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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And All Was Right With the World

Rejoice! Nickelodeon Officially Orders The Legend of Korra Season 2!

I suspect there will be massive celebrations on the internet today. Nickelodeon has made the only obvious decision – they’re producing The Legend of Korra Season 2.

The Avatar: The Last Airbender sequel series has been hugely popular, even long before its premiere, so it’s no surprise Nickelodeon made the decision to move forward with another season.

Entertainment Weekly reported the big news exclusively:

After averaging 3.8 million viewers for Season 1, Book 1, which concluded June 23, the Avatar: The Last Airbender sequel is receiving a second-season order of 26 episodes that presumably will be divided into two parts called Books 3 and 4, bringing the total number of episodes to 52.

Book 2 (read: Season 1, Part 2) has yet to air. It’s set to return in 2013 with 14 episodes in which Korra, voiced by Janet Varney, will get a chance to really show off. She became a fully realized Avatar after the two-part finale of Book 1.

So, how excited are you?

(via Entertainment Weekly)

Previously in Korra

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  • NarcoSleepy

    The not-so-good news…  You won’t be able to watch it on DirecTV

  • Anonymous

    The semi-consolation news: you’ll still be able to buy it on iTunes and get the episodes auto-downloaded right around the actual air-date.

  • Nick Gaston

    I’m happy to hear it, too…though I hope they tighten up some of the plot and pacing problems in season 2. Otherwise I’m afraid we’ll have a story arc that goes from “it’s time to go back to the city and patch things up with my boyfriend’s ex” to “Oh dear god…it was Earth all along!!!” over about three episodes.

  • Inky

     I agree about the pacing issues, but they’ve got more writers working with them than just the two creators again, and I think when they made the stuff we got to see they didn’t know if they were getting more episodes than just those 12. Now that they know they’re getting much more time, they’ll probably be able to give the story room to breathe.

    Hopefully, anyway!

  • Sabrina

     Many series have a rocky start with writers not realizing the full potential of their characters. Let’s hope one day we’ll look back at book 1 as the wacky one with uneven pacing and lacklustre character development.

  • Anonymous

    After watching the the whole series for a second time the pacing issues are almost none existent. There is a very clear arch that happens it’s just super condensed. And the characters are just solid all around especially considering we really only had about 4 hours in introduce a new world and full cast. 

  • Karen Pownall

    hells to the fuck yeah! ‘korra’ is just as good as the first series, and i love having an older cast to relate to! thanks for the good news, mary sue!

  • Lindsay Cross

    Our household will e very excited to see more of Korra!

  • Kaarel Jakobson

     If it’s “super condensed,” how are there no pacing issues?

  • Jamie Jeans

    Not excited at all, truth be told. The first book of Legend of Korra was a badly written pile of garbage that greatly wasted the tremondous potential it had and shoved a horrible romance down our throats while having characters that either regressed instead of developed (like Bolin) or didn’t develope at all (Korra).

    Unless someone else takes over the main writing duties instead of Bryke, I don’t intend to watch this at all. They had a hell of a chance to make something great with a leading woman of colour in the name of the title of the series, but instead made some pile of garbage.

  • Sabrina

     From what I hear, they already have more writers on board for book 2.

  • Shania

    What are they even gonna DO now? ( Also, did anyone besides me think the ending was suprisingly dark?)

  • Anonymous

    They won’t. Seychelle Gabrielle (voice of Asami) had already said she finished recording S2 weeks ago. Everything is already written and recorded before they got the S2 order extended.

  • Anonymous

    What, you didn’t think Korra’s character arc of learning by having her face beat in again and again was awesome? Or her learning by having the previous Avatar hand her the answer on a silver platter was progressive?

    I have some slim hope that Book 3 might be good, but only because that’s the only part of the show where they the chance to correct based on some of the criticism they’ve received. 

