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The Boob Tube

Tonks Chooses Interesting Language To Discuss Female Vs. Male Nudity On Game Of Thrones

I understand the job of an actor is to dive into each role wholeheartedly and bring the character to life but there are times when an individual you’ve come to know in one sense takes on a role on the opposite side of the spectrum. For instance, Natalia Tena. She’s done a lot of work in her time but my first time seeing her was in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix playing Nymphadora Tonks. The next role I saw her in? As the wildling Osha in HBO’s Game of Thrones. She does a fantastic job on GoT but she’s had to do a few things that made me never be able to look at Tonks the same way again. Without getting too specific before the jump, the actress doesn’t have a problem doing what the role calls for, she just wishes male actors had to do the same more often. [Warning: coarse language about the human body.] 

Even if you don’t watch Game of Thrones, you’ve probably heard talk about the extensive showcasing of the female body. There has been full frontal male nudity on a few occasions but women on the show are naked, or partially naked, a great deal.

Tena spoke with The Independant about a scene from the second season of the show [SPOILERS] in which she strips completely naked, in order to distract Theon Greyjoy for a time, and allow herself and the children of Winterfell to escape. Now, the need for this particular scene has been argued by fans but Tena was fine with it.

“I don’t give a f–k about nakedness,” she said. “As an actor, [...] obviously if it calls for it. You’re not just going to get naked otherwise that’s just basically doing porn. But if it calls for it, I really think you should get over yourself.”

Then she told them she asked the creators about wearing a pubic wig (merkin) for the scene or growing out her natural hair. In all honesty, I had no idea what that area looked like on the show because I was too busy averting my eyes after seeing Tonks naked. But here’s what Tena had to say:

“I was a bit upset about the fact that they showed my minge without hair because I think my character would have a massive bush,” she said. “I would have muff, like a muff coming down the thighs.”

Gotta say, I 100% agree with her. Why would a wildling woman (who doesn’t even brush her hair), have her crotch area in a manicured state? Regardless, Tena was more concerned with the fact that she and other women are constantly asked to remove clothing for a role but men are rarely asked to.

“There’s that in everything in the world. I think it’s really unfair, every actor, any actress has had her t-ts out. Every single actress I know,” she said. “Blokes it’s like, let’s see some @#$!. Do you know what I mean? Let’s make it more even.”

While reading through the interview I also discovered the actress is a fan of the books by George R.R. Martin and has similar thoughts to the author himself about the ending. “I’m really terrified that he’s not going to write the last one for ages. I’m just terrified,” she said. “I can’t wait that long. I need it now in my life. But now I think the pressure might be on.”

(via Blastr)

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  • Giu Alonso

    That just proves she is just as badass as Tonks and Osha!

  • Kath

    I <3 Osha.

    Now I love her and her actress even more.

  • Anna B

    I read it in her Osha accent, too.

  • Michail Velichansky

    I never even thought about the public hair! Now I’m retroactively annoyed at the scene. They should have taken her advice. It would have suggested they care at least a little about using nudity for the story, not just to show they can (oh HBO…) And agreed on the male nudity. The more of this stuff they do the more “male gaze” weirdness the whole thing has, and they can do better than that.

    Ah well… the show very uneven. High highs, low lows. I’ll keep watching for the highs.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never had this “my computer has become self-aware and is reading my mind” thing happen to me before, but now it did – the moment I opened this article, my winamp shuffled to “Map of Tasmania”. I’m giving it a new skin as a thank you present.

  • Carmen Sandiego

     She would have a huge unruly bush.  What gives?

  • Anonymous

    I for one was not averting my eyes during that scene. She and Ygritte are the only actresses I find attractive on the entire show.

  • Captain ZADL

    As I said over at Topless Robot (there’s probably irony there, but whatever) It was the relentless sex scenes that have turned me off to this series. I’m really not all that interested in watching it at all, despite the blanket coverage on my favorite sites because I find that kind of thing distracting rather than enhancing. 

    I feel like HBO is only doing it because they can, not because it’s necessary.

    And no, I’m not a prude or some kind of fundie. I’m actually a godless liberal who is just fine with nudity. I just found that while watching GoT all the sex scenes were more gratuitous than not.

  • Anonymous

    I still watch the show but I agree; I find all the nudity and sex scenes gratuitous and think it takes valuable time away from other important scenes.

  • Travis Kyle Fischer

    Come on now, be honest. This is just a screen to rally support to pressure Peter Dinklage into showing off his… Peter… or Dinklage…

    Hmmm, I hereby decree from this day forward, that “Peter Dinklage” become the new prominent term for “massive penis.” Example: “Holy buckets, that guy is really sporting a Peter Dinklage.”

