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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Captain Kirk

Dammit Jim!

Star Trek’s Uhura And Spock Were Supposed To Hook Up Years Ago, Then William Shatner Pulled Rank

Well this is a surprise. We all know about the interracial kiss that rocked the world on Star Trek on November 22, 1968 but did you know that kiss was originally supposed to be between Uhura and Spock, not Uhura and Kirk? 


To Boldly Go

J.J. Abrams Says Dr. Carol Marcus Won’t Be Relegated To Love Interest In Star Trek. Gives Another Huge Detail Away.

J.J. Abrams hasn’t been giving many details about Star Trek Into Darkness but he has said some interesting things about Dr. Carol Marcus. Oh, and he just happened to confirm whether or not we’ll be seing the Klingons this time around. 


Officially Official

Hey Look, It’s Some New Star Trek Into Darkness Plot Info That Doesn’t Involve the Real Identity of the CumberVillain!

Months without any Star Trek Into Darkness info, and now there are promo pictures, revised summaries, and additional plot tidbits popping up every week or so. It’s almost like we don’t have to wait another four-plus months for the movie to come out. *sob* A plot summary published in Empire has given us a brand new—and fairly major—bit of info. Check it out under the jump. Yes, the relevant information is under a spoiler cut. But, as always, those with acute spoiler-o-phobia might want to avoid the comments.


To Boldly Go

Star Trek Action Figures Of Kirk, Picard, & More Launched Into Space [VIDEO]

A few months ago we brought you an fun little story that concerned sending Star Trek action figures into space. Well, Trekkers, the dream has been realized. Logan Kugler launched a Kickstarter campaign to make his dream come true and wrote, “On May 5th 2012, I along with a team of engineering students from the University of Illinois sent the greatest starship captains to ever exist into space for the first time in reality. Discovery Channel was there to capture it.” Can you imagine? From a little bit of fan fun, to Kickstarter, to the Discovery Channel. Technically, the figures only made it to the stratosphere but that works for me! Six cameras caught the trip of Captains Kirk and Picard, Riker, Data, and custom-made figures of  J.J. Abrams and Roberto Orci. Oh and, they travelled on top of the Enterprise-D. I love nerds.

(via Discovery)

To Boldly Go

Star Trek Captains Kirk & Picard To Travel In Space, For Real, As Action Figures

Captain Kirk and Captain Picard have shared screen-time before in the beloved Star Trek franchise but now they’ll travel to space together in real life. No, actors William Shatner and Sir Patrick Stewart won’t be boarding a space craft, their action figures will. 


i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

Carrie Fisher Makes Fun Of Star Trek Because William Shatner Made Fun Of Star Wars

This seems like some sort of revenge…of something. Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher is striking back at Star Trek actor William Shatner after he dissed her franchise by…dissing his franchise. There may or may not have been blaster/phaser battles involved in this intergalactic space fight. Let’s go to the videotape!


Nope. Still Not Happening.

William Shatner Crushes Dreams, Will Not Be Appearing in Star Trek Sequel

Much talk has been circulating over the sequel to J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, which will reportedly be in theaters around December 2012. The last film featured a cameo by Leonard Nimoy, who reprised his legendary role as Spock. Over the weekend, however, William Shatner, who famously swaggered alongside Nimoy as Captain Kirk, confirmed that he will not be making an appearance in Star Trek 2.