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The Creator Of Luther Is Going To Write For The 12th Doctor

Luther creator Neil Cross is returning to Doctor Who where he’ll get the chance to write for the newly cast Peter Capaldi.

Have you watched Luther? It’s an amazing show. Sometimes I find myself not being able to carry on with my day when I think about how good it is. And Idris Elba’s performance? Forget about it. But there I go getting distracted again.

The creator of that amazing show has worked on Doctor Who before – he wrote “The Rings of Akhaten” and “Hide” – and is officially set to return for Season 8. ”I am going back,” Cross told “I have got story ideas tucked away, but if I told you about them I would have to kill you. There’s a whole bunch of stuff I want to do. Steven [Moffat] is clearly very busy with the 50th anniversary special and Christmas special, but I have to find out from Steven what his intentions for the Doctor are and what sort of stories he wants me to write.”

Cross mentioned that while he’s excited to write for Capaldi, he’s sad he won’t be able to write for Matt Smith again, calling him, “the most outstanding Doctor to date.”

“I am familiar with Peter Capaldi’s work and I am looking forward to it. Peter has presence on the screen. I think he’s an outstanding choice,” said Cross. ”There’s something about his physicality, his image, his wit, that evokes the Doctor. There’s something about him that evokes classic Doctor Who.”

And does the New Zealand resident have any insight on whether or not we’ll actually get to watch an episode of Doctor Who filmed there by Peter Jackson (the possibility of which we’ve been documenting for some time)? ”Never say never,” he said.

(via Digital Spy)

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  • Gordon Borland

    I wouldn’t mind Neil Cross taking over as showrunner.

  • Melynda

    Yeah, Luther is a fantastic show… But The Rings of Akhaten and Hide were just blah.

  • hh

    I didn’t mind “Rings,” but I couldn’t believe “Hide” was by the same writer. Mark Gatiss would be better, IMO.

  • Rizz Rustbolt

    Yay! I can’t wait to see his expertly crafted characters be butchered by Moffat’s directing and editing crew!

  • Anonymous

    Not to mention being drowned out by Murray Gold’s music.

  • Anonymous

    Well, Moffat wrote the best episodes in Davies’ run, but…well, maybe it’s a really stressful job.

  • Anonymous

    I’m psyched there’s an older Doctor now. He was getting really young there, for a while

  • Marie


  • Anonymous

    Funny, I had the exact opposite reaction. Hide was OK, if a bit bland. Rings was an intergalactic Bono concert. Agreed on Gatiss, though. Or Gaiman.