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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

V for Vendetta

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Little The Princess Bride

By Patrick Ballesteros, the artist who brought you Little Firefly, here’s a kiddie version of The Princess Bride. (io9)


million dollar lady

Vertigo Comics Executive Karen Berger Is Leaving DC Entertainment

Vertigo Comics has been the more serious, adult oriented arm of DC Comics since 1993 and at the very start was Karen Berger. Getting Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman published was just one of this editor’s countless accomplishments at the company, you can also put Hellblazer and V for Vendetta in that group, so it’s with a great deal of disappointment we must report she’s leaving the DC Entertainment altogether.


Our Adorable Past

Superheros, Etc. Photobomb Historical Events

If there’s one thing Photoshop does well, it’s trivializing real events.

Or maybe it makes them cooler?


eye candy

6 Movie Posters That Think Outside-The-Box

Movie posters tend to fall in the same, boring design scheme. The stars looking off into the distance or a simple logo with a lame tagline. What we wouldn’t give for Hollywood to search the internet and hire some folks who really know how to design with inspiration. Here are a few such examples. 


Submitted For Your Approval

V For Vendetta Creators Are Proud The Guy Fawkes Mask Has Become A Protest Symbol

Some celebrities wear a Guy Fawkes mask at comic book conventions to walk the floor unnoticed, some people wear it as a costume but the mask made popular by Alan Moore and David Lloyd in their 1980 comic series V for Vendetta has also become a symbol for the masses, something the creators are particularly proud of. 


Olden Lore

It’s Guy Fawkes Day! So, What Does the Mask Really Stand For?

If there was ever an image from the Occupy Wall Street protests that was the most recognizable by geeks — of both the comic and history varieties — it’s the Guy Fawkes mask. Today, November 5, marks the annual celebration that originated in England, Guy Fawkes Day, when on this date in 1605, Fawkes and a group of conspirators hatched a plot to blow up the House of Lords and assassinate King James I. Some interpret this as a statement of the regular person — the 99%, if you will — taking a violent stand against the ruling establishment. Okay, easy to see the comparisons. Until you find out that Fawkes wanted to return England to Catholic rule by killing the Protestant king.


hold on to your butts

Our First Look At The Red Skull, A Tribute to The Many Faces of Hugo Weaving

Cracked logic in The Matrix.