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Allow us to explain.

Oh Hollywood

Vampire Academy Might Change Your Mind About The Vampire Genre Craze

You might think that the vampire genre is worn out, and I’d probably agree with you– but if anyone can do something new with it, it would be Mean Girls director Mark Waters and his brother, Heathers writer Daniel Waters. According to Empire, the story of Vampire Academy goes like this:

Based on the books by Richelle Mead, the story follows Rose Hathaway, a 17-year-old girl who shares a mental and spiritual bond with best pal Lissa. The thing is that Lissa just so happens to be a vampire. The pair attend a special school for bloodsuckers trying to cling to their humanity, but it seems not all of their kind share that agenda.

Compared to other Vampire-novel adaptations, this one seems like it could go the way of True Blood rather than Twilight. We can’t know until the film comes out, but in the mean time we’ve got to put our faith in the talents of the Waters brothers that it’ll be something worth watching as much as Mean Girls or Heathers. Maybe that’s a tall order, but who knows?

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters comes out on Valentines Day 2014.

(via Empire)

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  • Anonymous

    I really liked this series. There was some romance in it, but most of it was young women being badass in variuos ways. Lots of fun!

  • Ashliegh Sphyre

    The books were fantastic and I gave them as gifts to my then boyfriend’s nieces to combat their Twilight obsession.

  • Nelly Dreadful

    I’ve only read a little of the books, but they were stuffed with lady-friendships and kicking butt, from what I remember. Should really try looking into those again.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    Can we go back to staking vampires? Someone needs to make a new rip-off slogan T-shirt:


  • Alice Ruppert

    They had me when “Beast of America” started playing

  • Foxfire

    Vampirates or GTFO in my opinion.

    It’s the only thing that can save the genre :)

  • xuqupyviriro

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    I’ve only read a little of the
    books, but they were stuffed with lady-friendships and kicking butt,
    from what I remember. Should really try looking into those again.

  • Brittany K

    I liked the first few books in this series, but I got bogged down in the fourth one and never made it out. Still, I was skeptical when I heard there’d be a movie, but this looks badass.

  • Anonymous

    Its much more Buffy meets Heathers than Twilight. I’m stoked for this movie.

  • Carly Hunter

    Really hope the movie lives up to the books and that its good enough that I want the sequels.

    The only thing similar to twilight in these books is the word vampires

  • Carly Hunter

    Well if they stay true to the books the main characters reason for being at the school is to learn to fight and kill vampires and she does have a fairly lrg stake count in the books :P

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    Stop intriguing me. It’s working.

  • Carly Hunter

    If u like reading ya u should give the books a try.
    Whole premise is that that if a normal vamp kills while feeding they become sociopathic killers. The normal vamps use dhampires as bodygaurds to fight and kill them. Dhampires are kind of a lower class and can only have children if one of the parents is a vampire.

  • Anonymous

    Personally, the sixth book is the best – so u should give the last 2 a try ;)

  • Brittany K

    I have been meaning to reread and then finish out the series, maybe even check out the sequel series, so any positive feedback on them just pushes me a little further along.

  • Anonymous

    Haha, yeah i know how it is, sometimes u just stop, and need an extra push ;).. I actually just read the bloodlines series, well the first 3 anyway since those are the ones that are out.. And i liked them too.. Not as good as VA but getting close ;).. In the last VA book so much happens, so like i said – u should give them a try.. :)

  • Anonymous

    it worked on me as well! I’ve listened to to audiobook 1 this weekend and started book 2 now. The thing with the stake only comes up in book 2, but still I enjoyed the first book as well.

  • Anonymous

    I still think this will be more like a girly teen-movie, and not as cool as True Blood. But still: it’s pretty cool that the main character Rose is played by Buffy’s stepdaughter ;)

  • Carly Hunter

    Happy to hear someone converted to a good series :)