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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Pendleton Ward


The Mary Sue Exclusive Interview: Olivia Olson, Voice of Marceline the Vampire Queen

What time is it? Interview Time! Abrams Books, in partnership with Cartoon Network, has put out The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia, a definitive companion to the ever-popular television series, and it is worth a look. Written in character by Martin Olson, who voices His Lowness Hunson Abadeer, Lord of the Nightosphere, on the show, the book is a lavishly illustrated guide to the Land of Ooo, featuring work by cartoonists Renee French, Tony Millionaire, Celeste Moreno, Aisleen Romano, and Mahendra Singh, and designed by Sean Tejaratchi. With extensive character notes, commentary from series characters Finn, Jake, and Hunson’s daughter, Marceline, and a wealth of information about the mysterious, post-apocalyptic world, the Encyclopaedia is a tempting treat for fans of the cartoon.

In honor of the book’s release, I had a chat with voice actress (and real-life as well as in-show daughter to Martin Olson) Olivia Olson, who plays Marceline, to talk about bringing life to the undead Vampire Queen, meeting her gender-swapped counterpart, and what it’s like to work with her father.


Oh Mah Glob Guys

Watch a Whole Episode of The Bravest Warriors A New Series From the Creator of Adventure Time

If you’re wondering why The Bravest Warriors looks and sounds so much like Adventure Time, it’s because it’s the creation of Pendleton Ward, guy behind Adventure Time (and the voice of Lumpy Space Princess). The show is aimed towards a slightly more adult audience, however, which seems like a weird thing to say about Adventure Time, which just had an episode about, well, the effects of dementia on the relationship between a father and daughter, basically.

Another difference between this an Adventure Time, much to the delight of AT fans without cable everywhere, is that it will be airing not on television, but on the Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel.

And please, everyone. Find constructive ways to channel your moop.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Hit The Green With This Batmobile Golf Cart

Who needs skill when you can rely on intimidating your friends with your badass golf cart? (via Reddit.)


Good News Everyone!

Adventure Time‘s Marceline Gets Her Own Comicbook Spinoff, by the Creator of Octopus Pie

Marceline the Vampire Queen is one of the radder characters (if I may say so myself) of Pendleton Ward‘s Adventure Time… I mean, the show has a great extended cast of some pretty awesome princesses like Princess Bubblegum and Lumpy Space Princess, but Marceline… well. She’s a queen.

Boom! Studios is in charge of the Adventure Time comics, and frankly I’m in love with the way they’re putting them together, by hiring not from the paper comics establishment but getting Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics to write (Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb are drawing). It’s paid off, with the comic going to multiple printings. Boom! announced yesterday that they’d be playing on that success with by giving Marceline (and Princess Bubblegum) their own comic miniseries starting this July. And not only are we getting a comic about Adventure Time‘s infamous are-they-saying-what-I-think-they’re-saying? lady couple, it’s going to be written by the internet’s own Meredith Gran, of Octopus Pie. Here are some of the awesome covers for the series, by awesome ladies:


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: The X-Community

Illustrator Aviv Or has single-handedly given us something wonderful to tide us over until Community comes back to NBC‘s lineup in the spring: Xaver’s Community College For Gifted Students. Of course they are. Visit Imgur for individual pics.


hold on to your butts

Pendleton Ward and Natasha Allegri of Adventure Time Made a Movie About Pokémon and Farts

I’m not gonna lie. This video doesn’t have much to do with Pokémon, other than that it’s got the characters in. It’s mostly about farts.

Does proper care of a Onix actually demand occasional applications of spackle or grout? Because if that’s true I think it’s awesome.

Key quote: