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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Marvel’s XX Teaser Revealed To Be Relaunched X-Men Title With Female Cast

Last week, Marvel revealed a teaser for a new title from Brian Wood and  Olivier Coipel. We surmised it was going to be a title with X-Men characters, specifically women, because of the double helix and XX logo. We had assumed this was going to be a completely new title and while we were partly right on that we’re happy to say we were also partly wrong. Wood and Coipel’s new title is not a “new” title but the relaunched Marvel Now X-Men series starring Jubilee, Storm, Rogue, Kitty Pryde, Rachel Grey and Psylocke. 

Marvel broke the news with USA Today in an interview with the creative team.

“Marvel takes a look at its spectrum of X-Men books and fills needs. This is the book that is like a traditional X-Men book,” said Wood. Except it’s not because the X-Men title has never featured an entirely female cast before. While Wood was already on the adjectiveless X-Men, this series is part of the Marvel Now! initiative of relaunched titles. It will begin in April with issue number one.

Wood told USA Today:

“I feel like as far as the X-Men go, the women are the X-Men,” Wood explains. “Cyclops and Wolverine are big names, but taken as a whole, the women kind of rule the franchise.

“If you look at the entire world as a whole, it’s the females that really dominate and are the most interesting and cool to look at. When you have a great artist drawing them, they look so amazing and always have.”

They go on to explain part of what the plot for the new series will be but I won’t spoil it here. Editor Jeanine Schaefer is helping Wood juggle the cast and says he’s “never met a bigger X-men fan than her.” Though Jubilee is set to be the starring player he said, “I don’t want to make it the ‘Jubilee and friends book.’ They’re all A-list characters — I’ve got to make them all shine.”

He also made sure to point out there would be romance in the book but ”in the classic X-men way — the way it used to be.” He’s hoping to challenge the double standard that exists when it comes to female characters’ sex lives. ”We’re just going to do it. We’re not going to worry about that,” said Wood. “If Kitty or Rogue has basic human bodily urges, tough luck (to those opposed). To me, that’s as much of the X-Men as anything else.”

So what do you think of the line-up? Wood mentioned he also wanted Emma Frost involved but that Marvel said she was “busy.” Personally, I think it’s a major league group and can’t wait to pick it up.

(via USA Today)

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  • Chaka ♥



  • Cady

    So stoked.

  • DJRM

    I just have one question… is Jubilee still a vampire? Because if she is still a vampire I am not going to read this. Which is too bad because I would really like to read a title like this. But I refuse to pick up any X-title as long as Jubilee is still a god damn vampire.

  • Burritomadness

    :D X-Ladies yaaay

  • Joy P

    Yeah that pretty much sealed the deal for me too lol I will definitely be picking up #1 come April

  • Bri H

    I’m so excited for this. Jubilee is my favorite character, and she was pretty underused in her last run on X-men. I’m glad to see her being used more prominently in a book with such a great line up.

    Also, I agree with Chaka – Mohawk Storm.

  • Anonymous

    And two of the women are women of color as well!

  • Cephalodude

    Mohawk Storm.
    Drawn by Coipel.

  • Cephalodude

    Am I the only one that is loving this more voluminous, deathrock-y mohawk on her?

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Brian Wood said on Twitter yes, she is.

  • Seth Alan Squires

    They are wearing clothes! AMAZING!

  • Ceci Saia

    April can’t come soon enough!!!

  • Mikael

    Can’t help thinking if this was any other publisher than Marvel, the article would include “Why is it being called X-MEN?”. And if it was any other writer than Wood: “Why turn them into hornballs?!”

  • Not So Young Democrat

    Why do we have to wait for April for this? I haven’t read anything by Wood but this book could get me back into the X-franchise. Kitty has long been one of my top favorite Xmen characters and the whole thing seems to be giving off a very late 80s-early 90s Chris Claremont- Marc Silvestri vibe. Maybe it’s just Storm with a mohawk again.

    Although, not to rain on the parade or anything but it does say something that all of these characters except for Rachel Grey were either created or popularized by one writer (Len Wein created Storm but Claremont wrote her for twenty years and created much of her backstory and personality)

  • Anonymous

    His Ultimate X-Men run has been very good and he does a good job writing Storm, Kitty, and Armor.

