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The Walking Dead Recap: Hounded By Redshirts

For the most part, AMC’s The Walking Dead has show a vast improvement over last season. What hasn’t shown improvement? The characters’ mental acuity. 

[Spoilers to follow!]

I legitimately thought my DVR had cut off the first few minutes of the episode last night. We stepped into a scene with Merle and three thugs, for lack of a better word, from Woodbury, hunting Michonne. Why were they hunting Michonne? Merle sort of explains the Governor sent them out but we never see that particular conversation so we don’t know why he would have sent them out in search of a character who was trying to get as far away from them as possible. We’re also introduced to a character named Gargulio who appears to be reluctant at their task and who could perhaps play a bigger role in the coming episodes.

Nope! Dead.

That whole part of the episode was just so poorly planned and executed. Thank goodness they gave us some gore and action to make up for it.

Back at the prison, everyone is still ignoring the fact no one found Carol’s body. No one’s talking about her. They’re basically twiddling their thumbs. Daryl, Carl, and Oscar attempt another sweep of the prison for walkers and don’t find much action. Daryl and Carl get to share stories about their dead mother’s though, so that’s something. The one walker they do find has Carol’s knife in his throat. Carol! OH HEY, EVERYONE, REMEMBER HER? Seriously, we went almost the entire episode before this happened and Daryl has a brief moment being angry because he thinks Carol is a weak zombie (dude, she would kick your ass) before he finds her out of it, but alive, in a closet. I guess we should be happy this didn’t drag out for five episodes.

In Woodbury, Andrea insists she wants to be helpful and suggests working on the wall to get back into zombie-killing practice. She’s set up with a young woman who has a really expensive bow and arrow set but can’t shoot worth her life. They too bond over lost family members, specifically ones they had to kill, before Andrea jumps the barricade to take out one walker the other woman was just wasting arrows on. And that’s a big no-no with the Governor so she’s off killing detail but can still sleep with him if she wants. Which she does in what wound up being a really uncomfortable courtship to watch. Andrea has officially lost all personality/character and is now just shell used to move the story along.

Everyone else is as useless as you can get at this point. I expect any of our main characters to die at any moment and not care a lick about it. Things keep happening that should make an impact but don’t because there’s no substance to any of them right now. Last week we saw Rick take a trip to Crazy Town and this week he remained there by talking to dead people on an old phone in the prison. Hershel seemed to play along because he wanted to let Rick deal with his grief but after a few phone calls he was all set to finally hold his new baby daughter.

While the Merle/Michonne showdown was pretty great to watch, it was the reunion between him and Glenn that was the highlight of this episode for me. Poor Glenn, he’s been through a lot. Too bad he’s not remotely done. Part of me was hoping Michonne would pop out to save the day but really, I just wanted her to get to the prison, which she eventually did. With bonus baby formula, because she’s nice like that.

Ok, Walking Dead, you started off great this season but you’ve been dragging your heels a bit lately. Let’s ramp it up again, shall we? And give our survivors some personality and motivation again so we actually care when they bite the big one.

Let us know what you thought of the new episode in the comments and we’ll see you back here next Monday for another recap!

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  • Anonymous

    No way! I really liked this episode. I mean, despite Andrea. I did have some questions about the purpose of going after Michonne, and the probability of Merle running into Glenn and Maggie. But I liked the bonding between Carl and Daryl, I’m happy that Carol is alive, happy to see Michonne arrive at the prison, and I loved the way they handled Rick’s grief and gave him some closure. Compared to last season, this season hasn’t gone stagnant for me yet.

