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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Almost Totally Excellent

People Have Harry Potter-Themed Weddings, and Here are the Highlights

Dear hypothetical future fiance, I apologize in advance. Because I have just discovered a very dangerous thing: These couples had Harry Potter-themed weddings. And they were so badass.

And you thought me wanting to name our kids after the characters was bad.

Follow the jump for highlights from the weddings.

Whether the couples chose to plan their weddings this way because they met through the series or just because of a mutual love for it, they took what could have been a cartoonish recreation and made it really classy and beautiful.

They even provided their own Hogwarts Express.

Sent out these super-classy Hogwarts-acceptance-style invitations, with an owl (we’ll assume it’s Hedwig) on the wax seal.

One couple posed near what one article refers to as Godric’s Hollow; we think it looks a bit more like Hagrid’s cabin. Either way it’s quite beautiful.

They provided every guest with their own personalized wand, after which they got to be sorted.

Just look how much fun they’re all having!

It’s just so totally wizard, you know?

(via Bridal Guide)

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  • Natalie Ferguson

    I want a man who will not only agree to do this, but totally be into it too <3

    As a non-traditional, non-religious woman, I think the idea of a theme wedding is totally awesome alternative to the pomp-and-circumstance, typical church wedding. These are great ideas that I'll definitely squirrel away for that day far in the future that I'll get married.

  • Audrey Platt


  • nmlop

    These are gorgeous! What a wonderful and beautifully-executed idea.

  • Beth Romero

    I die. <3

  • Life Lessons

    I LOVE this!!!!

  • Doree Weller

    This is so cool.  Thanks for finding it and sharing it!  What an awesomely fun wedding!

  • steampunkaneers

    we thought about having an hp wedding, but we decided on steampunk. but i agree that the idea of a non-traditional wedding is way more fun than the boring white dress and white cake. it’s the mark of a true match when your husband thinks this is as awesome of an idea as you do.

  • Dorkus

    I guess the use of “wizard” as an adjective for “good” is ok when used ironically. But really, all references from Star Wars prequels are kinda wrong.

  • AlannaBennett

    Ha. I was actually referencing Juno, so I don’t know if that’s better or worse.

  • Jeanine Gleaves

    I need to find someone who is just as much into the books as I, so that I can do this!! 

  • Rachmi tri utami

    Dear my future fiance, could we have a wedding party like this one

  • Edmond Wells

    Have featured at many large events around the UK, Also can arrive at weddings with the Bride and / or Groom, or Harry Potter in a sidecar! Fully trained in the Muggles world of wedding ettiquette.          We won’t be flying as them Muggles can get get quite a bit of a fright, and there’ll be a fair fall out back at Hogwarts, I can tell you! 

    For further details see:
    Please comment, Like / Dislike, Friend and Subscribe. There will be more videos shortly!

    Hope to carry the name of Harry Potter, and Hogwarts school of wizardry into the next decade, and beyond! 

  • t_kreuter

    I’m a dude, and this may just be the best wedding idea ever, so trust me, there are tons of nerdy guys out there who would be totally into this sort of wedding.

  • Anonymous

    My fiancé will be soooo mad at you when he finds out I discovered this website….. 
    But I sincerely thank you, from the bottom of my heart! :)

  • medeamaterial

    was I the only one concerned about the grief that would ensue due to seating charts? Unless its totally random, my hp friends would have serious words with me if they got sorted into a house they didn’t like. And I’d totally have a muggle table. With placecards and notecards and books explaining everything around them. :D

  • AlannaBennett

    I also worried about it. It’s a tough topic. Maybe you could have people RSVP with that as another thing they have to choose on top of “chicken/beef/vegetarian”

  • Shannon

    I LOVE the table cards for each house. I’m thinkin’ my fiance and I need to have a talk. LOL!

  • Anonymous

    I thought you were referencing Robot Chicken, but I’ll accept Juno.

  • Nekole Elyzebeth Whyte

    I love it!!! I’ll have to keep this in mind when it comes to my wedding in the very distant future… hmm… I wonder how much money it would cost to have a wedding at Harry Potter land in Universal…

  • Edmond Wells

    Here’s the latest video of Harry and I, when we go to visit the city of Norwich:

    Let me know what you think, Like/Dislike, Subscribe or Comment.
    Thank you!

  • Anastasia Jade Bishop

     You guys are totally gonna get married now. “That one fateful day on the internet…”

  • Starla Slade

    It takes a real MAN to have a Harry Potter wedding! 

  • Textbook Leftovers

    Husband and I had a pomp-and-circumstance-style wedding back in 06. We personalized it a LOT, but still, looking back over the vast distance of only a few years, we are unsatisfied with it. We’re planning to have a renewal ceremony at some point (10, 15, or 20 years, probably). We’re planning to have ONLY our dearest friends (not the people that we “had to” invite, ugh), and a kickass theme. Possibly Doctor Who (omg). Basically, it’ll boil down to an awesome nerd party. :D

  • Melissa Ling

    This is SO amazing, and I want my wedding (whenever that shall be) to be Harry Potter-themed too! Just concerned about what kind of costs that would rack up.

  • Anonymous

    My fiance proposed to me at the midnight premire of Part 2 of Harry Potter 7. Our first date was Part 1. My aunt just came up with the idea that something needs to be Harry Potter in our wedding because thats were it all happened. And she thinks it would be really cool if we could have it in the main hall in the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter. My fiance agrees, but he said he’s giving me the say in what our wedding is. This gives me so many ideas and I’m really excited.
    At first, I was just think kind of suddle hints of Harry Potter, like having the main colors a royal red and gold, walking back down the isle to a Harry Potter song, but after seeing this, I think I want more of a full out Harry Potter Wedding. I blame my mom for reading me the books to begin with.. >_<

  • Amorae Daylett

    Wow…..had I only seen this before my wedding…my poor husband. He would have been doomed. Although, we had plenty of HP references in our wedding as it was, like our everlasting love potion instead of a standard union ceremony.

  • Sam

    OMG that is soo crazy! but kinda cool. never thought people would actually do or even think of having a harry potter theme wedding. someone should imitate the wedding of fleur and ron’s older brother…forgot his name lol

  • Hannah Wick

    Bill is her husband.

  • Anonymous

  • Iraada Glynis

    I DON’T EVEN WANT TO GET MARRIED but you’ve suddenly made me think of a Bourne Identity (book, not movie) wedding. Like topcoat/red silk dress. Minus the gun.

    Or, you know, the original Star Trek. WITH PHASERS.


  • Gabby Metcalfe

    i so want a HP weddin…

  • Gabby Metcalfe

    and female potterheads too!!!

  • Corrissa R. Williams

    One day when I find my own Severus Snape, this is what will Happen. I love Harry Potter and I am so happy to see that others out there feel the same way. Those pictures were so beautiful and many wishes for a great life for a real life James and Lily. :)

  • Meaghan Wiedemann

    :) My fiancee agreed to this! I’m so excited!

  • Anonymous

    I know lots of guys that are into a Harry Potter wedding theme. Here is one nice touch. I couldn’t find a mandrake plant, but I found a plant on line that moves like an animal when tickled. Just search TickleMe Plant  to see a live plant in action and you can give the party favors away to all your guests. My kids at school love them too.

  • duckee23

    where do you get the wands personalized!!!!

  • Craig Fisk Millband
  • Tyler

    I want this…I want this SO badly! I think the reception would be more Potter themed than the actual ceremony. But this is all just amazing, hope the wife to be accepts it.

  • Alexandra Cruz

    I love this!! I would totally want a theme wedding.