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Green Arrow

  1. Thanos Is Accidentally Santa In This Ridiculous(ly Cute) Video From Marvel

    Spider-Man just wants a real Marvel movie.

    What do your favorite heroes want for Christmas? Thanks to this wacky new clip from Marvel, you can find out! The best part of this video, besides Thanos in a Santa suit, is Hawkeye just asking for the most ridiculous arrows in the world - including a subtle jab at the Green Arrow. You just got Hawkeye sassed!

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  2. New Short Shows Us Who Wins In a Robot Destroying Contest: Green Arrow, or Black Canary?


    There's nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition between friends. Also, as with most DC Nation shorts, we would watch a whole show of this. Previously in DC Nation

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  3. The Cosplay of C2E2 2014!

    Today in Awesome

    Did you get to the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo this weekend? Well, neither did we. Fortunately, the internet has provided all the C2E2 cosplay that we could ever want to look at. So let's look at it!

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  4. Oh, This? This Is Just Stephen “Green Arrow” Amell Holding a Giant Jar of Nutella

    Let's hope the kid who plays Speedy shows up with some crackers.

    We're not really sure what it is about this photo of Arrow star Stephen Amell holding a big-ass jar of Nutella that we find so endlessly fascinating, but we kind of can't stop looking at it. Also now we're hungry... and we want to watch Arrow, but mostly we're hungry for Nutella.

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  5. The Superhero Art of Brittney Williams

    Brittney Williams just put up some charming X-Ladies art on her Tumblr, but she's got some equally adorable and expressive characters studies of the Daily Planet staff, the Wonder Twins, Black Canary and Green Arrow, and even herself. Hey, we think drawing amazing superladies totally counts as a superpower. You can find the rest of her art at her Deviant Art page.

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  6. Oliver Queen Finally Starts Wearing a Mask, Just in Time to Meet the Flash

    Who He Is and How He Came to Be

    I guess Oliver's finally tired of constantly having to interact with the five people in his entire city who know him personally as the Hood, from around corners and inside shadows and knows they'll never guess his identity if they can't see his cheekbones! Also we have our first look at Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, the Flash, below.

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  7. And We Have Our First Trailer for Season 2 of Arrow

    Faster than a speeding bullet!

    Hmm, I guess this means I should probably finish season one...

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  8. It’s Confirmed: The Flash Live-Action Television Series Coming to the CW

    Usain Bolt's popularity and unfairly cool name reminds execs that the Flash was actually kind of awesome.

    Innocuous laymen Barry Allen is set to make several appearances (specifically, episodes 8, 9, and 20) on the second season of Arrow, before gaining super speed, reflexes that break the laws of physics, some bright red spandex, and starring in his show.

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  9. Colton Haynes Gets Recurring Gig on Arrow Could Mean We’re Not Getting Chick Sidekick

    Consider the Following

    Just look at that Jackson smolder. Colton Haynes shocked Teen Wolf fans last year by announcing his resignation from the show in order to take a role on the CW's Arrow as Roy Harper. He's only made one appearance in an episode so far, as a purse snatcher and wily-con-man-when-he-needs-t0-be, but it shouldn't be a surprise that he's been signed to be a regular character in the show's second season. Yes, I'm still watching Arrow.

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  10. Alex Kingston Joins Arrow, Could be the Original Black Canary?

    Great Hera!

    Arrow isn't a great show by any stretch of the imagination, but I respect it for what it's trying to do and have some hopes that eventually it will succeed. And let's be real: I also enjoy the near constant references to obscure facets of the DC universe and it's liberal borrowing from the Batman canon for villains and supporting characters. It's those bits that keep the nerd in me casually watching it in the background of my other activities. With the addition of Alex Kingston to the cast, however, the show's going to pique the interest of an entirely different fandom.

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  11. Five New Pictures of the Huntress from Arrow

    Great Hera!

    I finally caught up on four episodes of Arrow on Sunday, and while the show doesn't exactly have me riveted (I watched the last three while simultaneously playing World of Warcraft because Valor Points, baby, Valor Points), it seems to me that the show is still sketching out the borders of its frame, still setting the stage for what it ultimately wants to say, and so I'm still mildly interested. Helping along my interest are small moments with the show's considerable female cast (although I find the dialogue between Laurel and her friend at the legal aid office to be laughably bad), like Thea's defenses of her understandable brokenness, the lovely awkward lady hacker character who just came on the scene, and the moment when Laurel totally rescued Ollie from a buttwhooping. Also, John Barrowman has finally started making appearances and that's fun. But more than any of that, I'm honor bound to stick with the show at least through the introduction of Helena Bertinelli, the Huntress, scourge of the Cosa Nostra.

