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  1. Disney-Pixar Chief John Lasseter Promises to Prioritize Diversity and Representation

    Following the Cannes premiere of Inside Out, Disney-Pixar's John Lasseter was asked if Pixar anticipated making its first film with a black protagonist in the near future.

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  2. Do as Peggy Says: Hayley Atwell Hints at More Diversity in Agent Carter Season 2

    It's disheartening (albeit not necessarily surprising, considering the first season) that representation has rarely been discussed by the Agent Carter team, but this still seems like a start towards #DiversifyAgentCarter. Now, we go to work.

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  3. #DiversifyAgentCarter Reminds Us That “Because History” Isn’t a Reason to Whitewash a Show

    People of color have always been around, yo. We're not new.

    We were thrilled when we heard that Agent Carter had been renewed for a second season! But even the best shows aren't immune to criticism, and there is one area in which Agent Carter could use some improvement. There are zero characters of color on that show. Actually, there's a strong case to be made for Howard Stark being a coded Jewish character, and if that's actually being done on purpose...OK, there's one minority character. Yay? But the point is, the show is very, very white.

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  4. Age of Ultron Stars Talk Joss Whedon, Lack of Black Widow Merch, and Female Representation in the MCU

    Hey, big guy.

    If it feels like Marvel's depiction of women has suddenly become more contentious than ever, you're probably right.

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  5. The Flash‘s Candice Patton Talks About the “Honor” She Feels Playing a Strong, Black Woman Like Iris West

    "Young black girls are seeing themselves on TV as leading ladies."

    There have been differing opinions about Iris West on The Flash. Some people think that she's a great character whose potential is being squandered. Others see failures of hers on the show as indicative of a problem with the character itself. However, one thing that can't be denied is that The Flash is not only a diverse show, but it's a show that dares to showcase diversity as a fact, rather than as an anomaly.

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  6. The Mary Sue Interview: Talking LGBTQ+ Representation, Genre TV, and Fandom With the Cast of Orphan Black

    "Just don't be a dick!'

    "I think there's a lot of mythology about what a man or a woman is supposed to be, a lot of mythology about what gay men and gay women are supposed to be. There's just a lot of storytelling surrounding human beings and what sexuality and gender identity means to your value. It's all a lie. And it's a lie we've been told for many many years, and it's destructive and exclusionary and I resent it. "

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  7. Video Shows Producer on Adam Sandler’s Ridiculous Six Telling Native American Actors to Leave “If You Are Overly Sensitive”

    "Here's the thing, if you are overly sensitive about it...then you should probably leave." <-----ACTUAL THING THEY SAID

    "You're trying to tell us what's disrespectful to us? You try to call us names, and we say it's disrespectful and you say it's not?"

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  8. Meryl Streep Continues to Be One BAMF, Calls Hollywood Men Out on Lack of Empathy for Women

    That's all.

    Meryl Streep is having a banner week (as one does, when one is Meryl flipping Streep). After announcing at the Tribeca Film Fest earlier this month that she and New York Women in Film and Television have established a Writer's Lab for female screenwriters over 40, the actress also attended the Women In The World Summit and talked representational issues alongside Selma's Ava DuVernay, Pakistani documentarian Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, and Jon Stewart.

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  9. Netflix Defends Adam Sandler’s Ridiculous Six After Native American Actors Walk Off Set in Protest of Horribly Offensive Script

    Whitesplaining Six, more like

    Approximately a dozen Native American actors have walked off the set of Adam Sandler's Ridiculous Six in protest of the film's offensive depiction of Native women and elders and its misrepresentation of Apache culture.

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  10. Brian Michael Bendis Unconvincingly Denies Bi-Erasure In All-New X-Men


    Brian Michael Bendis' All-New X-Men #40 just came out today, but it's already been the subject of intense scrutiny after pages leaked to Tumblr earlier this week revealed a scene in which Jean Grey forces Iceman (Bobby Drake) to admit he's gay.

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  11. Hilarious #MakeItFair Video Highlights Gender Disparity In Film

    "We won't relent 'til it's 100%..."

    You know, in all my years writing from a feminist perspective, I had no idea how bad men actually have it. For example, did you know that they only get to direct 93% of all Hollywood films? What about the other seven percent? WHAT ABOUT THEM?! Thankfully, this video brings together top female talent to bring awareness to their plight.

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  12. Marvel’s Editor-In-Chief Explains Why One of the Original X-Men Just Came Out of the Closet

    Spoilers ahead for All-New X-Men #40!

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  13. Today in Imperfect Representation: One of the Original X-Men Just Came Out as Gay

    Brian Michael Bendis' All-New X-Men #40 won't be released until tomorrow, but leaked pages uploaded to Tumblr show that this issue contains a huge reveal for one of the original mutants. Spoilers to follow.

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  14. GLAAD Releases Annual Report on LGBTQ+ Representation in Hollywood; Gives Failing Grades to Disney and Sony

    GLAAD released its third annual report on Hollywood's LGBTQ+ representation earlier today, and although this year saw some notable improvements, GLAAD president Sarah Kate Ellis notes that most major studios still have significant work to do.

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  15. The Flash Cast and Creative Team Talk Diversity and the Importance of Representation

    "When we met Jesse Martin (who plays Detective Joe West) in New York to convince him to be a part of this show, he said he always loved comics but never saw his face in them. Now he can. Now there's a whole generation of kids who can watch these shows (and see his face, too)."

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  16. Furious 7‘s Record-Breaking First Weekend Fueled By 75% POC and Nearly 50% Female Ticket Buyers

    Daddy went to work.

    Although some of the film's success can likely be attributed to fans turning out to see the late Paul Walker on the big screen in his final movie, opening weekend statistics also show that the Fast franchises' awesome representation is paying off big time.

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  17. Michelle Rodriguez Talks Representation, Fridging, and Hollywood’s Problem With Female Characters

    "Would you do that to a male character?"

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  18. Anthony Mackie Talks Marvel’s Diversity: “I Think it’s Very Important That Little Girls Have Representation”


    Anthony Mackie broken our hearts earlier this year when he said on the Wendy show that women should "make daddy a sandwich" (cue incoherent rage yelling), but during an ECCC panel over the weekend, the actor's remarks were way more positive.

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  19. Best Rumor Alert: First Canon LGBTQ+ Star Wars Character May Feature in Rogue One

    Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

    If she and Felicity Jones get together, I will probably die of happiness.

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  20. Bojack Horseman Creative Team Talk Comedy’s “Male as Default” Problem on NPR

    "If we can normalize the idea of women existing, that's the least we can do."

    Back in January, a Tumblr post from Bojack Horseman series creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg gained a lot of attention for its discussion of comedy's tendency to automatically use male, white characters as the norm.

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