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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Nobody Gets Pants (Except for Wonder Woman)

In the ongoing battle over Wonder Woman’s pants (or lack thereof), this time nobody gets pants. (at Fashionably Geek)

The winner of the Microsoft Excel World Championship is a 15-year old girl from the UK named Rebecca Rickwood. Because we don’t really know what to say about a Microsoft Excel World Championship, we will simply offer our most heartfelt congratulations to Rebecca Rickwood! (at Geekosystem)

When Bruce the Shark met R2-D2, it was when Steven Spielberg congratulated George Lucas on video rentals of Star Wars surpassing those of Jaws. An open letter in Variety between two people with boatloads of neverending money never seemed so friendly and genuine. (at Buzzfeed)

Leslie Esdaile “L.A.” Banks, the author of several novels that crossed the boundaries of race and genre — she wrote about everything from romance, to vampires (namely The Vampire Huntress Legend Series), to crime and suspense — passed away this week at the age of 51 of adrenal cancer. A fundraising event is set to be held in her honor in Philadelphia. (at io9)

Guys: Alan Moore: Storyteller is now on Amazon, waiting for you to buy it. It features much of Moore’s early work, provides insight into his creative process, and comes with a CD of early spoken-word performances. (via Boing Boing)

Good news! The E4 show Misfits is now streaming on Hulu! The show’s star, Robert Sheehan, who announced he’s leaving the show after two series, did an interview to talk about the show … that he announced he’s leaving after two seasons. (via Nerd Bastards)

Liza. Minelli. By Terry Richardson. (Thank you, Eliot! At Best Week Ever)

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  • Tiffany Nguyen

    that’s random with liza minelli here…

  • ainok

    That pants pic is the greatest goddamn thing I’ve ever seen.

  • John Wao

    Is it just me or should there be a “FABULOUUUUSSSSS!!” between Liza and Minelli?

  • Keiv M. Salmon

    was there an article commenting on the new justice league cover drawn by David Finch, where wonder woman looks way too small and frail?

    always pictured her with a more imposing (amazon) stature..

  • AlannaBennett


  • Kristy Olson

    I’d take this “no pants” thing as a fair trade. If nobody gets pants, everybody wins.

    My overall wondering actually, is whether we’ll see someone redraw and publish a near-exact copy of DC’s new comics sans pants, and get away with it as satirical commentary. I think they’d have a pretty good case, actually, since the political significance is pretty blatant, they could probably come within a hairs breath of tracing and still win.

  • Edcedc8

    only if we want to respect these characters less.

  • Edcedc8

    wow, how you doin’, liza?

  • Edcedc8

    dammit, really?
    I just did a search and you’re  right, way too small for me and she has stripper shorts on again. she’s basically the only character [other than impiriex] that can flat out defeat superman, yet she can’t wear pants? argh!

  • DH

    Now I like to see my superheroes with a little thigh showing, yessir. I’m good with the no-pants rule…as long as NO ONE gets pants.

  • Amanda LaPergola

    Random Liza is random.

  • Abel Undercity

    And she doesn’t get pants, either.

  • Abel Undercity

    I am getting too much of a laugh out of the thought of goose pimples on those notoriously cold Gotham winter nights…

  • Jen

    I think that’s actually kind of a good look for Aquaman.

  • Anonymous

    See, I always knew Wonder Woman wore the pants in the relationship!