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  12. DC Adds A Bunch More Beautiful Licensed Posters to Its Retail Store

    If you liked it then you should have put a Lantern Ring on it

    DC has only just begun to offer licensed art prints related to its characters, but we're really digging them. Also, this chart says I'm Rot Lop Fan, the F-Sharp Bell, so heeeelllllllz yes.

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  13. If You Missed Arrow’s Premiere, You Can Watch the Pilot Online for Free

    In case you've been intentionally ignoring the CW Television Network, you may or may not know that they're broadcasting a version of DC Comics' Green Arrow titled -- somewhat lazily -- Arrow. The plot follows Oliver Queen after he's been rescued from the island he's been stuck on for the past five years. The premiere was last night, so it's too late to hope to catch the first episode on television. This is the Internet, though, and CW apparently gets that. They've provided the pilot episode for viewing free of charge on their website.

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  14. In Arrow, Barrowman Might be Villian or Savior, Original Character or Not, But He’ll Definitely Be Well Dressed

    The World May Never Know

    This picture of John Barrowman smiling at a scorpion brought to you by my love of odd celebrity pictures. We've found out that the CW's heretofore unimpressive Green Arrow-based series Arrow will also be featuring DC superheroine the Huntress in some first season episodes, and we've found out that the show's creators have plans (however tentative) to include a female version of Speedy, Green Arrow's sidekick. But it was the announcement of John Barrowman joining the cast of the show that first renewed our interest in the adaptation. Unlike Jessica De Gouw and Huntress, however, we still have no idea who Barrowman is going to be, and he's not helping.

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  15. Arrow Teases More Superheroines; Plans to Make Green Arrow’s Sister Into Sidekick Speedy

    Great Hera!

    Dammit, Arrow. You better be worth all the playing you're doing with my emotions. It seems now every secondary character you reference as having included in the show now turns out to be one of the DC universe's more obscure kickass ladies. I mean, first you included a character named after Black Canary's civilian identity. Then you announced that the Huntress will definitely be on the show. Now, you're saying that you've got long term plans that may culminate in the inclusion of Speedy, Green Arrow's traditional teenage sidekick. And not even Roy Harper, the original Speedy! You want to include a female Speedy, like Mia Dearden!

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  16. BREAKING: A Reason to Care About Arrow

    Great Hera!

    Because Doctor Who, Torchwood, and The Producers veteran John Barrowman is returning to a regular television role in it.

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  17. Could Batman Make His TV Comeback Courtesy Of The CW’s Arrow?

    Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

    Most of us remember the impression Batman left the last time he starred in a live-action television show. Adam West's portrayal will never be forgotten but in the wave of Christopher Nolan's more realistic (and highly successful) take on the character in film, could Batman ever be brought back to the small screen? According to the CW's Arrow writer Marc Guggenheim, the answer is yes. 

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  18. Did Oliver Queen Just Kill A Dude In This CW Arrow Clip?!

    Don't Try This At Home

    I'm following the CW's big Smallville follow-up, Arrow, with a sharp eye. Oliver Queen is one of my favorite characters (when written well) and I'd love to see this show succeed. The clips and trailers we've seen so far have been promising, with tons of action and a seemingly serious take on Green Arrow, but if this new clip from TVLine is to be believed, Arrow is going to be really serious. Deadly serious to be exact. Watch as Stephen Amell's Ollie gets out of a sticky situation in this clip from the pilot episode. (via Spinoff)

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  19. Things We Saw Today: Disney’s Ariel As The 4th Doctor

    Things We Saw Today

    The Doctor finally gets to be a ginger in this Little Mermaid/Doctor Who mash-up. Artist Lar deSouza even made Flounder into K-9 but made sure to put a stipulation on his tumblr post, "Don’t get excited for a series though. I’m exhausted just by the thought of doing a dozen more Princess Who’s!" Pretty please! With sugar on top! I've already done one FemmeDoctor cosplay group, I would totally do another in this vein. (via Ashley Hay)

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  20. Things We Saw Today: Disney Princesses Show Their Age

    Things We Saw Today

    Artist Taija Vigilia was asked to depict the Disney Princess according to the year their films were released. So you've got a three-year-old Tiana and Cinderella is 62, etc.  (via The Uniblog) 

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