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Kids Are Nice, Adele Is Nice, Here’s a Nice Video

Why did Adele cross the road? To say hello from the other side!

Adele is an absurdly talented cinnamon roll, and this edition of the Fine Brothers’ Kids React! series features some extremely thoughtful and sincere kids checking out her music videos. (They’re all fans, with the possible exception of one boy who prefers 1930’s jazz. You do you, man.)

This video genuinely makes me really happy, mostly because the boys reacted much differently than I expected them to. Adele’s music videos are pretty clearly about romantic feelings for a man, and several of the boys mention that they know their mother is an Adele fan, but none of them react by dismissing Adele and her songs’ thematic elements as being “for girls.” Some of the kids are honest about saying that they don’t think they have the maturity/life experiences to fully appreciate her music yet, but none of them seem concerned that they’ll be judged for liking emotionally honest music from a female artist. That’s pretty rad!

The one not-so-nice element of this video is seeing how aware the kids are of the scrutiny placed on Adele’s appearance. They’re all uniformly supportive of her and think the fat-shaming she’s experienced is ridiculous, but still, it’s a sad reminder of how prevalent toxic messages about weight and the importance of appearance to a woman’s value are for young people. Kids have to contend with all kinds of gross pressures floating around in the media ether, and even when you intellectually understand that those pressures are sexist and ridiculous, it can be hard to not emotionally internalize them to an extent.

Wow! I had a lot of feelings. About Adele. Same shit, different day.

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