Doing It Wrong: The Worst Decisions of 2012

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We’re coming up on the close of 2012, if probably not the world as we know it, and thus, it’s a time for quiet reflection and self-inventory. As we consider the paths that led us all here, we find ourselves looking back on the year that was, and in doing so, we find ourselves saying one thing, over and over, quietly to ourselves, as is repeating a mantra — “Man, people did some stupid things this year!” Now, don’t get us wrong — it pretty unlikely that they did that many more stupid things than in years past. Seeing as these are rather fresh in our memories, though, it sure feels that way. So please, join us in taking a stroll down memory lane as we recall ten of the worst decisions, poorest choices, and dumbest ideas of the year that was.

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Let us know what you think the stupidest ideas of the year were, and have a great rest of your week and year, everyone. We  hope you’ll stay with us going into 2013, as we can’t wait to bring you the latest and greatest “people being stupid” news of the coming year. If the last 12 months are any indication, it’s going to be a doozy.

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