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  1. John Hodgman Covers Glee’s Cover of Jonathan Coulton’s Cover of “Baby Got Back”

    You all listen to the Judge John Hodgman podcast, right? RIGHT? Good. In case you missed last week's episode, it featured one of the greatest moments in the show's history. The show is hosted by occasional Daily Show correspondent, professional PC, knower of all things, and eccentric millionaire John Hodgman with co-host "Bailiff" Jesse Thorn. Hodgman sang the cover of "Baby Got Back" featured in an episode of Glee that was stolen from Jonathan Coulton, who was in the audience. Hodgman and Coulton are friends, and unlike Glee, Hodgman at least gave Coulton implied credit.

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  2. Best Leak Ever: Jon Stewart Mocks Media’s Aloof Reaction To WikiLeaks Details

    The persistently bewhiskered Jon Stewart took on the latest Wikileaks controversy, which has been labeled “one of the biggest leaks in US military history,” due to the release of tens of thousands of classified “military field reports” about the Afghan war. But while The Daily Show host mocked some absurdities surrounding the individual most responsible for the security breach, his greatest ire was saved for the dispassionate reporting of the story by the usual media pundits.

    To be certain, there is no shortage of strange and unfathomable aspects to this story: from the online moniker of the source of the leaked documents (“Bradass87″), to the strange detail that many of the documents were carried on a CD-Rom disguised as a Lady Gaga Disc:

    >>>See the video at Mediaite.

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  3. The Carrell Corral: Can This Please be Real?

    Tonight's Colbert Report began with possibly the greatest cold open ever: In fact, it was not The Colbert Report at all, but a new program, titled the Carrell Corral, hosted by geek god Steve Carrell. Alas, while there's some delightfully loopy shock questioning and some quality Old West pew-pewing, it turns out to be but a dream. But there's a silver lining: During Colbert's most enjoyable interview with Carrell later in the program, they revive the excellent "Even Stephven" hypercharged debating sketch from the days when the Steves were castmates on The Daily Show.

    Video below:

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  4. Olivia Munn “Tries Out” As Daily Show Correspondent

    Whoa! The Daily Show has another female correspondent! And — whoa! It’s Olivia Munn! And — whoa! She was awesome. Munn has the chops: her years on AOTS have shown that she’s far, far more than a ridiculously hot-bodied babe (though she certainly is that). She’s got great timing, fearlessness about subject matter and always brings a sense of fun. Last night, she more than held her own with her more experienced peers. Never mind bringing her own slavering horde of fanboys to the Daily Show demographic (in case they’re not there already). Expect this “try out” to become permanent very soon — if she decides she wants it.

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  5. Gizmodo Gets an Unlikely Ally in iPhone-gate: Jon Stewart [Video]

    The spat between Gizmodo and Apple over Gizmodo's mysterious acquisition of an iPhone 4G months before its release -- which most lately culminated in a crack force of Apple-advised police raiding Giz editor Jason Chen's home and Gizmodo considering suing the police right back -- has proven to be an endlessly engrossing spectacle for the techies out there, with many, like Daring Fireball's John Gruber, saying Gizmodo and its publisher Gawker Media broke the law and basically deserve whatever they have coming at them.

    Well, last night, Gizmodo got a high-profile supporter for the crowd who have no idea who John Gruber is: Jon Stewart. But he didn't exactly fight the good fight:

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  6. Conan O’Brien Will Bring the Funny to TBS This November [Update: Conan / TBS Ad]

    Geek idol Conan O'Brien will be coming to TBS to host a late-night show this fall, once his nationwide comedy tour wraps up, reports CNN's Marquee blog. Looks like the Twitter billboard campaign may have worked after all. George Lopez, who currently hosts a show on TBS at 11pmEDT, will be bumped back to 12am to make room for Conan's new venture.

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  7. Jon Stewart, News Anchors Cruise Chatroulette, Hilarity Ensues

    What do Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, Brian Williams and Keith Olbermann have in common with a masturbating Jason Jones? They all appeared on tonight's hilarious Chatroulette segment on the Daily Show. Scoring an impressive Big Three hat trick, Jon Stewart took his viewers through a Chatroulette sessio — plus Olbermann, Liz Claman, some incognito Daily Show staffers and plenty of pixellated male nudity.

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  8. In Case You Missed it: Bill Gates on The Daily Show

    Lately, #1 computing geek Bill Gates has been cutting an increasingly public profile, joining Twitter, launching a personal website to promote his foundation, and cutting it up on the dance floor. On Monday night, Bill Gates appeared on The Daily Show, and discussed social media, his charitable work, and, of course, love robots. He also dodged the bullet when Stewart asked him if he wanted to switch to the iPhone. Video after the jump:

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