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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

We Can Be Heroes

Preview: Marvel’s Upcoming Ms. Marvel #1

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We’ve very excited for Marvel’s new comic, Ms. Marvel, here at The Mary Sue. We hope you are too. In order to get you more excited, we’ve got some brand-new preview pages courtesy of Marvel.

The international sensation is finally here! Marvel is pleased to present your first look at MS. MARVEL #1, the soon-to-be runaway hit from G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona! You’ve seen her in headlines around the world—now, prepare to experience the brand-new MS. MARVELas she takes the Marvel Universe by storm. When Kamala Khan acquires incredible new abilities from the Inhuman Terrigen Mists, an extraordinary hero is born! But not even superpowers can prepare her for the pressures and pitfalls of being 16-years-old. Don’t miss Kamala’s first groundbreaking adventure as a timeless legend is reborn this February in MS. MARVEL #1!

MS. MARVEL #1 (DEC130623)
32 PGS./Rated T+…$2.99
FOC 1/13/14, On-Sale 2/5/14

Wilson has been saying some great things about representation in the title as well. And don’t forget you can help support the Girls Leadership Institute by purchasing a Ms. Marvel shirt from!

(last four preview images from the “Point One” issue via Wired)

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  • Thomas Hayes

    Added to my subscriptions the day it was announced! Gimme gimme gimme

  • Anonymous

    “This is a waste of quality used appliances.”

    Oh, hi. I like you.

  • Glitchy

    that last panel is priceless.

  • Amy

    I want this so hard.

  • Anonymous

    Living in Jersey is bad enough without walking outside and breathing in ancient alien mists.

  • cheesy

    Damnit, Marvel, stop making me want to start buying your comics again.

  • Cowtools

    Just FYI, but those last four pages (the ones with the dialogue) are OUT NOW in the Marvel special ‘Point One’ issue.
    It’s really worth picking up! (I’m encouraging everyone I can to). It also features an awesome Black Widow story.

  • Cowtools

    In that case, pick up the Marvel Point One issue out now.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Ah thank you! I was confused with the Ones.

  • Cowtools

    Have you guys ever thought about doing regular(ish) comic reviews?
    For instance, the first issue of the new Black Widow series came out this week, and it’s absolutely great. I want to see it get hyped as much as it can be so that it becomes a big hit and runs for years.

  • Robert Vary

    Oh, I like her. And she’s from Jersey, which, you know, REPRESENT.

    I’m curious to get a little more definition regarding her powers. It obviously looks here like she can change size, of her whole body or individual parts thereof. I wonder how far that goes, what the limitations are, and if there are any other powers that go with it. Gotta say, they’ve grabbed my interest.

  • Thomas Hayes

    Yeah, that would be cool to see on the Mary Sue too. TMS tends to provide a different perspective in their reviews you don’t see in other places.

  • David

    Yeah. I’m excited about seeing a Muslim female lead in a Marvel Comic, but I’m also excited to see Jersey.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Why can’t there ever be a hero from Alaska or something? XD I mean, sure its probably the least likely place for super villiany (though an awesome hideaway for metal gears) but its like comic books have some sort of love affair with the northrn east coast or sumthin~

    Theatrics aside, this could be interesting. Their probably nothing alike, but she actually kinda reminds me of Hellcat.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Ah~! Terrigan mists~! I didn’t think of that!

  • Anonymous

    Hope Summers (a fairly major X-Men character at this point, even if X-Men not Logan don’t get solos) was born in Alaska, Cammi (2005 Drax limited and the more recent Avengers Arena) grew up in Alaska, and Scott Summers’s extended family (and for a while, himself and his first wife) live there!

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Huh…I didn’t know that about Hope (Admittedly I don’t follow much of X-men generally since Excalibur and Exiles) which is rather interesting. Is she supposed to be another one of Scott and Jean’s children? (Like Cable, Rachel, Nathan and so on)
    As for Summers extended family…Im kinda surprised he even had one. I thought his whole plot-line involved some sorta orphanage backstory.

    *looks up cammi* Oh coolies~ I didn’t know about this (relatively) new character! @_@ Comes from an entirely fictional town thats probably based on scotts bluff (which would be a clever in joke) but aside from that, awesome~!
    Kinda has an ‘adam strange’ vibe to her from the sound of the wiki ^^

    Thank you very much!

  • Anonymous

    Hope is actually Cable’s adopted daughter – though if she ends up being a Summers in blood as well as name, I won’t be terribly surprised. ~*~COMICS~*~

    Scott spent from like age ten to sixteen or so in an orphanage in Nebraska because superhero backstories are ridiculous, but his grandparents ran (and to my knowledge, still run) a cargo plane service out of Anchorage, and the Marvel wiki lists Scott’s birthplace as being there. He and Madelyne lived there and worked as pilots for his grandparents’ company for a while.