  • Chaka ♥

    nope. I’m OBSESSED.

  • The Gaf

    But why not written/drawn by a female or female team? I’d rather read a new perspective on it written by people who are actually XX.

  • The Gaf

    I mean, look at Psylocke up there focusing your attention on her lady-bits with a bit of limberness and sword-positioning. Imagine Hawkeye sitting like that.

  • Nelly Dreadful

    Three, sort of? Or two and a half? Never sure how or if to count the uncomfortable weirdness that is Psylocke. But if you DO count her, then fully half of that team is WoC!

  • ACF

    I’m very excited for this cast, especially to see Jubilee returning to the limelight, and Kitty getting a chance to be something besides headmistress again. As for Wood, he’s been doing a fantastic job with Ultimate X-men. I feel like his run on X-men alternated between incredible and mediocre. Still, really looking forward to this.

  • Willow

    Seriously? That’s how every guy ever sits. Especially on the subway when I want to sit down.

  • ACF

    Maybe my imagination just isn’t strong enough, but that pose seems pretty natural to me.

  • ACF

    Haha, she totally looks like she should be wearing a shit-ton of Axe and have her hair really gelled.

  • TKS


  • Anonymous

    Brian Wood is (or is close to being) an A-List Comic book writer. His work is critically acclaimed, he has fans that will follow him onto whatever book he writes and has a history of writing female characters really well.

    The decision Marvel made with this creative team says to me that they are giving this book every chance to be a commercial success. I’ve heard Jeanine Shaefer talk on a podcast in the past about how Marvel has to approach launching female led comic books in the right way in order to sell. Its her involvement as well as Brian Wood’s that sells me on this one.

  • Anonymous

    *sigh* It’s not the same without Emma… *kicks dirt on his shoes* :(

  • Hailey Snover

    This looks great, note to the creators, the use of the XX chromosomes and DNA helix (Implying only women have xx chromosomes, and that all women have xx chromosomes) is really transphobic and transmisogynystic. Please contact the writers to rethink this approach/symbol/name. Please support the trans community and trans women to end this sort of false equivilency between chromosomes and gender.

  • Anonymous

    With luck the XX thing was just for the teaser and not actually part of the book. But yeah, point taken.

  • Hailey Snover

    If cissexism and transmisogyny bother you tweet @brianwood about it; #notallxx

  • Hailey Snover

    Not all women have XX chromosomes and not all XX chromosomal folk are women. If you want to help tweet @brianwood and @marvel that the promo is transmisogynystic; #notallxx

  • Willow

    yeah. I feel like if it was a male character it would be viewed as a commanding/power pose, not a sexualized one. YMMV.

  • The Gaf

    sorry- you are right about the XX- I just used it, bc that was the teaser for the series. No disrespect meant.

    And see? the fact that they used it, shows some lack of knowledge….

  • The Gaf

    Fair enough. But look at all the poses then, if struck by men…

  • The Gaf

    “a commercial success.”

    Yes, b/c women writers and artists can’t deliver that.

  • Canisa

    And their anatomy actually works! Yaaay!

  • Ben Lundy

    Stellar writer and artist, all-female cast, not wearing strings for costumes and a promise from the writer that they will be treated as equals of men. Basically a dream scenario for any advocate of female characters in comics. It’s official– if this doesn’t satisfy you, nothing will.

  • Amandine Bouthillier

    Makes me giggle that the writers are men

  • Anonymous

    Well Psylocke may have dislocated her hip but otherwise the presence of ACTUAL CLOTHING and plausible anatomy is promising! :3 (I suppose more varied body shapes would be nice but this is still a massive improvement on most comics impressions of female heroes so hopefully it should be a pleasure to look at as well as to read!)

