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Buddy Cop Comedy The Heat Just Made Its Way On To My To-Watch List [VIDEO]

Pretty Pretty Princess

Watching this trailer for The Heat got me intrigued. Sure, a by-the-books professional forced to work with an unconventional rebel isn’t all that new a concept, but it looks funny, and that’s the important part. Plus, it’s a female buddy cop movie. Co-starring Melissa McCarthy as a detective and Sandra Bullock as a no-nonsense FBI agent. (Those are the best kind.) And because I think it deserves yet another mention: Female buddy cop movie.

But it’s this quote from director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) that really sold me:

“It’s not about romance or anything. I wanted it to be kind of groundbreaking in that way because I feel like so much stuff for women always has to have, ‘Okay, we have to have some nod to the ladies.’ Nah, nobody is desperately trying to find a boyfriend, or is upset about this or that. It’s cool to play two women characters who are just great at what they do; them being women doesn’t affect anything really other than that these are two funny women.”

To paraphase Leonardo DiCaprio from the Djando Unchained trailer: You had my curiosity, The Heat. But now you have my attention.

(via: A.V. Club)

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