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Tron 3 Has Found A Writer But Will It Have An Audience?

I remember seeing preview footage of Tron: Legacy at San Diego Comic-Con and being pretty impressed. The 3D actually made sense and they seemed to have a good handle on a story that would do the original film justice. When I saw the full movie I thought it was good, not great, and didn’t expect them to make any more. While the idea was bounced around for a while, it looks like it’s finally gaining momentum. 

The Hollywood Reporter says the follow-up to Tron: Legacy says Disney is currently in negotiations with Jesse Wigutow to write the next draft of the script. To what do we owe this renewed interest in the franchise? THR says recent movement of Disney executives.

Joseph Kosinski, who directed Legacy, is attached to helm this installment, which is being developed with a renewed purpose under Alan Horn, who took the reins of Disney Studios in June,” they write. “Plot details are being kept under wraps. David DiGilio wrote an earlier draft of the script.Justin Springer, a co-producer on Legacy, is producing Tron 3.”

Previously, Bruce Boxleitner said the film was a “done deal” and was hoping for a 2013 release date but it’s doubtful that deadline will be adhered to. While Tron: Legacy made just $2 million over its budget here in the U.S., it made $400 worldwide which is apparently enough to warrant making more.

THR writes, “Wigutow already is working with Disney on the adaptation of Peter and the Starcatchersand worked on Parallel, another Disney project being produced by Springer. Wigutow also wrote Eragon and worked on Relativity’s remake of The Crow and Summit’s remake of The Osterman Weekend.”

So, are you looking forward to more Tron or did you think Tron: Legacy made a good bookend to the franchise? Do you want Garrett HedlundJeff Bridges, and Olivia Wilde to return or would you prefer them to take another route?

(via /Film)

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  • Shoshana B

    I’ll wait and see. There have been movie sequels that I thought would be superfluous and stupid which turned out actually very enjoyable, even more so than some previous films in the franchise *coughMIB3cough* so while I’m hesitant to embrace Tron 3 excitedly quite yet, I’m willing to give it a chance.

  • Ashe P. Samuels

    I’ll admit, Tron: Legacy is a massive guilty pleasure for me. For as much as I yawned at the cliched plot (that really seemed to curdle near the third act before bursting into one giant chase scene) and the cheesy dialogue (“Look, another customer!”), I also found my jaw repeatedly dropping at the astounding visuals and that brilliant soundtrack.

    I would want another movie just to see Daft Punk strut their stuff again, really.

    Oh, and a smarter story couldn’t hurt. More questions, more nuance, less Disney family drama. Props to Olivia Wilde for making her character a bit better than the Manic Pixie Dream Girl/Action Girl combo she adhered to, though. It was pretty awesome seeing the only really relevant woman in the cast rescuing the hero a whopping four times.

  • ClockworkTiger

    Tron Legacy’s biggest crime was all of the missed opportunities. They never even touched on what the existence of the internet would mean to this world.

    But as I’ve seen pointed out elsewhere, the movie did give us Jeff Bridges fighting Jeff Bridges on a bridge.

  • Anonymous

    I think there is little to no chance that Jeff Bridges return for a sequel since, well, Legacy didn’t end that good for him. That said, I enjoyed Legacy (for its aesthetics and its Daft Punk music mostly) and it tried to develop the mythology of the Tron universe to justify its (kinda weak) plot. Since the basis material is “deep” enough, a sequel could have a smart/nice plot, all depending on the writers and the production demands of Disney… Plus, I wouldn’t be against more Olivia Wilde on a big screen, it’s always a pleasure for the eye. So wait and see.

  • Kate Lorimer

    I really liked Tron legacy. I loved the look, style, music, the lot. What I did object to was the very end, as I fully expected Quora to materialize at the end… But in the form of … I don’t know.. Data.. On a USB stick or something… Not as a living breathing being… But then again.. It makes as much sense as the whole corporeal>virtual thing. Also, how was she the messianic savior etc? I didn’t really understand. As a character tho, she was an absolute delight. I look forward to a sequel… But I don’t quite know where they’ll go from that ending… A bit like how I wonder what. Mass effect 4 might do, lol!

  • Jessica Dwyer

    I would love for Tron 3 to actually deal with Tron for a change. Also the fact that Cillian Murphy told me he did Tron2 uncredited because he’s a massive Tron geek and loves it and that he’d be happy to come back as the bad guy makes this something that needs to happen. Cillian Murphy as the son of the MCP in black leather and glowing red is enough reason to make this movie.

