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Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Super Ladies in Sweaters, Now on Postcards

Hanie Mohd is back again with her lovely DC Ladies In Sweaters series. Send these to your friends, or anyone else who needs a postcard of awesome women superheros (doesn’t everyone, though?). (via Etsy.)

  • The Army’s most senior female officer, Brigadier Nicky Moffat, has resigned, just days before the announcement of a restructuring program that would see the Army severely sized down. (via Naval Open Source INTelligence.)
  • Love indie comics? Love paying for goodies on a sliding scale? Check out The Whole Story, a collection of brand new comics, “direct from the artists, at whatever price you think is fair, without having to register an account or download an app.” Some neat people are involved, including Box Brown, Ryan North, and Erica MoenYou can also submit! (via The Whole Story.)

Married-People-To-Be, note this flower bouquet made of pages from Sherlock Holmes and a Sonic Screwdriver. If this isn’t the most perfect way to celebrate your marriage with all-things-Moffat, I don’t know what is. (via Offbeat Bride.)

  • Women in Mississippi can rest momentarily: a judge has blocked the law that would have shut down the state’s only abortion clinic.  (via The Frisky.)
  • An iPhone app that claims to allow users to “see through” clothing by turning the iPhone into an infrared camera doesn’t work. Thank God, right? Wrong. Apparently, reviewers on the iTunes store are pissed it doesn’t work, not pissed that it even exists in the first place. Darn, how frustrating it must be to be prevented from violating other people. (via Kotaku.)

Speaking of epic wedding themes, this Millennium Falcon cake is the fastest hunk of pastry in the galaxy! (via Neatorama.)

  • Here’s a great essay on why Krillbite Studio’s Among The Sleep, an innovative new survival-horror game starting a two-year-old lead isn’t exploitative and just for shock: “If you force people to think like a system – ‘I have 29 ammo, I need about 10 more to beat the next dude, unless I hit him a lot in the head’ – people will try to master it or be frustrated by it. Either way, the horror disappears. If you want to make a scary game, you should instead encourage players to be thinking: ‘WHAT IS THAT!? HIDEEE.’” (via Rock, Paper, Shotgun.)
  • Tired of your friends talking about the London Olympics? No worries, the International Quidditch Association is gearing up for the Quidditch Summer Games. Who says nerds aren’t fit? (via Wired.)

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  • John Wao

    The most senior female in the British Army. I was wondering what a Brigadier was for a minute there.

  • Elsa E. Sjunneson-Henry

    I’m really delighted to have my wedding bouquet on here! Though I’d had the Holmes pages on my bouquet because Sherlock Holmes was my first favorite book – the fact that it was Moffatty as Everything only occurred to me AFTER the wedding! 

  • Anonymous

    Among The Sleep looks SO GOOD! The lights went out in that trailer and I must’ve jumped ten feet high! lol!! Oh boy, why isn’t it out yet? :)

  • Anonymous

    Damn near filled my nappy at that point, too … it looks / sounds like a very worthwhile thing to experience :-)

  • Kim H

    I love the DC sweater thingy, it’s adorable. But why is rogue there, X-men being Marvel and all?

  • Magic Xylophone

    “Apparently, reviewers on the iTunes store are pissed it doesn’t work, not pissed that it even exists in the first place.”

    I’m less pissed that it exists than I am depressed that people were gullible enough to expect it to.