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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: A Drink That Looks Like Space

This cocktail looks like outer space. Now all we need are the TARDIS ice cubes. Find out how to make it here. (Boing Boing)

  • “Girlfriend mode” in games? Ew. Read more about its ickiness at The Frisky.
  • The Walking Dead helped someone win the Olympic gold? Apparently! According to boxer Nicola Adams, her relaxing technique before a big match is to sit down and play Call of Duty and The Walking Dead on Playstation. (Kotaku)
  • Ever wonder who the world’s first blogger was? She was Lady Sei Shonagon. Well, sort of. She lived somewhere between the 990s and the early 11th century in the Japanese court, but she did spend a lot of time recording her observations and musings over life, in a way that seems very blog-y.  (Brain Pickings)

So what would the TARDIS look like if it came from IKEA? Possibly this (Fashionably Geek):

  • So how do you make purse accessories more interesting? LEGOS, obviously. Like these Lego mirrors. (Gizmodiva)
  • Helen Gurley Brown, illustrious essayist and “the original cosmo girl,” died this week at the age of 90. As the New York Times said in their report on her death:

Ms. Brown routinely described herself as a feminist, but whether her work helped or hindered the cause of women’s liberation has been publicly debated for decades. It will doubtless be debated long after her death. What is safe to say is that she was a Janus-headed figure in women’s history, simultaneously progressive and retrogressive in her approach to women’s social roles.

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  • Anonymous

    When champagne was created, Dom Pérignon the first person to try it exclaimed “I am drinking the stars!”

  • Thalia

    *Sei Shonagon, not Shai  (Awesome stuff, all told!)

  • Anonymous

    So it’s basically a G&T that looks like a nebula?


  • Anonymous

    I kind of feel like the “girlfriend mode” thing is getting out of hand rage-wise. Yes, it’s sexist. Yes, it’s stupid. But it’s one guy who picked some very bad wording in an interview. It’s not an actual game mode. It’s not words used in the game. So maybe a little less rage is appropriate?

  • Anonymous

    “her relaxing technique before a big match is to sit down and play Call of Duty and The Walking Dead on Playstation”
    Hah you know when I was 10ish I got so nervous I felt sick right before I was supposed have major back surgery. So the nurse set up some NES Donkey Kong for me and I was feeling better shortly after. :)

  • Unicorn

    the drink looks nothing like that pic… just saying