Things We Saw Today: Little The Princess Bride

Things We Saw Today
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By Patrick Ballesteros, the artist who brought you Little Firefly, here’s a kiddie version of The Princess Bride. (io9)

I don’t read David Petersen‘s Mouse Guard, from which this Black Axe hails. But I still want one. Because it’s a bitty axe. Currently available for pre-order from Skelton Crew Studio, it ships this January.

  • We don’t typically write about the Writers Guild of America here at The Mary Sue, but when its annual award show is being hosted by Nathan Fillion, you can be dang sure we’re going to mention it.  Says Captain Tightpants, “I can network with the most talented writers in the business in preparation for my next round of unemployment. It’s a win/win.” (Deadline)

Han Solo in carbonate jewelry, by Marvelously Macabre. Available to pre-order on their Facebook page. (via Fashionably Geek)

  • Via Pajiba, China lightened up on its censorship a bit and aired V for Vendetta—you know, that movie about a guy who incites everyday citizens to rise up against their oppressive government—on state TV.  Huh. I did not see that coming.

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