  • Anonymous

    …I probably have a lot of catch up reading to do before I can read this! I’ve not read any ‘Jubilee as vampire’ since her actual turning and my knowledge of Rachel Grey is pretty much limited to ‘alternate dimension daughter of Jean and Scott with Jeans Pheonix powers and an attitude?’ Also know shamefully little about Psylocke! Her costumes always put me off! Does Kitty still have a little purple dragon for a pet? :s

  • Anonymous

    I wish this was using more obscure characters like Frenzy instead of those that already have titles, though maybe I won’t mind since I’m not reading all of their titles anyway.
    Jubilee needs to stop wearing black. It doesn’t suit her even when she is a vampire. Hopefully she’ll have her plasma powers back.
    I’m disappointed for a few reasons that this is just going to be called X-Men:
    1. In my mind, the core X-books should always be named Uncanny X-Men & X-Men. For some reason, X-Men has become an auxillary title in recent years. With all the other X-NOW! releases, I doubt Marvel is going to effectively promote this as one of the core X-books that everybody needs to be reading. Why waste such an important title on a book that’s going to be neglected? I generally refer to mutants in general as “X-Men” but this is confusing now that there are fringe titles wiith the same name. Give it its own unique adjective.
    2. I’d prefer it if it was called something like X-Women. I understand that women are among the best X-Men characters, but this is a team solely of women rather than being a mixed team with pivotal feamle characters. They don’t need to use the traditional name with its patriarchal connotation. (X-People would be more accurate, but that’s got no zing to it.) It’s sort of trendy for women to use male titles even when specific feminie ones exist (like calling female thespians actors rather than actresses), but it’s more progressive to acknowledge & proud of being uniquely female rather than trying to squeeze under the male umbrella. From a trademark standpoint, it’s crazy that Marvel hasn’t used X-Women yet. By not using X-Women or X-Ladies, it seems like Marvel doesn’t have faith in a female mutant team & just picked the vaguest title so they wouldn’t have to change it when they switch the concept.

  • Anonymous

    Never said they couldn’t. But of the female creators who’s name alone could draw fans to a book, who would you like to see on it?

  • Cephalodude

    I’m assuming you haven’t looked at Newsarama’s Facebook page? The comments are a mess, littered with that exact same quote dozens of times as well as a bunch of losers misusing the word misandry.

  • The Gaf

    Seriously, Wood and Coipel aren’t “big draw” names. Succesfull etc, but come on.

    I don’t know about who is contracted to work at which company, but theres a million quality women who’ve done quality things!

    Artists: Fiona Staples- SAGA is amazing! Sara Pichelli- Ultimate Spider-Man! Nicola Scott- Secret Six! Emma Rios, Jessica Kholinne.

    Writers: Marjorie Liu, Marjorie Liu and Marjorie Liu – X-23. Kelly Sue DeConnick- Captain Marvel. Or Grace Randolph- Superbia looks good.. , and Gail of course but shes so DC.

    Thats just the tip.

  • Lady Viridis

    Woah, they’re all wearing pretty sensible clothing! And they’re posed… pretty reasonably!

    This looks like it’s at least worth a shot, even if usually I prefer the Marvel movie verse to its comics verse. I will have to check it out.

  • Laura Truxillo

    I’d rather read…well, I just want to read a good book. This looks like a good book.

    I know the “hire who’s best for the job” thing always sounds corny as hell (and sounded super phony when DC used it a few years back), but there is some bearing in reality. There’s a certain alchemy to finding the right artist/writer at the right time for the right book and getting the stars all aligned in a certain way.

    If it’s a good book with awesome ladies, I don’t really care who’s writing it.

  • Laura Truxillo

    Pretty sure the first three artists you listed are busy doing things. Sue DeConnick’s got two things right now. I know you said “just the tip” but still. Just because you can name really excellent lady creators doesn’t mean they were a)available and b) wanted this project right now, even if they were approached.

  • Katie

    I understand the wish that they used a female team, that was my first thought too. But look at it this way, Marvel is supporting the book. Coipel is a great artist and while there are a few female writers out there with mad skill, they don’t have the following that Wood does. Kelly Sue is working on Captain Marvel, Avengers Assemble, Ghost, and one or two other creator owned stories. I don’t know what the other two are doing or if Marvel approached any female teams. But I do appreciate the fact that Marvel is putting an A team on this title.

