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Michael Keaton

  1. SNL Devoted Its Monologue Time To Valiantly Begging Michael Keaton To Be Batman Again

    Beetlejuice, too.

    Look, all I'm gonna say is that I relate to this on a deep, deep level. Respect.

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  2. Michael Keaton On His Lack Of Batman Envy: “I’m Batman”

    "I’m Batman. I’m very secure in that."

    When he was asked about the impending reign of Batfleck, former Batman Christian Bale revealedhe initially harbored some intense FOMO Ben Affleck was taking over the role. He wished Affleck the best, but he also "stared into nothing for half an hour" in mourning. Michael Keaton, however, is not mourning. As he puts it: "I'm Batman."

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  3. Things We Saw Today: Our Game of Thrones Sweatshirt Of Choice

    Misandry! (via Human)

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  4. Michael Keaton Doesn’t Want To be Asked About Batfleck; Will Shatner Gets Mad About Star Trek 3 Rumors

    And both of them want you off their lawn.

    Today in "older actors from beloved franchises getting kinda snippy with the press about reboots" news, Michael Keaton and William Shatner are... well, doing that. Bless you both.

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  5. There’s a New Birdman Trailer, and Dang If It Doesn’t Actually Look Great

    When does he become a lawyer, though?

    A serious take on Birdman sounds like a crazy idea until you actually watch one of its trailers and realize what the movie is really about. Then, it sounds like an amazing idea that we can't wait to go see.

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  6. The New Trailer For Birdman Looks Great, Even If There Are No Attorneys At Law

    I hope Space Ghost gets a cameo.

    To most people of our generation, Birdman is that guy named Harvey who used to practice law late nights on Adult Swim. He's actually a Hana Barbara-created superhero from the late '60s who never quite found his footing as a character -- you know, until he got his attorney license. And now he's (sort of) getting a movie.

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  7. Seth Green & I Share A Similar Opinion On Ben Affleck’s Batman Casting

    and let it be known

    Yes, it's true. Some actors are nerds and have strong opinions just like us. In this instance, Seth Green has a few things to say about the next Batman actor. 

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  8. Michael Keaton Confirms Talks With Tim Burton For Beetlejuice 2

    Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!

    While doing a press junket for the new Robocop movie, Michael Keaton confirmed he's been talking with Tim Burton about Beetlejuice 2, which is the closest thing to official confirmation that it's in the works that we've gotten.  We've talked about the rumors swirling around this sequel before but have gotten no real source to confirm Burton's involvement up to this point. The confirmed involvement of both Keaton and Burton, if the movie happens, certainly adds to hopes for a good Beetlejuice 2, as who knows what it would be like without either of them.

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  9. Batman Producer Michael Uslan On Ben Affleck And Controversial Comic Book Movie Casting

    Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

    Michael Uslan grew up on Batman and after being disappointed with his debut on the small screen in the 60s, he made it his goal to bring a better Batman to life. He acquired the film rights in 1979 but it took him ten years to make his dream come true with 1989's Batman. Since then, he's produced every Batman film and has some perspective to share as it pertains to controversial casting decisions.

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  10. Michael Keaton Reminisces About Batman Suit From ’89 Film

    where does he get those wonderful toys

    Depending on the Batman fan you speak to, Michael Keaton's portrayal of Batman is fairly beloved.  Ranking up there with portrayals of the Dark Knight by Adam West and Christian Bale, many fans didn't expect much from Keaton's Batman but were pleasantly surprised.  To this day, especially for fans like myself who experienced the 1989 Tim Burton-directed film as their first live-action Batman, Keaton set the standard that everyone else who played Batman had to live up to (some have and some... have not). While doing press for the new Robocop remake that he's starring in, Keaton talked about that intense rubber Batman suit and how it informed his portrayal of Batman.

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  11. Drive around in Your Own Flame-Spitting Batmobile if You’ve Got Cash to Burn

    Then you could burn even more cash with your flaming Batmobile. Get it?

    A street-legal replica of the Batmobile from the 1989 Batman movie is being auctioned off in the UK. The car is no joke, either. It goes from 0 to 60 in under 3.7 seconds and actually shoots flames out of the rear opening. Does anyone have about £90,000 we could borrow? It's for something real important.

