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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Today in things that make us scream incoherently

New Poster For The Heat Skinnifies Melissa McCarthy’s Face, Like That’s Not Totally Messed Up Or Anything

You know what Melissa McCarthy looks like. If you don’t (and that would mean you’ve never seen her in anything, in which case I feel sorry for you), here’s a pic from her new buddy cop comedy The Heat, which I’ve been looking forward to for a while (and still am, because this screw-up is on marketing).

OK. So now look at McCarthy in the poster up above. Notice anything different?

I don’t even know what was going through the head of whoever designed this. There are poorly Photoshopped movie posters, and then there are poorly Photoshopped movie posters that take a plus-sized actress and shrink her face. Looked at in the context of the first category, this poster is just kind of laughably funny. It doesn’t even look like her, her head’s tiny compared to her neck, and, as has been pointed out, her eye color is wrong.

But when you consider that somewhere along the line someone involved with 20th Century Fox’s marketing team said “Y’know, I think people might be put off if they see this movie co-stars a larger actress. Let’s take a few pounds off the face,” and when you consider that no one (at least no one with any authority) stepped in and said no, that’s monumentally awful, don’t do that? Yeah, this poster just went from funny-bad to offensive-bad.

Never mind that McCarthy has proven herself a popular comedy actress, all the while people knowing that she’s *gasp* not skinny. If an actor looks a certain way in the movie, they should look that way on the poster. It’s not rocket science, dammit.

This poster is for the UK release of the film, so unless that’s where you live, congratulations, you probably won’t have to see this monstrosity around. I would hope that people in the UK won’t either, because hopefully at some point the distributor will decide they don’t want something so offensive—not to mention bad, quality-wise—associated with their movie.

Face-palms all around. This reminds me of that time the New York Observer‘s film critic used his review of Identity Thief as a forum to make cracks about McCarthy’s weight, and I didn’t want to be reminded of that, because it makes me mad.

(via: The Shiznit, hat tip to Britt Hayes)

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  • Guymelef

    Even apart from the atrocious photoshopping (both in terms of its actual execution and the reasoning behind it), that is one sucky poster. Abysmal.

  • Anonymous

    Posters are almost as bad as the movies now, not quite, though.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    It’s so uncreative!

  • Kelly S

    they made her look like 1. her head is too small and 2. only her head is in a glamour shot. >_< fail.

  • Roberta

    That poster is straight out of 2003. It’s so odd.

  • Frank Mitchell

    I wonder if it’s the same guy who thought Summer Glau’s face was too round for the Serenity posters.

  • Space Marine Lysana

    I wish that was the only busted thing about that movie. They put some of its transphobic humor into the freaking commercial for it. I’m not going and am very saddened that I won’t. I wanted this movie so badly.

  • Robin S

    She looks like she’s midway to becoming one of the shrinking heads in Beetlejuice.

  • Sophie

    I was also a little weirded out that most of the criminal characters in the advert were black. I’m going to wait to see what people have to say about it before making a decision about going to see it. Also I do live in the UK so I guess I get to see this poster everywhere :/

  • Anonymous

    And there’s something a little odd about Sandra Bullock’s face, too. Not
    sure if it’s the eyes vs. the glasses or the poor cropping around her
    hair, but yikes.

    (I’m having flashbacks to my grade 10 computer media class.)

  • Neal

    Do they realize that making her head smaller is going to make her body look bigger? It’s still not okay in the slightest, but definitely counterproductive.

  • Thomas Hayes

    Sure. Make a poster that takes a funny and recognisable actress from a big hit film (Bridesmaids did well over here in the UK) and make her look like a completely different person in the photo… Don’t know what universe the artist was living in. Also you’d think they could do better than a flat colour background!

  • Mina

    Do they think people won’t notice that Melissa McCarthy doesn’t look like herself? Or that the head size doesn’t fit the body? I mean, really, this is absurd level marketing photoshoppage.

  • Deggsy

    I wonder how much of this is due to the artist and how much was instructed by the studio…

  • RodimusBen

    The stupid thing about this is that her character is not supposed to be attractive. In the trailers she’s obnoxious and slovenly, and her character art should reflect that. Fat or thin has nothing to do with it.

  • Anonymous

    Yer a weezard ‘arry!

  • Meg

    It looks like a child’s head pasted on.

  • Neal

    The artist has practically no say in the matter. They’re just a wrist for the arm of marketing.

  • Anonymous

    What I thought!!
    Utterly, utterly atrocious! Please tell me people were fired over this!

  • Ruby Dynamite

    Not to mention, they made Melissa look like she’s about 24. I had no idea who she was but looking at that still photo, I was like, ‘… tf?’

  • frankenmouse

    WOW that’s a bad Photoshop job. Super airbrushed, shrunken head, glazed eyes…Way to make her LESS attractive than she actually is.

    Also of interest: Does it look like Bullock’s sunglasses are also ‘shopped on?

  • frankenmouse

    I agree! I *think* the sunglasses might be ‘shopped on. And maybe some of the hair? It honestly looks like they took a regular headshot, pasted it onto an appropriate body, and then added accessories as needed. Awful.

  • Anonymous

    It would certainly explain Melissa McCarthy’s Incredible Shrinking Head.

  • Deggsy

    Still looks like a shit job – I like to think it’s the artist’s way of showing what he/she thinks of the corporate orders.

  • Anonymous

    Can I ask what transphobic content is in the trailer? Because I feel like perhaps I missed it, if it’s in the one that was linked on this site a few months ago (and that is linked to in this article), and I’d like to know so I can be aware. I guess the one thing I can see is at the end when they’re in the bathroom talking about spanx? I guess I saw that as McCarthy’s character talking about how Bullock’s character really has nothing to “pop out” in terms of body fat, rather than a transphobic suggestion at horror of a penis or something.

  • Anonymous

    How can they get away with that kind of crap? It’s not as if nobody knew or expected an overweight actress. What the hell is the idea here? Not to mention that’s some of the worst photoshopping I’ve seen and they deserve to burn just for that.

  • Emily Neenan

    I’m trying to work out who they’re attempting to attract with this poster? People who love bright bold pink backgrounds and glamour model heads on normal bodies and also mind-numbingly boring movie poster designs? Is that a big demographic these days?

  • BabeWoreRed

    Photoshop disaster is written all over this…