  • Laura Truxillo

    “Why waste such an important title on a book that’s going to be neglected?”

    Well. That’s a pretty pessimistic view. I agree with you on this, though: “the core X-books should always be named Uncanny X-Men & X-Men.”

    That’s why I think it’s pretty freaking AWESOME that the title of this book is “X-MEN.” Because X-MEN is…well, it’s THE title, y’know. It’s the big one, it’s the one people thing about. And I’m THRILLED that they didn’t decide to call it “X-WOMEN.”

    Know why?

    Because then it becomes “that lady superhero book.” “Y’know, like X-men, but for/with chicks.” It becomes “other.” “X-men-lite” even in name. The team is, and always has been called “X-men.” There are a handful of off-shoots, factors and generations and forces, but the core team is “X-MEN.” Keeping the title says that in their minds, this is the real deal. It isn’t “Marvel Divas” or “Gotham City Sirens.” It’s not immediately saying “this is a girl’s book.” It’s a superhero book, and right now, the superheroes in it are women. Heck, I don’t even mind the idea that at some point they might “switch the concept” and add in some male characters as well. Fine, that’s dandy too. For an X-title, there’s really no reason it needs to be all one gender or another.

    “but it’s more progressive to acknowledge & proud of being uniquely
    female rather than trying to squeeze under the male umbrella”

    And don’t tell me how to be “more progressive and proud.” There’s no wrong way to be a lady or to be proud of being that. So…yeah. I like the idea that the ladies get to play in the same-titled club here, instead of having to go off and make their own.

  • Anonymous

    It still seems sexist to me that women are only taken seriously when they’re presented as honorary men or androgenous. You hardly ever see men of staure insisting that they be publically adressed in feminine terms. Why haven’t we gotten to the point where we recognize that both men & women are different but neither is inherently superior?
    I’m sure that Marvel will promote it, but not to the degree of being the flagship book that I (& probably most people who aren’t up to date on all the new & fluctating titles) associate with the adjectiveless title. It seems like Uncanny Avengers, All-New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, and Wolverine & the X-Men are the important titles they want everyone to buy.

  • The Gaf

    ok- but that was the question- who would you want. I don’t know who was available or approached, I’m just saying.

    Its really bizarro world that I have to mansplain the value of female creators on a book whose characters are exclusively women.

    Huh. Who knew? Ill stop now.

  • Zharre

    The only odd thing about her pose (to me) is how far her legs are spread apart. The basic pose (legs split in a V), is absolutely and completely fine and natural, it’s just they drew her ‘V’ pose wider than what I would consider natural/comfortable. Of course, I’m not insanely limber, and so I wouldn’t consider sitting with my knees so far apart to be comfortable, so there’s that.

  • Ashe P. Samuels

    Pretty sure there’s always room for improvement, no matter what. This comic looks like it’s going to be amazing, yes, but your last sentence is a problem.

  • Laura Truxillo

    I’m looking, and the only two that would look a wee bit silly on a guy would be Storm and Rogue. And even then, they just have a bit of flirty contrapposto, not contorted, oversexualized spines.

  • Laura Truxillo

    Fair enough, I suppose. I guess it’s just that the idea of making them a different team with a different name just reminds me of back in the day when Dwayne McDuffie made the Justice League a little less vanilla than it usually was, and some people were like, “well hell, just make an all black League as well, because having the team be have not-white is weird!”

    There are lady superhero team books out there, but I’d just like to see the occasional one where the point isn’t “lady superheroes.” Just “this team.”

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a really quick rundown:

    Jubilee: After she got turned, she receives blood transfusions from Wolverine that help control her bloodlust. But realizing she needs independence, she joins Storm’s team (in adjectiveless X-Men), where she encounters a group of centuries old heroic vampires, The Forsaken, who have learned to control their hunger. Seeing her heroics, they take her in and she learns self-control.

