are overjoyed Andrea died
    because that just further proves how much the show assassinated her
    Exclusively TV viewers have no idea how awesome Andrea actually was in the
    comics. In the TV show she’s just the lady who had a bad habit of hooking up with psychos and
    died because she couldn’t lift pliers with her feet. She was supposed to be awesome and the best shot of everyone.
    But noooooope.

    How the show handled her from the start pissed me off but I had
    hoped she would kill the governor this season and become even 1/4 as
    cool as she is in the comics. Even if they killed her off in a better fashion. Hell, Merle had a better death. He had character development and went out how
    he wanted, in a redemptive blaze of glory. Andrea? Can’t pick a tool up
    for thirty minutes, takes tons of chatty breaks to stop even though her
    life is on the line and then dies even though she probably could have
    just pushed or kicked Milton away. Evidently we can only have one scene
    per season though where a restrained woman can defend herself and
    Michonne used those points up the week prior.

  • Anonymous

    Can I watch your show instead? Sigh…

  • Saul Silver

    Actually I read the comics and watch the TV show and like other books to media adaptations – I judge them on their own merits and try not to compare the two.

  • Hokuboku

    I judge them on their own merits but I honestly think it the show is a poor adaptation. I don’t expect it to follow the comic strictly and there have been some changes I really liked. Example, Daryl is an amazing original to the show character and really enjoyed the different take on Lori’s death in the show.

    Buuuuut…. the TV show squanders a lot of what makes the comic
    amazing. The prison scene was nowhere near as climactic, the governor is nowhere near as creepy, the several episodes searching for Sophia was boring, the zombie in the well was dumb, the show likes to kill of a black dude if more than one tries to be on camera at the same time, the character development is lacking in many areas, etc.

    The Tell Tale video game managed to create an amazing new story. Why the show couldn’t manage to do that or even take more of what makes the comic great is beyond me.

  • Saul Silver

    I have to ask, clearly you’ve watch all 3 seasons of the show, if you’re so unhappy with the changes then why are you still tuning in? Also by comparing the prison scene from the comic to the show then you’re not really judging it on it’s on merits.

    Personally I like the fact that Michonne’s rape by The Governor so far hasn’t been depicted on the show as I feel it would take some of the power away from the character.

    I fully agree with you with regards to character development – maybe if Lori was better written her death would have been more powerful and to some extent the same can be said about Andrea.

    Regardless I still feel the show is in step with comics by the very fact that ‘the walkers’ are incidental to the main idea which is what happens when society as we know it falls apart and how the survivors adjust to the new world they find themselves in.

  • Hokuboku

    Andrea dying in the fashion she did was actually the final straw for me. I kept watching because there are a few things about the show I do enjoy but I had also hoped that they would redeem her character. In fact, I had hoped she would have been made to kill the Governor and become the badass she is in the comics. It would have been fitting considering one of the Governor’s followers kills him in the comics. So, that’s a change they could have made for the better but instead they decided to just kill her off in one of the most frustrating scenes I’ve seen in TV.

    Also, it is impossible to not compare the show to its source material. If they didn’t want comparisons then they should have done an original storyline like the Tell Tale game did. You can’t have the same characters in similar settings and not have fans of the source material compare the two. It is just impossible.

    Like I said, I’m down for changes but I think most of the changes they’ve made are lackluster to say the least. Even if I hadn’t read the comics the prison scene would have been frustrating and anti-climactic. You’re seeing that reaction from a lot of TV only fans. They touted 27 deaths and it was the governor rage killing all his people who we didn’t know and Milton, Andrea. They led things up to this epic battle that just wasn’t. It was boring.

    Also, I figured they wouldn’t depict Michonne’s rape on TV which wasn’t one of my complaints though I never thought her abuse in the comics made her less powerful of a character.

  • Saul Silver

    I will agree had Andrea killed the Governor that might have change my opinion of her.

    That being said as a fan of True Blood, Hunger Games, Walking Dead and to a lesser degree Harry Potter – I personally find it very easy to not to compare them from the source material simply by not comparing them – maybe it’s just me but I know how to judge each on their merits.

    But back to Walking Dead while I strongly agree some character development has been lost in translation however I still feel the show does capture the central theme of the books which is how the survivors adjust to the dangerous new world they find themselves in, with the ‘walkers’ not being the actual true threat to one’s own humanity.

  • nathan B

    Uh.. because where the fuck do you go from there? Andrea is a sensible leader for a town that is pretty damn safe. She would work together with Rick’s group.

    So where does the drama come from? How about you don’t sacrifice the consistency of the show just to keep someone around because she’s, in particular, an Actress.

  • nathan B

    Your husband has a poor attention span. Seriously

  • AnnaB

    Yes, because you obviously know him.

  • Mandy

    You go whereever the writers are planning post Governer’s eventual death? It’s not that hard. The grim dark cynicism is getting a little overwhelming lately. Having the town go back to being a good actual safe haven might have been nice. There are still zombies everywhere to fight against. Still other people/groups out there looking to take what Team Rick has. You could have either had Andrea/Woodbury & Rick’s group join up together and fight the NEXT group threat or invent some reason Team Rick goes off in search of something or after someone (Carl running away or something).

    Andrea was an interesting character that the writers pooped all over. S1 set her up for this great growth of character that just never went anywhere. & in the end it seems like she was really just there to interact with the male main characters & move their story foward instead of getting her own full character arc.

  • nathan B

    Of course I do, he’s an incredibly important man! Whether or not he falls asleep during a tv show is an accurate assessment of it’s quality!

    One day science will discover why one person’s husband holds so much influence on critical opinion.

    [I can sarcasm too]

  • nathan B

    Everything you claim about Andrea has no real evidence that I can see. She had a character arc – she went from being suicidal, to self serving, to totally dependent on a stranger, to trusting and open, to romantically involved and then back to crushing reality.

    I enjoyed that arc, her story and how it ended. I thought it was suitable. She’s just a character and she served the story – she has no special value beyond that.

    As for your comment about her being “just there to interact with male main characters”.. I believe you are doing a disservice to the very cause I’m sure you are trying to represent.

  • nathan B

    Jesus H Christ. She’s a fictional character in an adaptation.

  • Hokuboku

    And people can feel strongly about a fictional character. Hence why we have sites like Mary Sue that recap episodes, among other things. Your point?

    I would also argue that Andrea being made weaker in the TV show is a symptom of some bigger problems with the show.