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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Convention Harassment Posters

A very cool series of posters by Christopher Jones for CONvergence‘s “Costumes are not Consent” anti-harassment campaign. John Scalzi would be proud. (via EruditeChick

  • Meanwhile, at video game convention RTXHarris O’Malley’s attempts at poking fun at the “fake geek girl” controversy turned into harassment when someone else got a hold of his stickers and started placing them on women’s rear ends. The individual was found, booted, and banned from the convention. (via Kotaku)
  • Retaliation Complaint By UNC Sexual Assault Survivor Sparks Federal Investigation (via The Frisky)

Earlier today we showed you a stylish Batgirl Bombshells statue from DC Collectibles but check out this Batman. It was designed by Nicola Scott and is not just another in the line of cool black and white Batman figures but the first to be done by a woman. This one is based on the New 52 Earth 2 Batman.

  • Doctor Who’s Matt Smith is putting his first car up for auction to benefit the charity, Starlight. The current bid is just £560! (via Express UK)
  • The National Media Museum of London is asking Doctor Who fans for memorabilia they might use in their 50th anniversary exhibit. ”Do you have a Doctor Who chess set? Ever knitted your own Dalek? Have you still got that cyberman helmet in the attic? If so, these are exactly the kind of objects that might go towards creating this new exhibition,” said curator  Toni Booth. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

Presented without comment. (via Look at this Frakking Geekster)

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  • NarcoSleepy

    Just recovering from CONvergence this past week. So much fun. The con in general is very friendly to geeks of all genders and persuasions. I don’t know if they were the first to have the Costumes are Not Consent policies, but they were definitely the first I have seen that so prominently display and announce them.

  • Magic Xylophone

    That last picture is the only time I will ever be okay with Ghibli Rule 34.