    Rachel Grey: Rachel has the power to controls the Phoenix Force for a long time, joins Excalibur, is eventually accepted by Jean Grey as her future daughter, then travels into the future saving/protecting her half-brother Cable. As an old woman in the future, she becomes the spiritual leader, Mother Askani, of an anti-Apocalypse group. After defeating Apocalypse in the present, Cable goes into the future to bring Rachel back. Because Apocalypse died in the present, the timeline where Rachel becomes Mother Askani has changed and she has lost her Phoenix powers. She uses what she has left to bring them back to the present, then becomes a college student. She then rejoins the X-Men, and is disgusted when Scott begins a relationship with Emma, causing tensions between all three. She chooses to become Rachel Grey instead of Summers because of this. Emma and Scott intorduce her to Jean’s family, which eases some of those tensions, but then Shi’ar death commandos come and wipe out all of Jean Grey’s family members because of their genetic connection to Jean as the Phoenix host. They try to kill her, too, but fail, leaving her with a massive grudge. She then joins a space team of X-Men who fight against the Shi’ar, and during that time, she meets a Shi’ar rebel named Korvus who wields a sword containing an echo of the Phoenix Force. She reveals that she’s been wielding a mere echo of the Phoenix Force for a long time as well. They fall in love. When Hope Summers is born, Rachel loses the echo of the Phoenix and the X-Men manage to bring Rachel’s team back to Earth. Korvus hates Earth, so they part ways. She joins Wolverine at his new school, but fights against the Avengers during the Avengers vs. X-Men event. Despite everyone talking about how dangerous the Phoenix Force is, everyone basically ignores the fact that she controlled the Phoenix for years without incident, because Marvel sucks at caring abou their major continuity. But when Scott’s team of Phoenix-possessed X-Men become evil, she and the rest of the X-Men switch sides and defeat him, Emma, Colossus, Magik, and Namor. Now she’s back at Wolverine’s school.

    Psylocke: Psylocke started as a white British woman, the sister of superhero Captain Britain. She is a mutant with telepathic abilities. Her other older brother, Jamie, is also a mutant who can manipulate reality. She joins the X-Men after saving them from Sabertooth during a crisis situation. Her energy signature has a distinct butterfly pattern when she uses her powers. Lacking a physical power, she wore a lot of body armor. During a mission where there was no safe way out, Psylocke’s team of X-Men escape through a magic portal that wipes people’s memories and scatters them. Washing up on the shores of China, she is mystically mind switched with the braindead Kwannon, the ninja girlfriend of the leader of the assassin clan The Handr, in an effort to use Psylocke’s body to revive Kwannon. Betsy’s mind is placed in Kwannon’s body, where she is brainwashed into becoming their head assassin. She gains a ton of ninja/combat training and uses her psychic powers to create a “psychic knife”, which does mental damage when she uses it. Wolverine and Jubilee encounter her and restart her memory of who she is. She rejoins the X-Men. Then Kwannon (in Psylocke’s original body) appears, causing some confusion. They elarn that Kwannon and Psylocke’s genetic were mixed during the transfer, giving Kwannon some of Psylocke’s original powers and personality and vice versa. Kwannon later dies from the Legacy Virus and all of Psylocke’s original memories are restored to her and her powers, which were divided between her and Kwannon are returned. Since Kwannon is dead, Psylocke is left with her Asian body, hence becoming the quasi-British/Chinese ninja assassin she is today. She later falls in love with Archangel, gains some more badass ninja skills, a bathing suit costume which follows her X-Men career forever, and she burns out her telepathy keeping the villainous telepathic Shadow King trapped on the psychic plane. Jean Grey tries to help her restart her telepathy, but it accidentally causes them to switch powers and Jean becomes super telepathic and Psylocke becomes telekinetic. She learns to create telekinetic katanas to fight. She gets killed, is somehow returned to life, then joins the dimension hopping Exiles. She pops up later, a prisoner of the Sisterhood of Evil Mutants, who experiment on her by reviving her original body and switching Psylocke back into it. She manages to switch herself back to her Asian body and finds that she now has her original telepathy back and her current telekinesis. She joins Wolverine’s secret team of black ops X-Men, whose job it is to basically assassinate threats to the X-Men and world at large. In trying to fight a revived Apocalypse, Archangel becomes possessed and wipes out an entire town. Psylocke is forced to completely mindwipe him, leaving him in a child-like mindset. Her team is forced to conceal the truth about the town, which happened because of their failure.