  • Robert Davis

    I am still a huge fan of the ‘original’ TRON… and the music by W. Carlos. The music for T2 did not impress me (or stay with me afterward)… and the storyline seemed more like a ‘filler piece’ for the Disney Tron cartoon then ‘the next level of TRON-ishness’. *fingers crossed* Maybe this 3rd movie will be a full blown story instead of an interlude.

  • Robert Davis

    With all the latest and greatest video games since the 1980s (or some of the best of the gaming box games) TRON could do a ‘cross games’ deal like Wreck ‘Em Ralph which would take us through the cyber game universe to perhaps… the Matrix behind the Gaming Matrix… where programs are building the ‘new’ electronic landscape.. to merge with the material one (((( since he brought his pixellated gf over to the real world ))).

  • Paul Brinker

    I dont think the internet was right for that version of tron, if you get to play the video game they do show other city’s, corruption, and viris but sadly we don’t have the Reboot Team working on this show.

    I would be absolutely happy if the 3rd movie happens during the Ico wars (to bring back clu) Internet era, Virus infection, Cross over (like wreck it ralph) or even a user war by having users adding new programs that are fighting it out over control of the system, at some point the users are shown the way into the system

  • John Wao

    I don’t care about anyone else but if Olivia Wilde is back I’ll be there.

  • Mark Brown

    Keep TRON 3. I want more TRON: Uprising.


    Wow, that’s a trolling title from a Mary Sue article no less. Yes, it will have an audience, and guess what? It’s plays amazingly well on repeat viewings. And take another route? What world are you living in where characters people invested time in are replaced? Good lord, this is nothing but epic trolling from a site that is supposed to be against it.


    If it didn’t stay with you, you obviously were not paying attention.


    When they air a cartoon at midnight, you need to get a handle on it coming to an end even if it’s awesome.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Or, an honest question from someone who didn’t think the movie was great and didn’t do as well as the studio hoped in the U.S.

    Nah, you loved the movie, so I MUST have been trolling.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I’ve heard some good things about the series. Have they had more than one season yet? I might try and catch it on Netflix.


    Yeah, it’s trolling when someone writes about a movie as if it made no money, and no one cares about it. I am sorry that you, the NERDY BIRD, the HERALD OF FEMINISM ONLINE, can’t see past her own prejudices and you wonder why people can’t see past their’s for the issues that matter to you. It’s called perspective and you obviously do not have any when it comes to something you don’t like.

  • Erica Throne

    Anyone who reads this site will notice that The Mary Sue has a habit of pandering to the fans of its staff’s most beloved franchises, and being sort of dismissive or even just a bit negative to the rest. Serious lack of objectivity with this news entity.

    Well, fine. To answer:
    I enjoyed Tron Legacy, and it IS better upon a second viewing. Actually, I liked it much more than the original. Legacy basically set up a whole new story line, so it’s far from being a bookend as well.

    I don’t understand why you would even question that a third instalment would have an audience, when you yourself point out that it made 400 million worldwide. Isn’t that pretty good? It might not have done well domestically, but I just checked and that looks like a pretty decent figure. That’s actually more than Twilight (the first one) or Abrams’ Star Trek! Disney is an international company so I have no doubt their worldwide audience means a good deal to them.

    Though I guess this should be expected. You still seem to be ignoring the fact that your site is read internationally.

  • Ashe P. Samuels

    Hear, hear. If she had been a little packet of data or a blip on a screen, it would’ve felt a bit more bittersweet, with the added bonus of feeding intrigue into a sequel.

  • Captain ZADL

    I was happy with Tron Legacy, and I’m very happy the franchise will continue, even if it wasn’t a smashing box-ofice success. At the very least, it introduced the world again to a new generation and as a result has a higher potential than it might otherwise seem.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I didn’t write about it as if it made no money, I wrote exactly how much money it made. I have no prejudices against the movie, I just didn’t think it was as great as you thought it was. It’s ok to disagree but you don’t need to speak to me in that tone because you do.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    And if you think you’re offending me by shouting that I’m the herald of feminism online, you’re not.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    The film did worse than Disney expected it to. That’s a fact. That’s why I question audience arrival at a third.

  • Sean Hodges

    Yeah, clearly anyone who didn’t find the film that impressive is simply just an idiot or something.
    Or, you know, we can cease the assumptions and just accept that not everybody found TRON: Legacy to be as good as you did. It happens, you know.

  • michael interbartolo

    because Flynn setup the Grid isolated and was trapped in there before the rise of the internet.

