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Electronic Entertainment Expo

  1. 11 Next-Gen Video Games We’re Excited to See at E3 2013

    In all seriousness, we want to see a whole mess of gameplay.

    It's finally here! The Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3 for short, has already kicked off with a series of press conferences in the past couple days. Regardless of how you feel about the console war, the Big Three are throwing their weight around as far as video games go. Some are more interesting than others, but there are scads of neat games coming out on next-gen consoles. Here's 11 games that we're particularly hoping we see more of as the first actual day of the show kicks off.

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  2. PlayStation 4 Will Almost Certainly Be Revealed at February 20th Event

    It's finally happening, people. Sony's having an event on February 20th at 6PM EST, and all signs point to this being the event where the company finally announces the PlayStation 4. If they really do announce the successor to the PlayStation 3, it'd give Sony a nice long while to build up buzz for their lineup at Electronic Entertainment Expo this year. There's a remote chance that this has nothing to do with the company's next console, but it's ridiculously slim.

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  3. Microsoft Posts E3 Countdown Clock, May or May Not Have to Do With New Xbox

    It seems like only yesterday when Microsoft's Xbox 360 was hailed as the pinnacle of video game hardware and left us all waiting in long lines in front of the local Best Buy to bring home the future of gaming entertainment. Sadly, now in 2012, the old girl is starting to show some cracks and is known to make a make a mess in the house from time to time, which is all indicative of a brand new game system on the horizon. It's a forgone conclusion that Microsoft is already hard at work cobbling together the successor to the Xbox 360, but the question really boils down to when this new system will be unveiled. According to an Electronic Entertainment Expo countdown clock that was posted on the blog of Microsoft's Major Nelson yesterday, we may at last get our first glimpse of the next addition in the Xbox family later this year. With that, let the speculation commence!

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  4. Microsoft Registers Number of Smart Glass Domains

    Hot on the heels of the various Microsoft Smart Glass rumors floating around, it appears that Microsoft has gone and registered a number of domains associated with said Smart Glass. There are two distinct possibilities based on this discovery: Either Microsoft definitely has something waiting to be revealed in association or they want to avoid having squatters take up the domains. Regardless, the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo should be interesting.

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  5. We Might Have Just Witnessed the Beginning of the End of Nintendo

    Sony's and Microsoft's conferences were basically par for the course, nothing too surprising, franchises we know and love, like or hate, and a surprisingly low price tag for the PSP 2, now known as the PS Vita. Last, we have Nintendo. They're notoriously awful at E3, leaving us with such amazing memories as using Wii Music as a conference surprise that ultimately fell flat because it was ridiculous. With the news that Nintendo was to show off the Wii's sucessor, known as Project Cafe, surely, this Nintendo conference wouldn't be the widely-perceived failure that many of their previous conferences were, right?

    Well, with only a handful of games shown and announced, none of which being new first party IPs, an E3 presentation that honestly seemed put together the night before the conference, and their new console and controller combo, dubbed the Wii U, I think we might've just witnessed the beginning of the end of Nintendo. It happened once before with the GameCube, but Nintendo had the Nintendo DS and Wii rushing in to save the day. This time around? The Nintendo 3DS only launched a few months ago, so a new handheld can't really rush in and save the day. If the Wii U fails, a new console can't come rushing in to save the day like the Wii did, and it seems like this would be it for Nintendo. It is admittedly difficult to predict if a weird concept will succeed or fail, but after that press conference, it seems like Nintendo neither cares about either market of gamers (hardcore or casual), nor has any idea what they're doing anymore. If Nintendo flounders this generation, we can look back at this conference and pinpoint the exact moment in time their downfall began.

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  6. Sony’s E3 2011 Keynote Recap

    We've seen what Microsoft had (or didn't have, depending on how disappointed you were) to offer from this year's E3. Did Sony do any better? The short of it: It was similarly predictable, though it did have a few more interesting surprises -- the price and date of the PSP2, otherwise known as the NGP, now officially known as the PS Vita have been set, and Sony matched Nintendo's flailing 3DS in price with a $249 price tag on the non-3G PS Vita model and a $299 price tag on the 3G-enabled model. An honestly stunning move, considering the Vita's tech is far more powerful than the tech inside the 3DS and must be much more expensive to produce. They also announced a 24-inch PlayStation brand 3D television and 3D glasses bundle for the (again) honestly low price of $499. As for games, everything we already knew about: Uncharted 3 looked great, the previously-mentioned God of War PSP games bundle is indeed coming to the PS3, BioShock Infinite will include Move functionality and come with a free copy of BioShock, the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD remake bundle got dated for September, and there was a bunch of PS Vita news, as well as a few new games and added Move support. Jack Tretton also gave a sincere, though kind of awkward, apology regarding the recent PlayStation Network hack mess.

    Are you ready to dive into Sony's presser?

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  7. Microsoft’s E3 2011 Keynote Recap

    The yearly gaming convention that steals away many a gamer's sleep has begun. Wake the fanboys, stoke the fires: E3 is upon us, and nary a gaming soul will be spared. E3 kicked off with Microsoft's keynote this year. They announced a few doozies; Halo 4 and Gears of War 3 made an appearance. They announced a few things that will most likely be duds with the core Xbox gaming audience; A Disneyland Kinect game (they didn't even get the better Disney) and a Sesame Street game developed by none other than gaming legend Tim Schafer, which still feels like a waste of Tim Schafer's talents (he could be using them on Psychonauts 2!). A bunch of Kinect integration was discussed -- some good, some forgettable -- as well as the addition of YouTube, Bing, and an Xbox Live television streaming service. They also announced one big surprise: Minecraft on the Xbox 360.

    Travel past the break for the full recap. That is, if you're prepared to begin this year's descent into E3 madness.

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  8. E3 in Review: Day Two

    The E3 festivities continued today in full force, and I got to do and see a lot more. The knowledge I gained in this process is now passed on to you, the lucky reader! Let’s waste no time and get straight to the gaming goodness I discovered in this middle day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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