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To Boldly Go

That Time Neil DeGrasse Tyson Expressed His Love For Star Trek’s Enterprise In A Surprise Appearance At Comic-Con

Lots of things happened at Comic-Con last weekend, most of which you’ll probably never see or hear about. The big announcements are splashed all over the internet while the little amazing things slip through the cracks. But if you’re there to witness one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments in person, your joy will know no bounds. That must have been what it was like for the audience of the annual Starship Smackdown panel in which Thor and X-Men: First Class co-writer Ashley Edward MillerLegend of the Seeker producer Kay ReindlStar Wars: Clone Wars writer Steve Melching, Free Enterprise producer Robert Meyer BurnettGeek Magazine editor Jeff Bond, and artist Chris Gossett joined to decide which sci-fi spaceship is the best in a bracket competition. Except they couldn’t. So they asked the audience for help. And Neil DeGrasse Tyson gave his expert astrophysicist (read: fan) opinion. Watch and be awed.

(via Seriocity)

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  • Captain ZADL

    Once again, Neil DeGrasse Tyson expresses my love for something in a way that I’d not been able to succinctly articulate. 

    I’ve been arguing that same damn point for years. 

  • Travis Kyle Fischer

    Aww man, I wish I would have been there. I just about flipped when he showed up in The Nerdist panel on Saturday.

  • Amphigorey

    <3 !

  • Sarah Nicolas

    He’s incredible. Everything he does and says is just so smart!

  • Mark Wyman

    Pffft!  No respect for the planet killer.  Pluto Lives!

  • Medda

    But you heard about what happened to Pluto? That’s messed up right?

    Nah, I agree. :)