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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

What Boys Think of Girls

Finally, A Computer Women Can Use! [Eyeroll]

Everyday items for “ladies” almost always rub us the wrong way. I mean, Lady-Pens, really? But now one company has decided those pesky desktops and laptops we already own should probably be replaced with something more suitable for women-folk. May we present, the Fujitsu Floral Kiss? 

The Japanese company Fujitsu feels the need to “bring elegance to PCs” with this new personal computer aimed at women. They write:

As the first PC to be released under the Floral Kiss brand, Fujitsu will be offering an Ultrabook™ developed in an all-out pursuit of elegance, from the size and design of the model to its accessories, mouse, AC adaptor and other peripheral devices, and even to the applications. Featuring the latest Windows 8 OS, a high-performance 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor, and 500GB of hard disk space, the new notebook PC’s specs are sure to make for a user-friendly experience. It also provides access to My Cloud, Fujitsu’s proprietary personal cloud service that will be available as a full-scale service from today.

It comes in three colors, Elegant White, Feminine Pink (below), and Luxury Brown.

A study earlier this year said women were more likely than men to purchase technology products and in fact, Fujitsu had that in mind while creating the Floral Kiss. “In recent years, with women accounting for nearly half of PC purchases, the Floral Kiss project was born from the desire of Fujitsu’s female employees to create a PC that women would find appealing,” they write.

Because the ones we have now just don’t match our shoes like they should.

But what’s extremely telling was the statistics in the press release which Jezebel broke down: “The number of words Fujitsu’s press release devotes to the technical specifications of the laptop: 19.The number of words Fujitsu’s press release devotes to just a few of the laptop’s special lady touches, including its three available colors (Feminine Pink, Elegant White, and Luxury Brown), its “zirconia adornments” and convenient, lady-sized external mouse: 167. The number of words Fujitsu’s press release devotes to the Floral Kiss’s accessories collaboration with the Japanese brand Agete, which has resulted in Agete-branded carry cases in bronze pleather (which comes with a matching pouch which you could use for makeup!): 134.”

Another interesting (read: condescending) bit, “The top casing has been constructed with an elegant and refined gradation with gold trim, and it features a flip latch that can easily open the display—even by users with long fingernails.” Floral Kiss also comes pre-loaded with apps like a diary, a scrapbook, and horoscopes.

So, will you buy one and use it like this? They’ll be available in Japan come November.

(via Jezebel)

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  • Kristin Frederickson

    Their statistics showed that women accounted for a large portion of sales, so they felt they had to alter their product to appeal to women? Where’s the logic in that? Their products were ALREADY appealing to women, without the pandering aesthetics. The only redeeming factor I can find in this is that at least it was the female employees that prompted the new design, rather than male employees with disconnected idea of what women want. Still, pretty useless.

  • gia manry

    “…women accounted for a large portion of sales, so they felt they had to alter their product to appeal to women? Where’s the logic in that?”

    Kinda the same problem mainstream/superhero comics publishers have had, IMO. Among other industries, I’m sure.

  • Sarah Sidwell

    Finally, a lap top that fits in that binder with us!

  • Anonymous

    I do wonder if the women who prompted the idea were like, let’s see if we can get them to do this. That said, I’m a guy, and I will need a new computer soon, I might take a look at the pink one, that way it can match my manly pink phone

  • Shoshana B

    In Japan they have decals and such with which people can personalize their cell phones how ever they please.

    Maybe this company should’ve invested in making those for their computers instead of this. It would probably have been cheaper and they could also make super manly decals for the poor manly mans who don’t have any cameo-and-dirt computers to match their paintball fatigues.

  • Terence Ng

    I doubt Japanese female professionals will buy into it, but I wonder if the target isn’t actually the younger teenage Japanese pop female consumer? It seems like they would eat that kind of customizable “elegant/kawaii” thing up…

    Looking at the specific applications being advertised with it, there are three: scrapbooking, diary, and fortune/horoscope, which screams toward “youth casual” rather than “adult professional” use.

    So if you’re targeting young girls/women in Japan, where an abundance of targeted kawaii products exist, like ubiquitous pink laptops, cellphones, cellphone charms, Hello Kitty-fitted tech, and a serious eye on fashion, this seems less outrageous and more modus operandi.

    It would be odd, for sure, if this was a product in the US, where there’s far less of this sort of thing (though pink Dell laptops are available and not uncommon), but in Japan…it seems on trend.

  • Anonymous

    as long as it will play WoW that is

  • Paige Vest

    Ah, no… I’ll stick with my sleek new HP, thankyouverahmuch. It suits me just fine, despite my having long fingernails and a uterus.

  • Emppu Nurminen

    I have to say though that the first company that offers visually customization for their laptops, going to make big bucks. I mean, yeah, it’s the technology and what you can do with rather than plain visual appeal, but if they offer in design-wise beautiful computer with variable specs and colors you can choose yourself, I wouldn’t mind it.

  • Shard Aerliss

    This is primarily for the Japanese market, right? One look at the way Japanese women and girls decorate their phones and I have no doubt that this is an excellent marketing ploy.

  • Trina Talma

    I’d love to see if their lady-hand-sized mouse is compatible with my 8.5″ handspan.

  • Anonymous

    …luxury brown?

  • Wendy Whipple

    I won’t play WoW unless it’s on my 28″ monitor, or on the big screen in the basement. (Why would anyone wanna play on a laptop…)

    Also, you may be out of luck on matching your phone — the computer doesn’t look all that pink. ;)

  • Anonymous

    Know that you have aroused the jealousy of this baby-handed piano player who cannot play Gershwin.

