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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

A Series of Fallopian Tubes

Get Pregnant, Immediately Purchase Smartphone Says New Study

Lots of people are gaga over smartphones these days, just look at the pre-orders for iPhones. But did you know, becoming a mother means you’ll start wanting one if you didn’t already? So says a new study by BabyCenter. In other news, your baby will likely drool on your smartphone. 

Michael Fogarty, publisher of BabyCenter, told eMarketer 53% of moms purchase a smartphone as a result of becoming a mother. “Moms are using mobile phones in different ways from other women because motherhood instigates mobile usage, he said. Increasingly, moms are using mobile to manage their lives; moms are 18 percent more likely to have a smartphone than the general population.”

But why exactly does becoming a mother instigate mobile usage? “Motherhood changes how women use their mobile phones, Fogarty said. Before becoming a mother, the three most important features were contacts and address book, text messaging and email. After becoming a mom, the top three features become the camera, the video camera and apps.”

Camera and video camera obviously make sense, but those can be found on pretty much every phone these days. Perhaps the importance of apps is for the children to play with themselves? Either way, I’m not completely convinced of the correlation. Especially since 47% of mothers don’t buy a smartphone.

(via LiveScience)

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  • Will Kountis

    Sooooo do they have an app that will tell a woman shes pregnant if she pees on her iphone?

  • Julie Fountain

    Moms like smartphones because they can do computer things like read eBooks or check Facebook or answer emails with one hand while holding a baby. It lets you be connected even though you’re pinned to the couch because the baby finally fell asleep and you don’t dare get up in case he wakes up again. Easy peasy. I suspect there’s also the element where it’s a relatively easy thing for a guy to get his wife after the baby is born, and it’s exactly the sort of thing that *would* occur to your stereotypical guy.

  • Anonymous

  • Frodo Baggins

    If you have an abortion, do you then buy a landline?

  • Kimberly

    My thoughts exactly.

    Plus I’m sure there are apps that let you set up a feeding schedule or hook into a local diaper service. And all the coupon apps. God, babies are expensive.