  • CyberIstari

     Except anything Apple is the Antichrist here. ;) And we’re so far out in the boonies, cable doesn’t come this far, so it’s satellite or satellite.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure that means Book 2, not Season 2.

    My understanding is that the season one order was split into two ‘books’: we’ve already seen Book 1, and Book 2 will air next year.  Because they’re airing as *if* they were two separate seasons, people think of Book 2 as ‘season two,’ even though it’s just the second half of the ‘season one’ order.

    I believe the new season two order is also going to be split into two ‘books’: 3 and 4 of the story.

  • Anonymous

    No, I realize that was only for Book 2. It was several weeks ago, before the finale even aired. My point is basically that we have to have faith that the writers already knew about the pacing and characterization issues and decided to tackle them in Book 2, since all of that was finished before criticism really surfaced. Personally, I don’t have that much faith in them.

  • Kaarel Jakobson

     Anyone that thinks Korra “didn’t develop” is objectively wrong and loses a lot of credibility saying something so foolish. You’d have to be paying very little attention not to grasp how she evolved throughout the course of the season.

  • Kaarel Jakobson

    Did you somehow MISS how the finale involved Korra formulating and executing a plan to defeat Amon by discrediting him and disillusioning his followers instead of simply trying to best him in a head-on fight – something she would never have done at the beginning of the season? This was something she learned to do because her opponent was physically superior and “beat her face in again and again,” yes. Goodness gracious?

    I’m also not sure you know was “progressive” means, because your use of it makes no sense at all. Korra getting her powers back was cheap, but – staying on topic of her character arc – her crisis of identity and its dark implications certainly were not.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, come on. The beatings=airbending. Canonically. The one thing Korra was supposed to learn all season was given to her by losing in a brutal physical fight. No matter how many times she got into fights, she was thoroughly outclassed. It’s a pretty stark contrast to AtLA when the characters learn by having people sit down and teach them and then practicing.

    I’ll grant you her “plan”, but it’s pretty freaking weak since it hinges on nonbenders who hate benders continuing to hate benders rather than solving any problems raised in the series. I guess it’s a good thing nonbenders weren’t oppressed after all, or Korra would have ended the season as the bad guy for putting down a justified rebellion against oppression. 

    Her three second of identity crisis weren’t cheap at all. You’re right. Having a male character swing by to fix everything that the female character screwed up by never learning the thing she came to the city to learn is really awesome.

  • Sabrina

     The problem is that for the longest time it was known that there would be just 12 episodes aka 1 season. Then they ordered 14 more episodes and it was understood that this would be book 2 aka the 2nd season. Of course people are confused now by the reports “Nick ordered a second season!” – “Hooray! Waitaminute, we already knew that!”

    So yeah, it wasn’t clear from the beginning that book 1 + 2 are supposed to be 1 season.

  • Gregory Williams

    Now I can plan every detail of my life for the next couple of years…lol… We love this show.

  • Anonymous

    relative to the amount of time that they had to tell it. if they had more episodes and it still felt rushed at the end then it would be a problem. i really liked what they did with this series but i would have liked to see her without her other bending abilities for a bit longer into the second season. but her bending is her identity and without it she doesn’t know who she is so it likely would have been rather depressing. 

  • Eva M. Heater

    I was so excited about this show that the character defects and pacing issues were very minor glitches for me. I went back and viewed all the episodes Comcast offers on demand, so I’ve seen each one at least twice. I agree that they need to iron out some stuff, but it was so wonderful to see something with a strong (but immature) female main character. There’s so much to love about Legend of Korra that I can certainly forgive the few glitches that have shown up.

  • Kaarel Jakobson

     Korra not being powerful enough in your opinion could not be more immaterial and irrelevant to the subject of her character development. The same could be said about abstract complaints about the Equalists not being what you wanted to be.

    And Korra’s identity crisis wasn’t limited to one scene in the final episode – that was only an expression of issues central to her entire personality, and was thoroughly foreshadowed beforehand. It was Korra who stepped back from that ledge, not Aang.