    Kitty Pryde: After the X-Men, Kitty goes to Japan, where she is possessed by a demon ninja, Ogun, which imbues her with centuries of ninja training, and gives her a slightly darker personality. She defeats him, and adopts the more mature codename Shadowcat. She then joins Excalibur and joins SHIELD for a time. Excalibur disbands and Kitty rejoins the X-Men. She and Colossus finally fall in love. Kitty visits the mutant island country, Genosha. She becomes more rebellious, cutting her hair and using a pair of Wolverine’s old bone claws as weapons. Colossus dies after releasing the cure for the Legacy Virus and Kitty spreads his ashes and leaves the X-Men, going to college to have a normal life. When the villainous evil “twin” of Professor X, Cassandra Nova, uses Sentinels to wipe out everyone on Genosha, Kitty’s father is killed. Kitty rejoins the X-Men in Astonishing X-Men, as part of the schools’ faculty, alongside Emma Frost, which causes strong tensions between them. The team learns that Emma is possessed by Cassandra Nova and that Emma, knowing this, had Kitty recruited because she knew Kitty would not trust her and would kill her if necessary. Cassandra is defeated and Kitty doesn’t have to kill her. Kitty discovers Colossus alive on an alien ship that attacks the X-Men, learning that Colossus’s body was not cremated, but replaced and revived by the aliens, who experimented on him to create a mutant cure. The aliens had prophetic visions that a mutant would destroy their homeplanet, so they created a cure to eliminate mutants on Earth. Colossus and Kitty pick up their relationship. With the help of the organization SWORD (the interplanetary version of SHIELD), the team journeys to the hellish alien homeworld, where they learn the prophecy was a hoax created as a front for a suicidal resistance group to destroy the planet themselves. Kitty learns that Lockheed, her purple dragon, is actually part of a highly intelligent alien species who has been spying on her and the X-Men for SWORD. Kitty is shocked. The planet is made of materials difficult for Kitty to phase through, yet she still investigates a giant missile they have pointed at earth with great difficulty. The rebels fire the missile–actually a planetary sized bullet made of unknown metal–at the Earth, with Kitty trapped inside. With the X-Men trying to save her and no way to stop the bullet, Emma and Kitty telepathically resolve their issues and Kitty makes a herculean effort to phase the giant bullet through the Earth. It causes her to fuse with the bullet, which speeds into the depths of space. The X-Men and Avengers consider her lost for dead, either through eventual collision with a space object or dehydration/starvation in space. Magneto, however, later uses his powers to seek out the bullet and pull it from space, destroying it and releasing Kitty from inside. Kitty rejoins the X-Men, reconciles with Lockheed, but ends up going to Wolverine’s school to become its headmistress. She breaks up with Colossus after he turns evil from the Phoenix Force, and begins a weird relationship with Iceman.


  • Anonymous

    It’s not that I don’t like female comic book creators but you have to take into account who is available.

    And side note: I’m quite concerned that female comic book talent get limited to working on female led books only. Which isn’t a limitation put on male comic book writers. So yeah, lets keep Kelly Sue Deconnick on Avengers Assemble and Sara Pichelli on Ultimate Spider-Man.

  • cweb

    Ah, Rachel’s back! My favourite female X-Men characters all in one book. Sounds interesting. If only we’d have John Romita Jr or Alan Davis on this one. That would be even better.

  • Sarah M

    I would love it if that was brought up in the book in the most random way:
    Rachel Grey: Hey Jubilee, are you still a vampire?
    Jubilee: Yep, pretty much.
    Rachel Grey: Okay, fair enough, we won’t get garlic bread with our lunch order.

  • Sarah M

    I like the line-up, so I might check this out.
    But why not just stick to calling it XX?

  • Steve O Gagne

    Oliver Coipel is awesome as are all these characters he will be drawing…this book is going to be the stuff of legend….and as far as the creative team goes, it should be based solely on who’s skills fit the look and feel of the book best…gender should not be a factor… I want this book now..right now…

  • Captain ZADL

    Wow. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to 1985.

