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  1. Happy 2nd Birthday to Us!

    The Mary Sue

    Two years ago last night I hit the hay early, knowing that there wasn't anything constructive that I could do for the soon to be live website that me and Jamie Frevele had been slaving over for a straight two weeks, and that I'd have a long day ahead of me. That long day was followed by a lot more, and now it's been a spectacular two years since we launched. We quite literally would not be here without you guys. Lemme take a look at what's happened since our last birthday...

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  2. The View From The Blue Dot: The Best Space Pictures of 2012

    2012 is over, and it was a pretty great year for all sorts of entertainment, as we pointed out earlier today. Sometimes, though, we're in a more ruminative mood, and in those moments, we like nothing more than looking at pictures of space, wishing and hoping that one day, we'll even get to visit. Until then, though, photos will have to do -- it turns out that 2012 was one heck of a year for those, too, though. We welcome you to 2013 with a retrospective of the best images of some of our new favorite places in the universe that last year had to offer, courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope, Cassini probe, International Space Station, and more. Have a very happy new year, everyone, and be sure to check back with us for the best images from space from 2013 -- we couldn't be more excited to bring them to you as they happen.

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  3. A Good Year: The 12 Best Things to Come Out of 2012

    Happy New Year! Today's the start of 2013, sure, but that doesn't mean we have to give up on 2012 just yet. There were a number of wonderful and amazing things released this past year. From video games to movies, comedy albums to comics, 2012 was chock-full of lovely creations to occupy our time. That said, there were certainly a select few that stood well above the rest. Each of us here at Geekosystem has provided three picks from 2012's lineup that we think everyone else would be foolish not to check out. Hit the jump to see what we consider to be the absolute best things to come out of 2012!

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  4. Cool Idea, Bro: The Best Decisions of 2012

    Last week, we brought you our run down of some of the dumbest calls, worst decisions, and overall bonehead moves of the past year. We don't want to go out on a low note, though -- we try to think more of the world at large than that, even if we don't always succeed. It's in that spirit that we offer the following ten things that rank among our very favorite to happen in 2012, from a brilliant new LEGO Settlers of Catan board to Joss Whedon's in the offing return to television with a S.H.I.E.L.D series for which we couldn't be more excited. Let us know what we missed and what you think the best things to happen this year were in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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  5. Doing It Wrong: The Worst Decisions of 2012

    We're coming up on the close of 2012, if probably not the world as we know it, and thus, it's a time for quiet reflection and self-inventory. As we consider the paths that led us all here, we find ourselves looking back on the year that was, and in doing so, we find ourselves saying one thing, over and over, quietly to ourselves, as is repeating a mantra -- "Man, people did some stupid things this year!" Now, don't get us wrong -- it pretty unlikely that they did that many more stupid things than in years past. Seeing as these are rather fresh in our memories, though, it sure feels that way. So please, join us in taking a stroll down memory lane as we recall ten of the worst decisions, poorest choices, and dumbest ideas of the year that was.

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  6. NASA Releases Video Dated 12/22/12 Explaining Why We Didn’t Die

    Friday's the big day! December 21st, 2012. The day we supposedly all die as foretold by ancient Mayan prophecy. Except that it wasn't actually foretold by a prophecy, and we'll all be fine. Well, statistically, some of us won't be fine, but the world as a whole won't end. So says NASA, so say we all. NASA is so confident the world won't end on 12/21/12 that they've already released a video from the future to explain why didn't all die. That takes courage, but it's not like there will be anyone left alive to call them on it if they're wrong.

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  7. The Trailers of 2012, Mashed Into Seven Minutes

    i'll just leave this here

    Louis Plamondon, or Sleepyskunk, strung together this enthralling video of movies whose trailers came out in 2012. For a complete list of every movie that appears, check right here.

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  8. Ancient Mayan Murals Reveal That the World Isn’t Ending This Year After All!

    Good News Everyone!

    One of the biggest raves ever is coming on December 21, 2012 -- at least according to the beloved tin-foil hat faction of the human race. Apparently, a calendar designed by the Mayans predicted that the end of the world was coming on that very date just seven months from now, and some people just decided to run with it and take it as 100 percent truth. But now, markings on newly discovered, 1,200-year-old Mayan murals that have just been unearthed in Xultún, Guatemala might fly right in the face of all those bummer doomsday predictions. In fact, they are being interpreted as a sign that we have many more millennia ahead of us -- so, yes! Mayan science fiction means that the Earth will survive to see a sequel to The Avengers. This is a glorious find, indeed!

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  9. NASA Scientist Calmly Debunks a Slew of 2012 Apocalypse Theories [Video]

    There are few things that NASA dislikes more than bunk science, and the space agency seems to have taken a particular dislike to unfounded claims that 2012 is the last year of existence. Addressing these apocalyptic "theories" is Jet Propulsion Lab senior research scientist Don Yeomans, who patiently refutes the Mayan calendar, pole shifts, planet X, and planetary alignments as end of the world scenarios. Trust him, he's a scientist.

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  10. 2012 Bubble Wrap Calendar

    For those people who always press the soda flavor indicators on the plastic cup tops, for only $20.12, you now have a calendar that allows you to smoosh one thing a day, and also keep track of what day it is. This bubble wrap calendar will satisfy many a crazy person's urge -- mine included -- because now they can be constructive in their smooshing. The calendar measures 48 inches by 17.5 inches, and features "heavier bubbles" in order to provide a louder pop. Check out the full calendar after the break, and head on over to the order page to give it a buy.

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  11. The Crazy Mass Bird Deaths Are Back! (Probably Because It’s 2012 and We’re All Gonna Die)

    All this has happened before...

    Last year, thousands of blackbirds have fallen down dead in an Arkansas town without any real explanation, except for, maybe, fireworks. And now, in that same town, a few dozen more blackbirds have fallen down dead -- except this year, police banned fireworks on New Year's Eve. Oh, wait -- people were shooting off fireworks, anyway? So, yeah, the reason might be fireworks again. Not the apocalypse. Even though there will be plenty of people blaming the apocalypse, it will probably just be New Year's Eve fireworks.

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  12. Betelgeuse Not Likely to Explode, Become Second Sun

    Rumors of Betelgeuse's death have been greatly exaggerated. Despite some recent, breathless reports on the star Betelgeuse going supernova and 'sploding all over the place, temporarily adding a second sun in the Earth sky but also possibly proving the Mayans correct in their assumption that the world will end in 2012, none of this is likely to happen. As awesome as all of that might be. Well, the 'sploding/second sun part, at least. And actually, Betelgeuse has been "dying" for a while. You might call it the Dr. Mark Greene of stars

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  13. Does George Lucas Believe the World is Going to End in 2012?

    The Toronto Sun thinks that Seth Rogen thinks so.  Aaand, that's really all there is to say about the matter.  According to the Sun, Rogen was in a position to find this out when George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg joined a meeting he was in:

    George Lucas sits down and seriously proceeds to talk for around 25 minutes about how he thinks the world is gonna end in the year 2012, like, for real. He thinks it. He’s going on about the tectonic plates and all the time Spielberg is, like, rolling his eyes, like, ’My nerdy friend won’t shut up, I’m sorry...

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  14. Asteroid Impact

    (via Reddit)

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  15. Mad Men May Call it Quits After Season 6, Says Creator

    The flocks of history geeks who love watching AMC's Mad Men as much to squabble over minor possible anachronisms as to enjoy the plot and pretty '60s clothes may be disappointed to know that Matt Weiner, the creator of Mad Men, has reportedly confirmed that the show will wrap up after the conclusion of Season 6, in 2012.

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