  • InterGALactic©

    Since when does liking something have anything to do with a studio’s expectations of how well something is supposed to do in the United States? That has nothing to do with the discussion. Your ‘I like it so anyone who says otherwise is obviously ill-informed or trolling’ argument is borderline neurotic. Also your all-caps feminism charge is not a slam, but it is also an enormous non sequitur.

    Try reading the article again, and for f**k’s sake give reading retention a try. She mentioned, quite clearly, the international draw…

    If you are the one trolling, well done.

  • InterGALactic©

    I liked Tron: Legacy and I wasn’t offended in the slightest by the article, it was as objective about the prospects of a sequel as can be. It didn’t do as well as projected. That’s a fact. No amount of ‘liking’ or ‘enjoyment’ of the movie will change that in the eyes of a studio. Sorry.

    “Though I guess this should be expected. You still seem to be ignoring the fact that your site is read internationally.”

    You seem to be worried about pandering to ‘beloved franchises’. But it seems like you’re asking to be pandered to. You want Jill to ditch the facts that the studio wasn’t thrilled with the ticket sales and just write a fluff piece about the Little-Engine-That-Could called ‘Tron:Legacy’. Wow that would be Objectivity.


    It has nothing to do with liking the film. It has everything to do with someone who is supposed to be above it all, revealing herself to be no different than the people she herself go after on a daily basis. You would think that someone constantly frustrated with closed minded people would herself, be more opened minded, but she’s a fangirl like everyone else. Jill, the tone is disappointment, that’s the tone. Also, both of you should know that Tron Legacy made substantially more abroad and international box office is very important these days. What you both are seem to ignoring is the guy running Disney was a producer on Legacy. So, yeah, that’s why the sequel is getting made but please ignorant person above whose not the nerdy bird, do not let little things like THE OBVIOUS get in the way of your pathetic and pedantic little screeds.


    THEY AREN’T FACTS! THAT’S THE PROBLEM! Nerdy Bird is substituting reality for her belief that no one liked this movie. If Disney were so disappointed in this movie, then one of the producers of Legacy would never be running the studio. Sorry, but this entire post is nothing more than a fangirl who disliked a film, being completely and utterly BEMUSED that people did. That’s bullshit but don’t let some BULLSHIT get in the way of your BULLSHIT BELIEFS.

  • InterGALactic©

    I think it’s becoming obvious to everyone that not only do you have an axe to grind with Jill, but you’re also reading some alternate reality version of this article. Seek professional help.

  • Danny Aguilera

    Maaaaan, I would LOVE to see everyone come back for the third Tron, including Cilian Murphy and possibly David Warner as well. To see Kevin Flynn come back would be amazing as well. Don’t forget, after the explosion, it was reconnected into one being or entity. . . Hopefully that means Kevin Flynn was able to piece himself back together and is just stuck in an empty grid, waiting for the Moment Sam and Quorra can rehash a way for him to get out and come back to the world.

  • Kay Livingston

    Basically everything you said just now. Love Legacy, totally excited for a new one.

  • Jaym Esch

    Loved Legacy. It was fun returning to a childhood classic, and the technology of today made the movie sharp as hell. The plot was fine, if not amazing. And the technology on old/new Bruce was perfect. Legacy marked the first time using an virtual representation of an actor that was outstandingly accurate, showing we can now start having deceased actors (with their estate consent) or older actors (Harrison Ford) appear as they did in their prime.

    I will be at a theater watching if and when Tron 3 through X hits. After all, a Tron movie is always better than those god-awful reality-based stories like Zero Dark Thirty or Shindler’s List. I was to escape from reality, not go sit for 2-3 hours and be reminded how crappy the world is.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the comment below me I actually met Cillian Murphy here in Chicago and made him sign my Tron Legacy poster. He was honored but he did say I don’t think I deserve to sign this. You’d have to be really stupid not to include him as a villain in Tron 3 :)

  • Anonymous

    Agreed and I love your opinion :)

  • Joanna

    Wow, it made some pretty measly figures there. I admire their optimism if anything.

  • Ryan’s Dad

    I would love to see another movie.
    How about Tron Returns or Tron Rises or Tron The Repurposing?
    Ok… I’m only half serious about the titles but 100% serious about another movie but it absolutely HAS TO HAVE TRON.

  • AJ

    I’m super excited for Tron 3, now that they’ve reestablished and somewhat expanded their world, I can’t wait to see what they do with it next. And to see where they take Cillian Murphy’s character and all that. So yeah, do it.

  • Praveenkumar Sivakumar

    How did tron become rinzler. This should be explained in the movie tron 3