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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

The Fine Brothers

Real Or Not Real?

People Who Aren’t Young Adults React To The Hunger Games: Catching Fire [VIDEO]

I started watching this latest “so-and-so’s react to” video thinking it would give me a few laughs. And it did, but the subjects wound up touching on some pretty serious and thought-provoking things as well. Which is, you know, Catching Fire in a nutshell.

Previously in Catching Fire


I'll Allow It

Some Elder Vampires React To Twilight. Wait, No. I Meant Elderly People. [VIDEO]

I’m sure there are some elderly folks out there who enjoy Twilight but these women and men aren’t them. To be fair, the Fine Brothers didn’t show them the entire film, just the trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 2, and asked for their impressions. Which, as you can imagine, are humorous. Enjoy!

Do Try This At Home

Mad Men As an Interactive 8-Bit Video Game [Video]

The Hunger Games isn’t the only big deal this weekend: Tonight marks the return of AMC‘s Mad Men after a 17-month absence. While it’s not exactly part of traditional geekdom, The Fine Brothers (with help from artist Levi Buffum aka Doctor Octoroc) shoehorned it in by turning it into an interactive 8-bit video game with three alternate endings. I don’t know what’s better: the silly text, the “Choose Your Own Adventure” nature of the game, or the chiptune theme song. Trying to pick my favorite part is like asking Don Draper to be a one-woman man. Oh, that cad! Is that a martini? Glug, glug, glug…

(via Technabob)

Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

47 Years of Doctor Who — In 6 Minutes [Video]

Are you interested in becoming a Doctor Who fan, but you don’t know where to start because the show has been around for 47 years? You’re in luck! The Fine Brothers have been kind enough to compile a 6-minute summary of the entire series. (But if you’re planning on watching the show, be warned that this contains spoilers!)

(Boing Boing)