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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

This Exists... Because of A Lady

Here’s Our First Look at Steven Universe, by Cartoon Network’s First Female Showrunner

Behold! This is the first poster for Steven Universe, created by Rebecca Sugar, who’s done a lot of songwriting and storyboarding for Adventure Time and has become, with Steven Universe, Cartoon Network’s first female showrunner.

As we reported before, this new show is about the youngest member of a group of magical Guardians of the Universe. He’s the one flexing in the middle surrounded by fierce-looking ladies, I assume.

Will you be watching?

(via: Cartoon Brew)

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  • Lance Bravestar

    This looks great! Though I can’t tell if the person on the right is a dude or a lady.

  • Ashe P. Samuels

    Could be either or neither.

  • TKS

    Which, in and of itself, is pretty neat.

  • Magic Xylophone

    REBECCA SUGAR HAS HER OWN SHOW? REBECCA SUGAR HAS HER OWN SHOW! What have I done to deserve such a wonderful gift?

  • Lindsey Stock

    I’m sure it’ll amass a large following and then promptly be put on inexplicable hiatus for half a year, and then be cancelled, despite the aforementioned large following. Of course, it might do well if it’s a comedic show. That’s the only thing Cartoon Network seems to like these days.

  • Inky

    This looks pretty cool…but I don’t have cable anymore. :|a If it streams somewhere then I’ll probably check it out.

  • Lance Bravestar

    I only pointed it out because I kind of expected the show to have a female-majority main cast.

  • Hero of Beats

    Not sure if I recall a time when Cartoon Network wasn’t about comedic shows….

  • Liam Anthony

    When does it come out in the uk?