  • Tiger Park

    I LOVED the Marvel Point One preview for Ms Marvel (it’s like a short story and not an origin story either), and how it proudly slides in numerous cultural markers for Kamala and her family (lots of asterisk notes written in the gutters, very reminiscent of translated manga). You get a great glimpse of her family life too and I found it insanely relatable and all around CHARMING.

    I want to note that in the first preview set (textless) with the hijab-wearing girl, that’s Nakia who is Kamal’s stylish BFF (as per the concept notes posted on Tumblr). The fact that we get TWO different Muslim girls to read at once is kind of really fantastic? It starts to dodge the “one single character forced to represent all” pitfall.

    I could go on for hours I’m so happy this book exists. 2014 is already doing really well for some interesting diversely-populated titles.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Oh comic books, why are you so silly? XD

  • Robert Vary

    I’m also weirdly pleased to see her wearing a domino mask, which seems to have fallen out of super-style lately but which I am still oddly fond of.

  • Anonymous

    I would also love to see this.

  • Anonymous

    Her parents were torched to death by religious anti-mutant zealots after her birth resulted in a mutant energy spike. So she’s orphaned, though Cable immediately spirited her away and out of the Purifiers’ reaches.

  • Anonymous

    The interior artwork is great! :D

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Out of curiosity, how did Cable find out about her?

  • Anonymous

    Her birth triggered this massive spike of mutant energy that blew out Cerebra and nearly fried Professor Xavier’s brain, so it was a pretty obvious event for anyone watching. I think Cable’s TP may have clued him in in particular, but it was a mad scramble among several factions: X-Men, Marauders (led by Sinister), the Purifiers, Cable, the Reavers, and Bishop.

  • Anonymous

    Cable & Bishop knew about Hope because they’re time travellers, but the Marauders knew about her because of Destiny’s precog diaries. The Purifiers found out because of access to Nimrod, another time traveller.
    Hope was originally going to be the reincarnation of Jean Grey via the Phoenix Force even though she has different powers. Thankfully they opted to make her a separate character rather than making Jean/Phoenix even more convoluted.
    During the 50 States Initiative post-Civil War era, Hellcat was assigned to Alaska in a solo mini by Kathryn Immonen.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! I did a refresh and remembered that Cable knew about her from his timeline. I hd also forgotten about the Nimrod business. I thought the Marauder struggle to reach Hope didn’t come from the diaries since the attempt to collect them ended with Cannonball destroying some of them to keep the Marauders from getting them. Obviously Bishop knew about her because of the Six Second War.

  • Anonymous

    Mystique had read Destiny’s diaries pertaining to Hope & tricked the Marauders into kidnapping the baby as part of a predestined long con to save the comatose Rogue.

  • Anonymous

    So colouring… very awesome.

  • Kryptoknight

    After having finally read the first issue I must say I think the comic has a great deal of potential. Kamala is a fantastic character who reminds me in some ways of a young Peter Parker. She’s on the outside of most social groups and she’s very unsure of herself and her role in life. She also chafes against her family’s adherence to certain beliefs that she sees as unfair and it even seems like she’s struggling to find her place in her own family. She has no shame for being Pakistani or Muslim, but at the same time seems to think of herself as an American first. (She makes a comment along the lines of “I was born in Jersey not in [insert name of Pakistani city I've forgotten.]) Ms. Khan deserves all the high praise she has been receiving.
    However, allow me to disent from the praise parade being showered on this comic for just a moment. As much as this comic may be doing a wonderful job of portaying the life of a young girl in a Muslim Pakistani family it does fall short in another category. Cliches. Now I understand that cliches such as the mean popular girl and the dumb jock exist for a reason. It’s not uncommon to find people in real life who fit these cliches. However it grates my nerves slightly that the only two white characters (non-superheroes) we are introduced to in this issue are asshats of epic proprotion.
    I dearly hope we see a little variation soon in how other people interact with Kamala in the coming issues. While there may certainly be a great deal of predjudice against those of any color or religion, there are also those who see past such things. As a person who tries his best to do so as much as possible I found it a little irritating.
    Also I would LOVE for a comic to finally veer away from the “All jocks are dicks” trope. When I was in highschool I was friendly with several member of our football team, and one of them was one of my best friends. He was also a big geek. He loved DBZ, comics, and he played the Paladin in our D&D group. Similarly I always have the same problem with the “popular kids” with the exception of perhaps Harry Osborn and Peter Parker you rarely see the popular kids interacting outside their clique. I had another friend who was a very popular girl, but we often had lunch together, hung out together, and talked often. Yes, she admitted many of her more popular friends didn’t like me and didn’t understand why she hung out with me, but it didn’t impact our friendship. Cliques are not absolute.
    Marvel has potential for a great thing here, and by no means is one issue enough for me to make a final judgement on the comic, but I dearly hope that we soon get some more variation in the supporting cast.