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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

what is this I don't even

Voldemort Baby Doll May be Most Terrifying Thing You’ll See Today (But! BABIES!)

So. Baby doll artist Tracy Ann Lister has created a series of Harry Potter-themed baby dolls, including Baby Voldy (pictured above), Baby “Wolverine” Lupin, Baby Dobby, Baby Snape, Baby Ginny, Baby Tonks, and Baby Harry, as well as others. And while most of them very much warrant a response of “My eyes. MY EYES. (Also IT’S EYES),” the Ginny, Tonks, and Harry ones are shockingly pretty cute. But I might be having nightmares about getting attacked by Baby Voldy tonight. Follow jump to see the rest of the dolls. (They’re less terrifying, I promise)


Ginny Weasley.

Did they mean to make Lupin look like Wolverine?



The Boy Who Lived looks surprisingly life-like. And squishable.


Even Baby Severus is skeptical. (Oh god tiny Death Eater button)

Lol Draco what are you doing.

OMG Baby Luna. I might die.

You can find (and buy) the rest of the collection on Ebay.

(via i09)


  • Anonymous

    Great Googly Moogly… that first one is a doozy. Thank goodness there was cute after that…

  • Francesca M

    … Did you not see Baby Dobby??? I’m sorry.. he looks like Golum.. I’d be afraid he’d try to eat my face..

  • DH

    I wish behbeh!Voldemort was shriveled and covered in blood.

  • Anonymous

    a) Reborn dolls (ALL of them) are horrifying
    b) Harry was a year old when his parents were killed (and flying around on a toy broomstick), so the scar does not match his newborn appearance.

  • Anonymous

    a) Reborn dolls (ALL of them) are horrifying
    b) Harry was a year old when his parents were killed (and flying around on a toy broomstick), so the scar does not match his newborn appearance.

  • Dorkus

    I am a girl. I am a geek. I totally love Harry Potter. But I don’t particularly love babies. And I especially don’t love ugly/terrifying fake babies based on Harry Potter characters. This is just a big NO.

  • Jay Sharp

    sleeping with the lights on tonight

  • AlannaBennett

    Are those the type of dolls that people carry around and try to convince strangers are their real children? Because O_O

  • Anonymous

    I am a girl, a geek, a Harry Potter fan and I love babies.  I hate these.

  • Rosalind Casey

    Awwww, may I see your—OH GOD THERE’S A HORCRUX IN YOUR PRAM.

  • Frodo Baggins

    So, seeing as how blatantly non-canonical these are, I think we can agree it’s a huge cash-in by a weird niche artist? You don’t see Ron Mueck pullin’ this shit.

  • Anonymous

    Does the author “Alanna” actually think reborn dolls are cute? Because I’ve never heard anyone sane say so.

    Sometimes I think many Mary Sue articles are actually written by dudes who are trying to think like women.

  • Heather Flyte

    Nuke them from orbit.

  • AlannaBennett

    HA. No, most Reborn dolls are terrifying.  I would not want to see ANY of these in real life. But compared to the Voldemort one I’d think most things were cute. That thing’s still haunting me. Mostly I just think these are hilarious.

    Also I assure you that I am a woman who thinks like a woman. Or rather, a woman who thinks like me, who just happens to be a woman.

  • Anonymous

    They’re often sold to people who are suffering from loneliness of not having a child. They care for the reborn doll and dress it, bathe it, “feed” it like a real infant. Sometimes those who have suffered the loss of a child through miscarriage or otherwise buy them, or elderly suffering from super empty-nest. That’s special sauce on top of the creepy burger.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t create rule 28, I just abide by it.

  • Anonymous

    The Tonks one is starting to grow on me after I looked again. Perhaps the purple hair takes a little away from the creep factor.  Realistic dolls with their eyes closed usually make me think of deceased human babies who have been embalmed, but the Tonks one is cute. 

    Real women salivate over Justin Beiber and Sarah Palin.  We are gloriously unique in our likes and dislikes, but I like the ladies who come here to post, read and comment.  You all make me less rage-y.

  • Anonymous

    Oh that would actually be super awesome. The behbeh Pettigrew was carrying! Most excellent for Cedric deathscene cosplay.

    Hey, what did Voldemort look like when Quirrell encountered him whilst travelling? He wasn’t embedded into his head until after the Gringotts bank robbery. Was he also in gruesome baby form? I forget.

  • Anonymous

    OMG Thanks. I was starting to wonder if no one else had picked up on the ‘reborn’ part. I think we need Buffy to get rid of theses.

  • DH

    As I recall he was mostly disembodied and possessd snakes occasionally until he found a human host in the form of Quirrell?

  • Marama Gravett

    Mmm… yeah, the Dobby one looks too… human… in a really deformed human way, but it’s not elvish enough.

    Also, given when Voldy was born, shouldn’t he be wearing something more like a christening gown?

  • Marama Gravett

    Also, not many of them really look like the movie characters, Snape’s not bad, and MAYBE Ron, but in general, no(eyes and noses are often wayyy off)… or are they supposed to be from the book?

    In which case couldn’t you just grab any ginger baby girl doll and say it’s Ginny?

  • Maryn McKenna

    OK, branding myself as a huge HP geek: Surely these are non-canon. Harry doesn’t get the scar til his parents are killed, Voldemort starts out as Tom, normal-looking at least… don’t remember when Lupin turns furry but surely not born that way? (Sorry, Gaga.)

  • Gian Faye

    Voldy, Y U HAVE A NOSE!?
    Btw, can I have Baby Luna? :) :)

  • Anonymous

    I love babies and I’m a huge Harry potter geek. The Voldie, Snape and Dobby things are creepy! its just scary how life like they are

  • Alice Tordoff

    I really don’t like any of the except Babby Luna and maybe Babby Lupin (but thats coz his hair is insane)

    But yeah…. the rest are bloody creepy.

  • Taffy Thirteen

    most of them are super creepy, the only one i really think is cute is luna. cuz…yeah. >.> those other ones are just nightmare fuel, i believe…

  • Devin Flint

    I thank this person, now I will recognize SIDS when I see it.

  • Dewi-Llyr Nagle

    ACTUALLY they were designed by doll collectors, for a more realistic approach, i have two myself, and i’m a doll and porcelain doll collector, i love them for how realistic they look, i find them very artistic and the creators very talented, that being said i have never “bathed” or “fed” them, they sit on a chair with the other porcelain dolls. Please do not presume that these were created for women who cannot have children just because they too buy them. As for the Harry baby, i wanted one of these, i am a huge harry fan and think these are gorgeous :) – Tash