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  1. Thing That Should Have Been There On Day One Finally Coming to Apple TV

    Do you have any idea how hard it is to type Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood into a Netflix search using a remote that only has three buttons? It takes a week and a half. It's unacceptable, but that's what Apple TV owners like me have had to deal with for too long now. Finally, though, Apple is going to be fixing an obvious oversight and let owners pair their Apple TV with a Bluetooth keyboard thanks to a software update.

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  2. Logitech K810 Keyboard Switches Between Computer, Mobile Devices on the Fly

    Within close proximity to my computer, I have another computer, a smartphone, two current-gen video game consoles, a nice HDTV, and three video game handhelds. We're living in the era of owning multiple, relatively affordable smart devices, but we can't usually interact with them all at the same time. Logitech is aware of this issue, and though they don't quite alleviate it with the release of their new K810 Bluetooth keyboard, they're headed in the right direction.

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  3. Pressure-Sensitive Keyboard Knows When You’re Busy, Blocks Notifications

    Have you ever noticed that you type harder when you're really trying to faster? Well, whether you've noticed it or not, most people do push down on keys more when they're under stress, work-related or otherwise. While a new keyboard being designed in Japan won't do anything to help relieve that stress, it can at least tell you're computer not to get in your way while you're under the gun.

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  4. Proof that Paper is Dead: Introducing the USB Typewriter

    We take paper for granted. The debate over the future of novels and pressed cellulose pulp is a hot one, with literary stars such as Phillip Roth and Paul Auster having weighed in on the issue in the past. Well, Jack Zylkin has offered further proof that paper will play an increasingly smaller role in our lives: With his innovative USB Typewriter, one can enjoy at once the nostalgic clacking of an old school keyboard, but also the freedom of a modern electronic document.

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