  • Anonymous

    Super abbreviated (and yet, still ridiculously long), but there you go. Glad it was helpful!

  • Anonymous

    …woah! O_O Thanks! I remember reading the ‘Kitty flying off into space in a giant bullet’ thing but never could find the one that followed up on that! I knew Psylockes was Captain Britain’s sister too but the rest of it is crazy crazy new information for me. Body swaps, instant ninja skills? Wow comic plots sound even more bizarre when explained rather than read, but then that’s why we love them. :p
    P.s: Legacy virus? (I’ve been reading comics for years now and I still can’t catch up on this stuff! No wonder DC and Marvel are both writing reboots with ‘new start’ continuity!)

    P.s (sorry, so many questions!) When did the mutants get their powers back?

  • Anonymous

    Legacy Virus: This was a story line around the 1990′s to early 2000′s. It was a quasi-metaphor for HIV/AIDS. It basically would infect mutants (humans were immune) and it would cause their powers to flare up on them and it would later kill them–usually from cancer or from immune deficiency. Colossus’ sister, Illyana (Magik) died from it as a young girl, which crushed him and caused him to leave the X-Men and join Magneto’s Acolytes. Professor X and Moira MacTaggert (as well as many other mutants) were working on a cure, but Moira was killed before she could complete it. Xavier retrieved her knowledge from her before she died and Beast created a cure. However, the cure could only be spread by being used on a mutant, who would die in the process, but whose death would cause it to spread naturally throughout the world. Beast needed more time to create a better version, but Colossus, not wanting any more mutants to die like his sister, used it on himself. (Then his body was cremated, but not really.) The Legacy Virus also resulted in mutants being quarantined on the island of Genosha, ruled by Magneto. When everyone was cured, Magneto suddenly had an army of healthy, powerful mutants at his disposal.

    Mutant Powers: I think you mean after the Scarlet Witch depowered almost all of them? If so, then no depowered mutants got their powers back (yet). Instead, the Scarlet Witch and Hope disperse the Phoenix back into the world, where its shards activate new people into mutants, which means bummer for all the old characters who lost their powers. That doesn’t mean, however, that Marvel won’t use it as an excuse to repower old mutants. There are a few de-powered mutants who got their powers back in other ways, though:

    – Professor X got his powers back while fighting the Shi’ar when he was thrown into the M’Kraan crystal. It apparently gave him even stronger mental powers than before.

    - Polaris got her powers back by insanely giving herself over to Apocalypse, who gave her pestilence powers (as his new Pestilence Horseman) and grafted some sort of biomech framework onto her that basically replicated her old magnetic powers. She later lost the pestilence powers.

    - This is also how Sunfire gets his powers back.

    - Feral and Thornn both got their powers back through unexplained comics magic.

    - Quicksilver got his powers back by exposing himself to the Inhumans’ Terrigen Mists, and it briefly gave him the ability to speed through time, but once the crystals are expelled from his body, he loses this ability and no one knows how he got his regular abilities back. He used the Terrigen Mists to repower other mutants, but the effects were usually fatal or gave them extreme versions of their old powers that they couldn’t handle.

    - Rictor got his powers back when the Young Avengers found the Scarlet Witch and helped her regain her memory in “Avengers: Children’s Crusade”. She tries to undo the spell she cast and Rictor volunteers to be her guinea pig. It works and he gets his powers back. However, the fighting between the X-Men and the Avengers over her fate causes her to flee to the arms of Dr. Doom (her lover during her amnesiac period) and it’s revealed that she has been using the Lifeforce, a ridiculous amount of magical energy, to do the things she did in House of M. She attempts to restore all mutants, but because of some errors during the ritual caused by Patriot, she loses the Lifeforce and it goes to Dr. Doom instead, who uses it for evil. Doom is defeated by everyone and loses the Lifeforce. Wanda is no longer in possession of the Lifeforce either, so no other mutants can be repowered in that way.

