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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And That's Terrible

Rick Moranis Talks About Ghostbusters 3, Hates On Ghostbusters 2

“I haven’t talked to [Dan Aykroyd] about it. Somebody he’s associated with called me and I said, ‘I wouldn’t not do it, but it’s got to be good.’ You know, I’m not interested in doing anything I’ve already done, and I thought the second one was a disappointment. But I guess I’m interested in where that guy is now. I sort of see him as being Bernie Madoff’s cellmate in jail. Both of them being so orderly that they race to get up and make their beds.” – Actor Rick Moranis speaking exclusively with Empire Magazine about Ghostbusters 3 from his perspective.

The comedic actor has actually been retired from the life for quite a while but recently released a musical comedy album. Not too long ago, we had what seems like the most concrete Ghostbusters 3 news yet from Aykroyd. “We need four new ghostbusters,” he said. “It’s based upon new research that’s being done in particle physics by the young men and women at Columbia University.”

For the record, I’m not the only one who loves Ghostbusters 2, right?

(via Empire Magazine)

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  • Jose Ayala

    Ghostbusters 2 was awesome. It’s just gets a bad rep because you have to compare it to Ghostbusters 1. But really if you compare anything to Ghostbusters 1 everything sucks. Avatar sucks compared to Ghostbusters.

  • Mark Wolf

    Love the sensationalistic headline… “Hates on GB 2.” I think calling something a disappointment is a far fetch from hating…

  • Aeryl

    Ghostbusters 2 ruled.

  • Tom Hodges

    Too hot to handle, too cold to hold, they’re called the Ghostbusters and in they’re in control…

  • Jill Pantozzi

    “Hates on” does not equal “hates.”

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Ghostbusters 2 suffers from Die Hard 2 syndrome. Take it on its own, its fine, but it worked so hard to hit the same beats as the first one, and it suffered for it.

    The things that actually worked? Are the stuff that’s fully its own. It could have been a hell of a lot better with just a little bit of work.

    Superman Returns also had this problem.

  • Adron Buske

    As a kid, I actually liked Ghostbusters 2 better, perhaps because I saw it in the theater first (an experience I didn’t get with the first one). And I owe it my love of Jackie Wilson and “Higher & Higher”.

    Full disclosure, I haven’t watched either film in a decade, out of fear of ruining my childhood. Already lost Goonies…

  • Anonymous

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    As a kid, I actually liked Ghostbusters 2 better, perhaps because I
    saw it in the theater first (an experience I didn’t get with the first
    one). And I owe it my love of Jackie Wilson and “Higher & Higher”.

  • Dana Marie Vittum

    No. I liked them both.

  • Anonymous

    I find this Article VERY Interesting. mainly because, I’m shocked Rick Moranis is still alive

  • Anonymous

    And he didn’t do either one.

  • protoformX

    Bah, those that don’t love 2 just don’t know what good stuff is. Really for the most part, I think 2 is the best comedy sequel I’ve ever seen. I may be biased… I love everything Ghostbusters I can get my hands on… except perhaps the seasons of The Real Ghostbusters that are about Slimer, and less about the aforementioned busters o’ ghosts. I will also accept Xtreme Ghostbusters, based solely on the two episodes I saw years ago.

  • Tiffany Gholar

    I love Ghostbusters 2! At its core, it’s really the story of a good statue versus an evil painting. I plan to show it at my art studio in October for Halloween.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Agree to disagree.

  • Anonymous

    Had ‘em throwing parties for a bunch of children – when all the while the slime was under the building!

  • Mariah Huehner

    Nah, G2 has some of the best lines in the series. “That was great, Lewis, brief but pointless.” , Also, Yanosh???? Best character ever. Both movies are about a bunch of academics who come up with ghost hunting because they don’t want real jobs. And the 2nd one has mood slime. They’re fantastic.

  • DarthBetty

    “We need four new ghostbusters,”
    FEMALE GHOSTBUSTERS. My dreams….will be complete please.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a lot of great stuff in Ghostbusters 2. The dialogue is still snappy and fun, the “mood slime” is an awesome is somewhat unexplained plot device, the Statue of Liberty, while an obvious attempt to recreate the Marshmallow Man sequence is still one of my favorite moments from any movie….Also Janine Melnitz (Rowr!)

    My only real problem with it is the ending. Vigo pops out of the painting, gets slimed a bit and poofs away back to the abyss.
    Pretty weak.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    That scene chokes me up a little. I refuse to be ashamed.