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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


So Tom Hiddleston Crashed Marvel Studios’ SDCC Panel Yesterday. Dressed as Loki. And We Have Video.

Video behind the cut, because you might need the time it takes to click to emotionally prepare yourself.

Loki Tom Hiddleston Loki surprised Hall H when he showed up to introduce some Thor footage (in which Thor’s mom Frigga, played Rene Russo, is apparently seen mid-swordfight, yesssss) and got a bunch of fanpersons to kneel. Enjoy.

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage)

Previously in San Diego Comic-Con

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  • Anonymous

    I’m fangirling. I’m fangirling! Wait…am I allowed to fangirl?

  • Melynda

    He loves being Loki way too much. It actually goes on after that. The other video I’ve seen just starts at the Hall H part. It wasn’t as good quality though.

  • Anonymous

    At least he didn’t attack the moderator with his eye-gouger thingie.

  • Charlie

    Yeah I saw a vid on twitter. He was getting people to kneel and stuff xD

  • Anonymous

    This is torture! I had just about managed to convince myself (through deep meditation and powers of denial) that it’s no big deal NOT to be at SDCC.
    I mean, it’s a lot of merchandise and panels and stuff you can just as well enjoy the highlights of online. Yep – I’m just fine sitting at home in my sofa and….


    I hope they gave Hiddleston a full retinue of Valkyria to guard him, because how he managed to escape SDCC without being torn into shreds by frenzied fangirls is a miracle!

  • Anonymous

    “SAY MY NAME!”
    I’ll scream it instead!

  • Alice Ruppert

    And then tumblr exploded

  • Adrian

    …but what did he do next??

  • Savannah N. Logsdon-Breakstone

    The video with him getting people to kneel should be in this post as well!!!!

  • Andrea Pantoja


  • warren kirk

    Some people say that Robert Downey Jr is the only man who can play Tony Stark. That he embodies the character so well that no one could play Tony Stark as well as RDJ. And i agree with that.

    I must put Tom Hiddleston in that league also. He is irreplaceable in my eyes. He is Loki and Loki is him. Absolutely no one i can think of can play Loki as well as Tom. He has made that part his own no doubt. And look at his grin. You can just tell he loves playing him :)

  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    Yep. Out of all the events in the world to miss, why did it have to be this one?!?!

  • Jessica Burke Anthony Burdge

    Was having a rather shitty day until I saw this. Loki is awesome. They should’ve played the whole thing though. ;p

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    Tom Hiddleston is made of all the awesome.




  • Anonymous

    I’m sweating.

  • Laura Truxillo

    Heh. Looks like Hiddleston got to be a rock star.

  • Laura Truxillo

    The only way I could see Loki not being played by Hiddleston is if they did Kid Loki. And you’d have to find a perfect actor. And Hiddleston would still have to be the voice of Ikol.

  • Anonymous

    AGREED. Holy, gods, I just can’t….ARGH!! *flails*

  • Ashe

    I’m no fan of Loki, but this is still epic as all GET OUT.

    The reactions of the audience are priceless.

  • ALittleBitNerdy

    This video doesn’t have the best part! After this one cuts off he says “It seems… I have an army” (room screams, he shushes them, points to screen) “Feast your eyes!” (runs off stage, Thor: The Dark World trailer airs)

  • Angela Korra’ti (Highland)

    Why in Odin’s name did they cut the part where he was pontificating about why exactly he was there, i.e., to introduce the trailer? Because that was GLORIOUS. :D “CLAIM LOYALTY TO ME, and I will give you what you need!”

  • Aeryl

    Oh god, did it.

  • LO

    Thats what I thought he was gonna do.. LMAO Im a see if I can find that on twitter.

  • MamaKin

    I *love* that all he has to do is make the shushing gesture and the entire hall shuts up. THAT is some effing charisma.

    Sign me up to be one of the Valkyria!

  •!/scarletsherlock elliekitty

    I need this to happen so badly it HURTS.

  •!/scarletsherlock elliekitty

    And then he came out later and APOLOGIZED to people for shushing them. THIS DUDE IS PERFECT. I hate him a little bit.

  • DawnCandace

    I flailed and bit my fist to keep from squealing at work. He looked like he was having so much fun! I love how the crowd was so compliant. I would have been screaming his name, hushing on command and generally embarrassing myself if I had been there.

  • LifeLessons

    Yes. :)

  • Anonymous

    “Mewling Quim” needs to be a punk band.

  • Laura Truxillo

    Oh, right, that too. I haven’t read a lot with her.

    A movie with multiple Loki’s, then. ALL THE LOKIS!

  • Jason Rye

    Ohh, mare Loki would get the MLP crowd and further increase cul… er fanbase.

  • Penny Dreadful

    bahaha the smile he gets after he says anything remotely suggestive.

  • Loki Laufeyson

    Wow, this is way cut up… the full version is up on youtube. Tom is too cute, that cheeky grin of his…is pure Loki (and pure Tom)

  • Anonymous

    Dood! LINK NAO???