  • Nat

    In the defense of the show, I think it was mentioned by Glenn in season two that ‘you become numb’ to it. You have to become numb in order to survive. I think that’s a very valid explanation for how characters seem to move on from certain things but react strongly to other things. At this point it’s become such a terrible emotional toll that everyone’s more than a bit off the deep end along with their monster size doses of PTSD. Rick’s fall off the deep end was long coming to begin with, as we’ve been constantly shown that he is full of heart and as Shane has said, Rick is not the kind of man who was made for this world. But now it’s just him and his two children and he will step up his game I think in terms of becoming stronger and more willing to make the tougher decisions without his conscience getting in the way. I just got done marathoning episode 1 to last night’s episode so seeing it all in such a big chunk as it were (because while it’s been three years for us, it’s only been about a year for them).

    Of course we’re not supposed to agree with all the character choices made and to question them, but as I said, our main group (Andrea included!) are nuts. That’s the best way to put it. So if Andrea wants to sleep with he governor in a semblance of normalacy (well, as normal as you can get), let her. She is so desperate for some comfort and safety that I think her chilling in Woodbury the way she is is IC.

    The season is just reaching the half way point. We still have time to ‘kick it up’ a notch as you’d like. I think the Prison and Woodbury colliding will be an interesting wake up call.

  • Anonymous

    Just a friendly reminder to people that Andrea in the comics, is in fact a badass sniper that has perhaps single handedly kept the group alive on multiple occasions. TV Andrea is… not.

    Prediction for next week, Rick and gang faff around for an entire episode before finding Woodbury on a map at the last minute. Merle cuts off Glenn’s hand and the Governor does absolutely nothing to Maggie, because if he does it’ll be the final straw for me as far as this show goes.

  • Anonymous

    Andrea is beyond useless. I honestly think she has been through the whole series but this was just the worst of it. The Governor/Andrea lust story has as amazing of dialogue as a Star Wars prequel romance. It just angers me because Andrea is such an amazing character in the comics. I cannot stand her in the show!
    While the Merle encounter was the best part of the episode, I can’t help but think about how other character besides Glen & Maggie would have been much better for this meeting. If T Dog was still around, imagine the tension and the craziness. Or even Daryl, have him show compassion for his brother and then have it blow up in his face.
    I’m also a little worried right now concerning Woodbury and Glen & Maggie. Kirkman and the others on the show have made such a big deal about things happening like they do in the comics but to different characters. A part of me is terribly worried that things that happened to Michonne are going to happen to Maggie. If they do I’m done with the show completely

    I’m probably just thinking too hard about this show again. *Shrug*

  • Lynne Hobday

    Andrea is becoming the new Lori… I admired how she got away from the farm at the end of the second season and also in this episode, her jumping over the wall to deal with a walker was pretty cool. She needs more zombie action to keep her away from making these bad mistakes. And she does seems to flirt with everyone in Woodbury which is somewhat annoying. She does, however, still have the potential to be the strong female character that she should be.

    Lovely scene between Carol and Darryl. I liked their chemistry in the second season. The other relationships are more “in your face” but theirs is very respectful and just plain sweet at times. As the reviewer said, not much mourning of Carol, though. Perhaps everyone was too concerned with the baby and Rick going off at the deep end.

    Another point of concern is Michonne’s motivation for hating the Governor so much. In the comic the motivation was obvious. Sharing the concern for Maggie.

    I thought the “bitergram” was bit much, too.

    Still, the series grips me.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think they’ll go that far, do you? Maybe lead us to believe that sort of act of violence was intended, but not actually follow through with it. I hope that’s the case, because I tend to be very cautious in regards to that topic, thank you Last House on the Left. I can’t watch it.

  • Anonymous

    I think you’re right about the Michonne torture going to happen to Maggie. I’m guessing this is so Glen is more affected by it (since it seemed that he and Michonne were closer in the books) but Maggie doesn’t seem like a character with Michonne’s strength to survive it.

    I’m really wondering how much a scene (or scenes) like that needs to happen on tv when it was already so incredibly painful on the page. It demonstrates the Governor’s monstrous behaviour but the show is obviously doing something different with him and Woodbury. In the books, weren’t Rick, Glen and Michonne kept mostly separate from Woodbury so that the Governor could tell his people about their motives?