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Once More With Feeling

Guillermo del Toro Is Making Pan’s Labyrinth: The Musical

I just got finished saying the other day that Guillermo del Toro needs to stop talking about all the projects he’s going to do and actually make some and here he is adding fuel to the fire. Not with a completely new project, oh no, with a musical version of his 2006 dark fantasy, Pan’s Labyrinth. Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti No! 

I’m just gonna put this out there - Pan’s Labyrinth freaked me the hell out. I’m usually all for films like it but for some reason, I could only watch it once. So there’s that. But really? A musical? Of this?

Yup, del Toro has hired a writer to work on transforming his creepy fairy tale into a musical.

“The 2006 Guillermo del Toro-directed film is about a young stepdaughter of a sadistic army officer who finds refuge and terror in a fantasy world in 1944 Fascist Spain. The stage version already has a book that has been written by del Toro and Jeremy Ungar,” writes Deadline.

Paul Williams, the voice of the Penguin in Batman: The Animated Series., is in charge of writing lyrics for the music. He’s an Academy Award-winning composer who has written songs for David Bowie and Daft Punk and wrote “Rainbow Connection” from The Muppet Movie. Composer Gustavo Santaolall (Brokeback Mountain, Babel) will write the actual music.

“I admire and love Gustavo and Paul wrote the perfect album in Phantom Of The Paradise, which I have loved for decades,” said del Toro.

Will this ever see the light of day? Who knows, del Toro is literally talking about making something else every other week. Would you watch it?

(via Geekosystem)

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  • Anonymous

    I’d love to see what the adaptation of the “interrogatory” scene would look like…

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree with you. This is one of my favorite movies of all time….but I refuse to watch it ever again. I can honestly say this is the only movie that has had me actually break down and cry by the end, as opposed to get just sort of teary eyed.

  • Anonymous

    It sounds odd at first, but there are plenty of musicals that aren’t all tap dancing and torch songs. I could see this working really well as a small scale, chamber musical with a good score and creative production design.

  • Erin Wilson

    OH MY GOD. This will be epic. PL is one of all time favorites, I can watch it over and over, and I’ve seen a lot of theatre too. And I’m always saying when it comes to theatre, the darker the better (but that’s just me I guess). I am ALL FOR THIS.

  • Val Duvivier

    Three words: Pale Man Live.


    Nope nope nope. This character made me afraid of bogeymen while I was over 25.

    The movie is superb, poignant, beautifully horrifying but the Pale Man is downright SCARY.
    If he start singing, I will run away screaming.

  • Seanna Tucker

    This could actually be really beautiful. Especially if it was done semi-operatic. If you think about how creepy (the actual MUSICAL) the Sweeney Todd Musical can be – I think it could work.

    I know a lot of people hear “Musical” and think cheesy, happy, The Pajama Game and Legally Blonde: the Musical, stories. But….

    Just watch this:

  • Lauren Renee Clayton

    Yes yes yes yes! A million times yes! This year in Spanish we’ve been studying Pan’s Labyrinth, which is great because I first watched it for pleasure and then basically got to analyse the hell out of it for three months straight. Dream come true. So I LOVE the film. And since del Toro is the directing genius that he is, I reckon that as long as he was heavily involved in the process, a musical would be fantastic. Music really heightens the emotions of anything for me, and there are SO many emotions you could play off in this film if he turned it into a musical. I’m dreaming about the haunting melodies right now…. (*PLEASE* hurry up with this GdT!!!!)