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Chris Pine Said WHAT About More Star Trek Movies?!


Chris Pine as Captain Kirk in Star Trek

Imagine my casual shock when I turned on the WIRED Autocomplete Interview with the cast of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and Chris Pine was talking about Star Trek. When he’s asked how many of the Star Trek movies he’s in, Pine responded with three. But then he made a comment about how he hopes that he is in “many” many more. Now, if you’ve been following along in the Rachel’s book of wishes, the continuation of the Kelvin universe is high up on my list.

While I grew up in a Trek-loving household, the Kelvin verse was really mine. My brother loves William Shatner’s take on Captain Kirk. I think it’s fine. That was far from my favorite captain. Until Pine took on the ripped shirts. Then I understood the appeal of Kirk as a captain and loved it very much. We all know that Star Trek 4 has struggled to find its footing with the cast leaving then coming back, directors passing in the wind, and no one knowing what’s happening with it. For me, I need it to happen. And I need it to happen now.

This is, frankly, exciting to me because Pine’s first real moment of openness about it and how he wants to make a lot more of these movies. I love them so much, I think they’re a perfect Star Trek foray outside of the shows happening on Paramount+ and the longer we wait between Star Trek: Beyond and what comes next, the harder it is for fans. But this shows that there is still an excitement there for the cast and why not have the bridge of the Enterprise all come back for more adventures with Pine and his First Officer Zachary Quinto in charge?

I just miss my Bridge

There are few things in Hollywood I actually take personally. But the delays and general mystery around this iteration of Star Trek? That feels like an attack on my soul. It is just that that is a genuine cast who loves each other and the story they were telling. It was perfect casting to nod to the original series characters they were bringing to life. From Karl Urban’s uncanny ability to embody Deforest Kelley and craft Bones around that to Simon Pegg’s joyous take on Scotty, the Kelvin verse just really feels like a gift and I miss it.

I don’t know if Pine’s comment was a plea to those in charge or more of a reassurance to fans that he does want to still do more of his Captain James T. Kirk movies but whatever the case may be, I hope someone does take Pine seriously. Because we all really do deserve more of this bridge of the Enterprise.

I need to see Zoe Saldaña’s Uhura yelling at Captain Kirk at least 4 more times. Please?

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