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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Not a Misprint

There Will Be A Bake Sale To Benefit NASA This Weekend. Yes, Really.

NASA, we knew things were tough but we had no idea it was this tough.  This Saturday, there will be a bake sale held to raise money for space programs. There may also be a car wash in the near future. Why has NASA resorted to the tactics of middle school PTA members? To make a point. 

“Scientists are trading telescopes for aprons this week to sell Milky Way cupcakes, Saturn cake, and chocolate chip Opportunity cookies in an effort to salvage U.S. planetary science projects,” according to the report. But they aren’t hoping to make enough money with the sale of delectable treats to fund their research programs, they’re hoping to get the word out that they are in dire need for more money.

“The 2013 budget proposal submitted by the Obama administration earlier this year would cut funding for NASA‘s planetary science projects by about $300 million,” But the papers aren’t signed just yet so scientists are going to hold a series of demonstrations that include bakes sales and car washes while Congress is still working on the federal budget.

On Saturday, the “Planetary Exploration Car Wash and Bake Sale” will  be held by University of Central Florida students and professors but there will be at least 20 other demonstrations around the U.S.

“We’re not asking for more of the pie, we’re asking for less of a bite out of the pie,” said Laura Seward, a graduate student at the university who organized the event, in a statement. “A strong robotic planetary exploration program is essential for a strong human planetary exploration program.”

SETI will also be getting in on the action. ”The nation risks the loss of a generation of upcoming, talented engineers and researchers whose careers are centered on the exploration of our solar system in the quest for life beyond Earth,” said astronomer Jill Tarter, the outgoing director of the Center for SETI Research (Who you may remember recently assured us aliens do not want to eat us).

NASA still has ongoing planetary science missions but scientists worry that any future projects will be seriously hindered by the cuts.

“This is being done to attract media attention and to help focus Congress on repairing the damage of the deep cuts planned to NASA’s planetary science program,” said Alan Stern, the institute’s associate vice president for research and development. “It’s important these cuts be repaired to maintain U.S. leadership in this area of science, to prevent mission cuts, and to prevent student and research job losses.”

(via LiveScience, image via Carrie’s Confections)

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  • Rusty Patti

    There was an old anti-war poster that said something along the lines of
     ”I can’t wait for the day that our day care center has all the money it needs and the Navy has to hold a bake sale to buy a Destroyer.”

    Bring home all the troops and give the money to NASA and education and healthcare and let the military hold bake sales for future wars on foreign soil.

  • Jeff Dabulis

    As long as it isn’t funded by taxes, it’s cool (i.e. constitutional) with me.  I like cupcakes.

  • Anonymous

    Erm, let’s hope these people aren’t baking and selling on the clock- me thinks that could contribute greatly to their budget issues.

  • Anonymous

    It’s sad that in times of (financial) crisis that the sciences are the first thing to feel the budget cut axe.

  • Anna B

    For some weird reason, I first read that as NASCAR. And then I saw the cupcakes and STILL wondered why they had planets on the cupcakes.

    I blame it on exhaustion… or DENIAL that NASA is in dire need of funding.

    I can’t believe NASA is scrambling for funds.  :(  Maybe that Virgin Records guy can just stop wasting his own money on his silly efforts and just donate it to NASA. I’d give my money, but I’m afraid I can’t give much. 

  • Anonymous

    Next – NASA Kickstarter

  • Riviera

    Yep, science and the arts. :(

  • Mindy Guinn

    I’d love to buy a NASA cupcake! Where do I sign up?

  • Bracken Markins

    I can help. I make a pretty good Mt Dew cake. 

  • Null

    NASA *is* military. Astronauts are military personnel. One of the big reasons nations fund space exploration is to keep other nations from getting a new platform to attack them on–we went to the moon because the Russians sent Sputnik into orbit. If they could send up a satellite, they could send up a missile…

  • Eva Marie Heater

     That’s actually a fantastic idea!!!

  • Vicky Maloy

    Wait, we are still funding the arts?  

  • Anonymous

    Well, there are science Kickstarters – or

  • Rusty Patti

    All astronauts so far have been either military or scientists but NASA itself is not part of the DOD. It is a separate agency in charge of civilian space exploration. And they are currently accepting applications for civilians

  • literatewench

    I want to know where the nearest bake sale is – I’d buy those cupcakes! 

  • Anonymous

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