  • Mia R.

     In all honesty, save for the deus ex machina at the end with Aang giving her ALL THE POWERZ back, the underdevelopment of Bolin, and Korra being totally ok with Mako cheating on his girlfriend, I thought that overall the finale was done rather well.

    Do I wish that Korra had to work hard to relearn all of her elements? Yes. But the writers weren’t sure if they were going to even have a season 2.

    So I just hope they take the issues addressed in book one (ie, bender gangs/racketeers, social inequality in a ‘utopian’ city, the rest of Amon’s followers, who the heck Lin’s dad is, Mako being a huge tool) and find ways to make them relevant and interesting in book two.
    Maybe Korra can go on a spirit quest or something.

  • Chanel

    You obviously have no taste in shows or story lines. I thought the first season was awesome and the name was great too. Its negative and derogatory that don’t enjoy anything. I don’t even think you watched the show to tell us that Korra didn’t develop at all?! OF COURSE SHE DEVELOPED, SHE BECAME CONNECTED WITH HER SPIRITUAL SIDE IN THE END AND LOST HER BIGHEAD ABOUT BEING THE AVATAR! I think this is an awesome show and I personally can’t wait for season 2 to come out :)

  • Ramon Duran

    You all know this is a kids show right…
    you’re all arguing like if this is something that will change your lives and shit -.-

  • Joshua Mckee

    but as you can clearly see that was not the case with aangs story . It is clearly obvious that each book was a season. So until the next set of episodes come out we can not be certain.

  • Joshua Mckee

    When it comes to character development there are some cases in which some characters do not develop at all or develop to fast or  heaven forbid  go back.How ever in case were the character is going in reverse can ac actually signify the  that the character is in fact under going  great transformation( like when korra started using her head instead of her gut to reveal who amon was) It is not unheard for a character to reverse thier personality and growth rate due to something traumatic in thier lifetime.

    I will admit that the story did in fact need some work? like  for example finding out who amon really was and the fact that amon and whats his name were brothers ,NO clues at all  throughout the series ;just threw it in our faces out of the blue like).Or the fact that if amon knows how to remove a individuals bending surely he would be able to find a way to reverse it. All in all it was good for what it was and pray that they dont have so many people that are in a constant struggle with who they are and thier feelings so much.

  • Jubli

    I hope they get new writers…

    The last season was so terribly written and also I find it a little messed up how Korra learned  all 4 elements in the first season
    What the hell is she gonna do for the next 3 books?
    And also shes clearly okay with Mako cheating on his girlfriend for her
    and Aang gave her back all her powers because she began crying….

    So if I’m ever a avatar I don’t have to practice all I gotta do is cry and Aang will give me powers….

  • David B

    Or…you can go to and watch it for FREEEEEEEEEEEE :D

  • Monique Gaco

    So excited. But I hoped that it will be released this year, because I can’t wait for 1 year. :) But I’ll wait. :)

  • Monique Gaco

    Can’t wait for it, because Korra knows how to return their bending to them. Hahaha So AWESOME. But I wonder know who’s the new enemy?. But It better be good. Because Now Korra knows how to air bend. ha You can’t defeat Korra now. :P 

  • Monique Gaco

    I want Trailers. 

  • John 3:16

    I loved the episodes of korra,
    even more than the original avatar (aang)

  • Russell Coleman

    I miss Aang, Sokka and Toph so much. Oh well theres always reruns and bit torrent.

  • Anonymous

    I almost cried when I saw the children air bend, it reminded
    me of Aang. TuT ahh….Good times.

  • Rob Rosolowski

    While the last scene with Amon and his brother was emotionally impactful, it could not make up for the fact that the bloodbending “reveal” along with the avatar instafix betrayed the epic buildup and possible payoff for season-long viewers. It was small and contrived; something never felt in ATLA.