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  12. New Robocop Reminds Us It’s an Action Movie, Not Just an Existential Examination of Free Will

    'Spolions! Boom boom!

    We were excited for the first Robocop trailer, but it was a cautious optimism. We've been burned too many times by great trailers that resulted in terrible movies. (Spider-Man 3 *cough cough*) This new trailer for the film sure has a lot more action, but it also has a lot less of what we loved about the first trailer -- character.

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  13. Calm Down, Everyone. Tim Burton’s Not Confirmed to Direct the Beetlejuice Sequel

    Okay You Primitive Screwheads

    I've seen a few sites report that it's "confirmed" that Tim Burton and Michael Keaton are returning for the long-gestating sequel to Burton's best movie, Beetlejuice. (Yeah, I said it. Come at me.) That's not exactly the case, but it is looking (somewhat) possible. So what's really going on?

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  14. In An Alternate Universe, Michael Keaton Played Jack On Lost

    Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

    Well that would have been interesting.

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  15. Jay Baruchel Geeks Out Over Batman Actors On The Set Of RoboCop


    "I got to work on the remake of 'Robocop' with Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman. And pretty much all my scenes were with Keaton. Oldman was in most of 'em and Jennifer Ehle and Marianne Jean-Baptiste. And so here I am with Commissioner Gordon and Batman from two different generations together and I was there privy to the moment where that penny dropped and they realized that. It was like, 'Wait a second, you're in the new one? Who you playing, Gordon?' 'Yeah, Batman.' It was like, 'Oh my God!' But then to hear production stories about 'The Dream Team,' about 'Johnny Dangerously' and fucking 'Batman,' 'Beetlejuice,' I mean -- and then from Oldman I got to pick his brain about 'State of Grace,' about 'The Professional,' the Nolan Batmans. And that's the thing, it's like it's like a bit of an agreement. I think they're fine talking about it if I'm actually interested. And they saw that I am [really] a movie nerd. That's the one thing I'll be super fucking arrogant about and say I know my shit. And so when they talk to me they can see that. And it was just like it's a movie nerd's dream to get to be with fucking Keaton and Oldman every day." - RoboCop reboot actor Jay Baruchel speaking with

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  16. The RoboCop Reboot Has A Trailer, Awesome Actors

    Cautiously Optimistic

    I'm not the biggest fan of reboots (not a fan at all, actually) so I guess that's why I hadn't been paying too much attention to the progress of the RoboCop reboot. Suddenly, we have our first trailer and I realize it stars amazing folks like Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, and Samuel L. Jackson. Not only that but, I have to admit it doesn't look half bad. Admittedly, many films with great trailers turn out to stink so I'll wait and see, but at least they've got me excited for something I didn't want in the first place. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  17. Let’s Put a Smile on That Face: Someone Mashed Up the Nolan and Burton Batman Films

    Are they taking nominations for the MacArthur Fellows Program? We only ask because the person who made this series of mashup photos combining the Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton Batman films is a genius of the highest order. user Butcher Billy is the one behind this particular set of wonders, and we'd need Joker gas to smile more than we have at their work.

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  18. Michael Keaton Talks Batman, Beetlejuice, and the New Robocop on WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

    WTF with Marc Maron is one of the most popular, and best, podcasts on the Internet. It's on the radar of most comedy geeks, but Maron interviews people from a few different worlds, including the world of Hollywood. The latest episode features an interview with Michael Keaton, who many forget started as a comic, and the two talked about Batman, Beetlejuice, and Keaton's role in the upcoming Robocop reboot.

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  19. Beetlejuice 2 Writer Reveals His Secret To A Successful Sequel

    Oh Hollywood

    Are you ready for a reanimation of Beetlejuice? Seth Grahame-Smith, writer of the box office disappointment Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, is already moving on to his next project: Beetlejuice 2. Hit the jump for some details about the upcoming sequel to the Tim Burton classic!

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  20. Never Before Seen Movie Poster Designs From The Original Batman, Supergirl, Fright Night And More!

    Oh Hollywood

    As silly as it may seem, movie posters can be a deciding factor as to whether or not you go to see a certain film. That's why they don't make just one. The San Diego Reader has been busy snapping photos of a huge collection of rejected movie posters from the 1980s and well, we'd hang a few on our wall. 

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