    Joking aside, Tonks makes several fair points. Granted, nudity is going to be skewed towards the ladies anyway because of the brothel house scenes, but there’s no reason that Jamie Lannister couldn’t be stripped naked and pushed in the mud during his travels.

  • Anonymous

    GoT – “The misogyny is there because it’s realistic to the time period! EWW PUBIC HAIR ON A WOMAN.”

  • Mickey Rourke’s Sex Grill

    I don’t care for them either (chiefly because it’s usually Theon, and GROSS) but I look at it this way: it’s probably bringing in viewers. Not every GoT viewer is an ardent fan or a reader of the books. So there are probably many who watch, in part, because of the content it can have being in premium cable. And if that means the show has a higher budget, then awesome, frankly.

  • Mia R.

    I haven’t been watching the show, but if there are half as many gratuitous lesbian sex scenes in the show as there are in the book, I’m going to say there’s too many.

    I’m no prude, but I personally feel that if it does nothing to advance the plot or develop character, it shouldn’t be necessary. I mean, I’d be okay if Martin mentioned it a few times off handedly, but his graphic depictions are somewhat unnecessary the third of fourth time around. Add that to the fact that he’s bloody AWFUL at writing convincingly from a female PoV, and it’s just a hot mess.

    Yet another reason Arya is my favorite character: no sex. You get a slight hint at a crush she may have on Gendry, but even then, that’s the least of her concerns. She’s too busy being a badass.

  • Rosina Campbell

    I agree 100% with  ’I feel like HBO is only doing it because they can, not because it’s necessary’. I’ve noticed this with other HBO shows too. 

  • Zaewen

    Hell, where’s the leg hair or arm pit hair? Or at the very least the scenes showing the amount of effort it takes to shave that stuff off with a straight blade every few days. Ya know, kinda like what we got when we saw the Stark boys get cleaned up or Renly get shorn down.

  • Anonymous

    YES. THIS. Like on Lost, I kept asking, “Where are they getting all these razors? The men are all stubbly, but I guess that’s ruggedly attractive.” Are all these women so bored with surviving the island that they’re inventing bamboo tweezers so they can maintain their brows? I suppose that’s not a long shot … they had perfect make-up too (but of course, “natural” make-up, which is another term for …. “make-up”). Everyone’s getting menaced by the smoke monster, but nobody can stomach the idea of a hairy, unmade-up woman. 

    I’m guessing every. Single. Character. had electrolysis. It’s the only explanation. As for their eyebrows …. um … island magic. Yes. 

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    There’s nudity in the Game of Thrones?

  • Anonymous

    “I personally feel that if it does nothing to advance the plot or develop character, it shouldn’t be necessary.”

    Like the feasts and descriptions of house sigils and colours (which, as somebody who her whole lifetime has dug fairy tales and their focus on inexplicable details, I totally lurve)?  I’d really like if somebody on the internet would do the hard work and count up how many scenes or words he devotes to those  …. 

    I really don’t want to Google “lesbian sex game of thrones”, but I humbly do say that my record isn’t sterling when it comes to recollection. I can remember a couple of lesbian scenes/relationships, at least for named characters (honestly can’t vouch for any brothel scenes) … Dany and Doreah, and Cersei and Merryweather? Who are the others? Any of the Sand Snakes? 

  • Anonymous

    I see a lot of comments about being “prude” and hey, wouldn’t you know it, Shakesville has a wonderful piece on the subject:

    It’s all about boundaries and respect. This actress doesn’t mind being naked in front of a camera? Awesome. “Get over yourself”? NOT okay. People have different limits, and that’s perfectly fine and normal. As for the whole nudity discussion, it just reminds me of this:

  • Joseph

    She’s also quite good in About A Boy.

  • Francesca M

    I think the only time I saw a dude naked for a role was James Purefoy  (sp?) in Rome as Mark Antony. Someone was coming to a meeting with him and there he was complete starkers getting the olive oil scraped off him, he even had this ‘YUP NAKED’ grin. And yes they didn’t hesitate from showing everything. So that’s.. one time in HBO.. oh wait.. I also remember another time on oh heck what was the show they did with Ian McShane.. it wasn’t him but it was some other guy.. unfortunately not Timothy Olyphant. But what I’m trying to get around to is yup.. she’s right.. its no big deal for breasts etc to be shown on TV (but we can’t go jogging without a shirt on not that I’d want to.. because well I need support) but God forbid we see a peen. Sidebar: I wonder if they’re afraid we’d find it too funny and thus kill the mood.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Spartacus has the best equal opportunity nudity. 
    All the nudity on that show made sense to me. The HBO GoT nudity is mostly distracting and takes away time they could have spent on the story. 

  • Zac David Schneider

    In all honesty?  I’m a guy.  Yet I personally feel that every movie in which a lass appears naked, there should be an equally bare lad.  If we see everything on a lady, let everything be shown on a gentleman.