  • Zala

    Since the beginning of the Last Airbender, every episode and every season was great. I was expecting better in Korra, but the first book was kinda dissapointing. Although it did get pretty interesting in the end. I think book 2 and the rest will be better.

  • Sarina

    Our family can’t wait!!! We love this show! It has a postive message unlike many cartoons! Only wish we didn’t have to wait so LONG for the new season to air.

  • Tyler Dahle

    Yeah… you are really stupid. First off… characters not developing. I think you missed the whole part about only having 12 20 minute episodes and there being more seasons. There was enough character development in season one and there will be tons more with more seasons.

  • Tyler Dahle

    I think first season was rather intense and characters were great… there are more seasons coming so much more opportunity for character development! jeeze… its only been 12 episodes calm down. And I think it is funny how you are trying to point out that the show is sexist lol… Reading too much into things are we? And she was running out of time… it was a do what ever is needed kind of thing so of course she turned Amon’s followers against him, That left him open to attack. Did you not notice how more seasons are coming? Did you ever think that maybe they will begin fixing the world while facing new crisis in these new seasons? Lol stop being stupid about everything please.

  • Desherra Martin

    Character development? Progression? Are you serious. In the first avatar series there was more character development in two episodes than in the 23 minutes of this series which pitifully is how long each episode is. Theres no elaboration, they sit in a city the whole time, and the bending is basically nonexistent. In the first series you see the characters getting more diverse and the moves more unique and at least entertaining but not now. The same water balls, same fire moves, and same earth discs. Nothing to actually compare to the first series. A total letdown. You can watch a whole episode and not get ANYWHERE. The new avatar is born using the elements as well as her natural, different from the first, and the series starts totally skipping the process in which she learned them and all of a sudden she can’t learn air. The only reason people watch this is because they hope it will be something like the old series. Yes we get its modernesque theme but still. Don’t rush through puffing air in a series so we are left watching the last episode thinking it was a waste of time because that’s not what the original writers did for Aang.

  • Ben

    Please please please,,, wea are big fan of Avatar both Aang and Korra. We want to know what happen korra more and between Aang and Korra period, this will answer many questiosn after Katara and Aang kissed….

  • Jubibaka

    Hello stupid, guessing you did not learn anything at all during the last air bender. Learn nothing from any of those books I see.

    If you watch korra you see, through the series she open all the charka points except the last one.

    The one which you have to give up everything, the one where you must be at your lowest point, all hope is lost type of thing. For it to open up.

    However, once it open up you will have full connection to the spirit world. Which with it you can control the avatar state and something like having your bending block can easily be undone then.

    Which at the end, she open that last charka point and is the reason she could connect to her past lives.

  • Ashe P. Samuels

    I loved Legend of Korra, but I have to agree that it really squandered its potential. I felt it went downhill about midway through the first season. Those messages would’ve been pretty fantastic if they weren’t shat all over in favor of, you said it, a crappy romance and underdevelopment for most of the cast.

  • Ashe P. Samuels

    Haha, I remember going, “….What.” when she suddenly Avatar’d at the very end. Just…just because. Y’know. She did it just…


  • Ashe P. Samuels

    You’re telling someone to stop analyzing a show, on a website that actively analyzes content in media, then you go on to analyze the show yourself in an effort to explain why you support it?

    Sounds like you just don’t want criticism aimed toward something you like.

  • Sarah Roth

    Korra is Aang (and Kyoshi and so on…). It was not “a male” that came to rescue but an aspect of her past to which she usually has no access.

    And its not like she didn’t train airbending and thus didn’t understand the technique, her access to it was blocked by her attitude. And that is exactly what changed as part of the character development.

  • Sarah Roth

    Well, you can`t complain about a deus ex machina solution when your main character is a deus ( godly entity)

  • sai

    YES. TY mary sue

  • Christian Reyes

    yeah i cant wait for book 2