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Allow us to explain.

This is just like magic!

Infamously Bad Harry Potter Fanfic My Immortal Gets Web Series

There’s plenty of good fanfic out there, and like anything else, there’s plenty of bad. But some stories become famous. Well, infamous. Whispered through the Harry Potter fandom and beyond as the worst fanfic ever written: and now, it’s getting a webseries.

That’s right, My Immortal is getting a webseries.

Faithful to the spelling errors, plot holes, gothy clothes, hyperbolic characters, and an incredibly OOC Harry Potter universe, the webseries captures the best-worst aspects of its source material and puts them all on display. From the heroines inability to pronounce her own name, Hagrid’s satanic faith, and non-dancing goths, it’s all here.

The first three episodes are already out, check under the cut to see the literary carnage.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

(via The Daily Dot)

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  • Starman


  • Sara

    this makes me more excited then it should be

  • Anonymous

    From the trailer it almost looks like the fanfic was poking fun at the conventions of HH stories and other assorted stuff, or maybe the webseries just makes it look that way.

  • Anonymous

    The sign all right…for going outta business.

  • Suzanne Larsen

    This has made my day!

  • Matt Graham

    Is the author getting something out of this? It’s a brave new era.

  • Nat

    IIRC, no one actually knows who the author is any more or if it was satire or seriously written. Some say they do know who she is but I don’t think anyone has been proven to be the author.

  • Nat

    I definitely recommend reading up on the fandom lore about the series: no one is really quite sure if it was satire or not. It was posted in the early 2000s although it had been taken down so no one is quite sure when it was actually posted.

  • Anonymous

    this is just too funny. “Enoby. I think it’s Celtic.” Three cheers for fan fic web series!

  • dorothy_notgale

    WATCHING NOW (or at least, when I get home form work). I reread “My Immortal” whenever I need a pick-me-up, not even kidding. It is the best badfic out there.

  • Matt Graham

    Thanks for the information! I only knew of this story because a friend was addicted to TVTropes and shared it.

  • Michelle Browne

    I enjoyed this more than was healthy.

  • Ms. A

    I really hope that the fanfic was satire, because the author’s notes really bummed me out. She seemed so sad, and if it was genuine, she was clearly projecting her depression/deep dark feelings onto her character.

  • Aundrea Singer

    I’d heard of this–who in fandom hasn’t?–but I’d never actually read any of it. It’s been re-posted on, so I was able to read the first paragraph.

    It’s got to be a parody of Mary-Sue tropes in Harry Potter fanfic.There is no way that could have been written with any serious intent. It’s just too terrible and insane.

  • Lindsey Gattman

    I can’t even make it through the first episode without laughing my ass off!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to watch these.

    Looks more promising than the worst Twilight fan fic ever which got edited, published, and it now one of the top selling trilogies of all time….

  • Nat

    I definitely recommend looking up the fandomlore articles :)

  • Nat

    That’s been my consideration but it came out early enough in fandom that even though you started having a lot of those tropes, they weren’t as pervasive into the general psyche. I do have to say Harry Potter and Supernatural fandom have both made me terrified to ever write a[n original] female character into fan fiction because everyone’s become so jaded and hateful of all female characters.

  • thegrumpygirl

    Or are we just convincing ourselves that it isn’t serious so we can sleep at night? ;)

  • Anonymous

    One too many of these disturbing Mary-Sue-Fanfics stopped me from reading any more, so at that time I didn’t stumble across “my immortal” but now that I read it today, I kind of wish I did :D
    I would like to know if I’d have taken it seriously or as a parody.
    Based on the music references (Helena from My Chemical Romance) I would place the fanfic around 2004/5… So there have been many Mary-Sues before :)

  • Nat

    Oh there certainly have been but I still feel like the whole OFC stigma still hadn’t quite taken it’s hold as it has now. Like I wrote a teen wolf fic with a female character just to sort of stretch my legs a bit and I wanted to share because I liked the story but the realization that no matter how good the story, even if there’s a prominent OFC involved, grab your pitchforks (ah fandom how I love and loathe thee)

  • Nat

    Honestly it’s just so hard to tell but it’s silly enough that I could see someone just writing it to have fun, not actively parody tropes. Much of it does sound like some younger girls I used to play with in my youth and what they would write/how they would write.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a name for this kind of super-powered, cooler-than-everyone-else self insert character.

    I can’t think of it right now, though.