    - Magneto had the High Evolutionary experiment on him to give him back his powers. While doing so, he encountered the bullet with Kitty inside and made a note to revisit it again (which he does).

    - Stacy X somehow came back to life with her old powers again.

    - When Legion creates an alternate reality for the X-Men, Chamber is repowered and when reality turns back, he keeps his old powers. Magic!

  • totenallelgbt


  • TKS

    Crap. I’m not living through 90s comics again. Do you hear me? I’M NOT DOING IT!

  • Remki

    Does this mean people will finally stop laughing at me when I say that Jubilee has always been my favorite? :D This looks really cool!

  • Anonymous
  • Pete

    Wait? You mean female comic characters CAN actually wear an entire outfit? *gasp!* :P Also, nice to see Storm rockin’ the mohawk again!

  • Anonymous
  • Ashe P. Samuels

    And they’re front and center on the cover, too, not shoved in the back behind the white women.


  • Anonymous

    X-Men…written by DMZ’s Brian Wood…starring Jubilee…with an all-woman cast…

    Here’s my wallet.

  • Anonymous
  • FastEddieTX

    I thought Whedon had stuck Kitty Pryde in a giant space bullet to die…

  • Papallion Sunspell

    So, some of the strongest and most powerful women in comics, let’s show them with their legs spread open on the cover! As a chick I feel empowered and strong!

  • Charlie

    I really can’t wait for this. I love reading about female superheroes. :)

  • Anonymous
  • Alex Meyers

    I understand the need for sensitivity, but seriously? The XX was an easily understood shorthand way of telling us that this would be a series spotlighting female characters. What were they supposed the do?


    *We at marvel understand not all women have XX chromosomes and not all XX chromosomal folk are women.

    I think Brian Wood will do a great job. Yes, our comics and their creative teams should be more diverse. But giving Wood or Marvel a hard time when they are taking positive steps is a bit unfair. Why not focus on the more heinous comic offenders? Like why is Rob Liefield still employed?

  • Alex Meyers

    While I agree in principle that greater diversity is needed in the comic industry, I don’t think it is essential that a book starring female characters be produced by a female creative team. Similarly I wouldn’t say that a book about male characters needs to be written by a man.

  • Alex Meyers

    “Sup brah?”

  • Melodia E. McIntyre

    It’s not transphobic or transmisogynistic. It’s just a marketing logo and wordplay on “X-men”. Are any of the team trans or shown to have xy? If not, then the xx applies to them and therefore it is perfectly valid*. There is nothing in the logo that says “all women”.
    Do you have a better logo/idea/wordplay to suggest? Or how about asking them to include a transcharacter would be perhaps more productive than blasting their logo and not allowing them to name their work for fear of reprisal from all corners? Esp. when there seems to be no alternative suggestion for a name.
    I’m not saying don’t support trans, but I’m suggesting a different approach. I repeat: a better strategy might be asking to include a transgender character instead of yelling at them for their logo, when it’s really more about marketing wordplay than exclusion I think.

    *I’d like to note I am not familiar with all of the main characters’ backstories, so if one of them is trans and XY and is being labelled XX here, then this is a bit different.

  • Edcedc8

    this reminds me: didn’t rogue and colossus find out she could touch him in armoured form?
    I was glad to see kitty and piotr get together in astonishing, tho is that rogue/colossus tryst still a thing?

  • Edcedc8

    don’t you think if that happened you’d be complaining that it was a condescending patriarchal stunt?

  • Travis Fischer

    Cripes, talk about looking for something to complain about…

    Psylocke and Phoenix are in a normal, non-gender specific, “We don’t give a crap” pose. Storm is just standing straight. Shadowcat is in a standard “heroic” pose. Jubilee is pretending to be Spider-Man.

    The only pose even kind of feminine is Rogue’s.
    “Oh god! She’s got her hand on her hip! MARVEL IS SEXIST AND EVIL! RABBLE RABBLE!”

  • Anonymous

    When does it go on sale? That’s the only bit of news I cannot find!

  • BabeWoreRed

    OMFG this makes me want to buy comics again…like right now. I have such a huge soft spot for mohawk-ed Storm.