  • Anonymous

    (I never realized that was Tonks.) 

    I am ashamed.

  • Anonymous

     Not necessarily. Ancient Greek men often wore long hair and beards but shaved the rest.

  • Anon Ymous

    Osha is Tonks? How did I not know this?!

  • Tim1974

    You are completely missing the point Francessa. Yes, they show breasts but that does not equal seeing male frontal nudity. They never show female frontal nudity and it is time they do. I am sick and tired of the double standard.

  • Guest

    This is rediculous, topless females should not be considered on par with full frontal male nudity. This double standard MUST STOP! Until we see vulva we should not see the penis.

    If women want equality then they should demand topless equality. A womans breasts are no more perverse than mens breasts.

  • Jim Brown

    is ridiculous, topless females should not be considered on par with
    full frontal male nudity. This double standard MUST STOP! Until we see
    vulva we should not see the penis.

    If women want equality then they should demand topless equality. A womans breasts are no more perverse than mens breasts.

  • ehh

    Her crotch was nude, too, though. She was completely naked and it was all shown, not just her chest. And women’s breasts shouldn’t be more perverse than men’s chests but they are. Society sexualizes them and so they are sexualized. It’s irritating, especially for women, but it’s the way things currently are. A shirtless man is not the same as a shirtless woman.

  • Karin

    They do show female frontal nudity on Game of Thrones, but men having sex is show off screen.

  • Centipede Damascus

    I love the books, but yeah, the weirdly gratuitous nudity on the show really turned me off to it.

  • lemon head

    Then don’t take your clothes off Tena! It keeps happening because there are always women dumb enough to say yes. If the role calls for it, it’s right for the character, artistic integrity…the role calling for it means some chubby Jewish dude in a baseball cap typed ‘nude scene’ on his laptop and sent the script to producers. You know how to make it un-call for it….he pushes delete a couple of times. Any scene ever done with tits could have been just as effective with a bra on. God doesn’t write this shit and tell these women they must be naked. These are human beings. Get a new contract that has a no nudity clause. Refuse nudity until the Hollywood trends change. Stand up for yourself. Have them get a body double. Why do they act like they do this because the script held a gun to their head. Get your agents and lawyers involved and push back. They just don’t really want to because of the publicity. Write an editorial for the NYTimes. I can’t give a shit about female objectification if they keep doing it to themselves. Finally some backlash. I was getting so sick of people calling this show liberating and feminist. I stopped watching ages ago….mid season 1 to be exact. These scenes are cut and pasted into porn sites, they are posted to youtube, they are made into giffs…all this done artistically, done in good taste is bullshit.

  • Hannele Kormano

    That’s honestly the thing that bugged me most about it.

  • Anonymous

    Class has nothing to do with it. Hunter-gatherers (like the Apaches) often shaved and plucked unwanted hair with flint knives. Others used seashells. Besides, how do you know her hair is like that because she never washes or brushes it? Maybe it’s a popular style among her kind, or maybe she’s just an oddball?

  • delia

    she’s also good in “tonight, you’re mine” which is on netflix

  • sean

    As a bisexual guy I approve this message

  • Zac David Schneider

    Well, that IS half the reason I feel that should be the case. The other half is equality.

  • sean

    I’ll take what I can get at this juncture. Whatever the reason. I’m down for more D.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the history lesson. I’m aware of many of the methods humankind has devised to remove body hair. I merely question the importance, urgency, and narrative believability for that kind of maintenance when you’re stranded on an island and dealing with a smoke monster on a semi-regular basis.

    Did you know that there was once a method for scraping off hair using pumice stone? Wow! How incredibly painful.

    Now you’ve shared so much history knowledge, allow me to share something as well. Women let their body hair grow out all … the … time, even if they have the capability not to. Even when they’re surrounded by all the modern wonders of technology and science.

    Consider the following:

    Re: waxing, this means people stranded on an island spent time gathering wax from beehives, heated it, applied it to their legs, and then used scraps of cloth to pull the wax and hair off, instead of using it in other more useful ways, such as creating seals for liquids or food, or making candles.

    Re: creams/pastes, the average, 20th-century American woman knows the recipe for a homemade depilatory cream and is able to deploy this knowledge on an island.

    Re: sugaring, people stranded on an island spent time gathering honey for putting on their legs and faces and armpits instead of eating it or using it medicinally, or had access to refined sugar, another way of sugaring.

  • Anonymous

    Crap. Stop blaming the victim. Women know they will not get roles at all if they don’t do it, & to expect the THOUSANDS of women trying to get work in the industry to *turn down* work, especially in these times? Right. (& your antisemitism is charming, too, BTW)

  • Anonymous

    Except that we are seeing full female nudity in show more often than men’s, AND we are seeing at least 5 times the “butt shots” for women that we are men.