  • Amy M Weir

    Right; I was thinking if “floral kiss” actually MEANT some interesting floral pattern that I would totally want one. Decals would be cool.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Fujitsu. Already decided to buy Samsung 9-series. The tech specs are really great for an ultrabook and the 5 different tests/reviews I read showed hight scores on battery life, performance etc.
    It’s not designed for long finger nails, but fortunately my aren’t.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure there is a segment of women who are going to love this. Much in the way they would sell a bunch of the same crappy computer to a certain group of men if they slapped on some fake rivets, steal plates and carbon fiber.

  • Danielle Stanard

    Some of us did choose our computer over a number of other options BECAUSE of the pink casing. If these laptops are just like any other laptops, why not focus on the decorative faux “designer” casing that sets them apart? My bright pink Sony Vaio draws a lot of attention, and it’s a great way to express my unapologetic femme aesthetic at LAN parties.

  • miss sunshine

    I can’t remember if this was worldwide or EU, but Dell did something like this a few years back resulting in a backlash. They backtracked pretty quickly.

  • Anatasia Beaverhousen

    I think I’ll stick with my lovely, chunky laptop that I can actually play mmo’s on without the screen freezing every five seconds.

  • Anonymous

    Removing all the sexism and stuff out of the equation… surely taking a gender neutral product and genderifying it is the fastest possible way to cut off roughly 50% of your market. So WHY!?

  • Opal Moore

    I ave to admit that a lot of the things made “for women” work better for me, because I tend to be smaller than the huge, hulking men that things are usually designed for. That being said, I hate all the colors and “feminine touches”these companies insist on using. I /like/ the size of the lady-pen because I have short, stubby little fingers, but the colors were horrible. Why can’t they just be black? I like the idea of a smaller laptop, but the assumption that I want another bloody thing created “for girls” in pink with things that are appropriately accessorized really aggravates me.
    People get all up in arms about companies making things for women, but is it really that bad? The army’s finally making body armor for women, should we be angry that they’re doing that? No, it’s fantastic and the women at the front are a lot more comfortable now. And that goes for pens and computers and mice and all kinds of things, it would be nice if more things were designed for women. I just wish they would do it in a way that didn’t make it sound like all I care about is the sparkly shit they glue to the top.

  • venturesister

    I don’t want these, but there are plenty of women out there with different tastes than mine. Maybe there is a huge underground market of long-nailed, tiny handed women that want brown, bejeweled laptops. (Brown?! Huh.) But my guess is that, like Hello Kitty products, these will be bought by large, uncomfortable looking, basement dwelling adult men that pretend to be petite women in Sims games. Because just when you think you know your customer, they throw you a curve ball:)

  • venturesister

    I know, right?! We’ve waited so long! Rejoice, sisters:)

  • Snertly

    Can I get that in strawberry scented plastic?

  • OdinsEye

    Camo and Dirt now that’s what my computer needs. :P

  • Alexis the Unicorn

    After removing the blatant sexism this reeks of, I think that this idea is fine. :Laptops are laptops. If they want to use a certain ploy (which Japanese girls will buy into, seeing they’re other tech) than by all means, go ahead. It’s marketing. Idiotic, but it’s definitely a way to get a dad to buy his daughter her first laptop. On the computer it’s self, the design is actually pretty appealing. I love looking at the mouse.

  • Anonymous

    No no, you misread. The mouse is ‘lady sized’, not lady hand sized. Im taking this to mean that it is in fact as large as a lady.

  • Skye

    I would actually kill for a strawberry scented laptop, provided it was still black.

  • Patty Ramos

    Also, this commercial [] kicks off with “At Kitchen”. Because where else would a woman be spending most of her time? Thanks, Fujitsu!

  • Jill Peters

    truthfully, I’d rather have it in purple or red. As to elegance…it’s a computer non an evening gown,

  • imelda

    I’m astounded that so many people actually believe that this idea came from female employees.

  • Nelly Dreadful

    Gosh. When I was shopping for a gaming laptop, taking into consideration graphics capability, upgradability, ram, temperature control; and again, when I was shopping for a netbook and was considering battery life, compatability with linux ubuntu, and portability; if only this had been around then.

    How did Fujitsu KNOW, that truly, in my secret girly heart of hearts, that all I REALLY wanted was a laptop that was delicate and pretty and cute? I could have totally foregone running Skyrim and World of Warcraft at max ultra settings and having a second computer small enough to be a practical travel sketchbook if only I could have had one that was SPARKLY AND FREAKING PINK.


    *sigh* Look, I have no trouble with girls who like “girly” things. Or boys who like “girly” things. But I take tremendous issue with the idea that the appearance and “girliness” of the machine is what would and should be the highest priority for a female user, as opposed to a male user.

    Have a few different colours available. Throw some pink, purple, red casings in with the basic black, sure. But don’t gender them. Men, Women, and other should feel free to pick whatever appearance they like. And NONE of us should have the appearance and supposed gender appropriateness of the machine marketed to us as the main selling point over actual functionality.

  • Nelly Dreadful

    The fact that women are MORE likely than men to purchase technology products would seem to indicate they actually need to make a MAN-PUTER to close that gap, really, doesn’t it?

    Hmm. However can we design a computer to appeal to men? Maybe lots of flames and naked ladies on the case. And pre-load it with a playboy calendar app or something? A cookbook full of steak-grilling recipes? Maybe if we put a cupholder on it for beer. I shall have to marathon Spike TV for research purposes.

    Specs? Functionality? Pfft. Clearly irrelevant. They won’t care about any of that once they see the mouse is decorated with BACON.

  • Maeve

    I actually might get one of these things. I *want* a nicely styled computer. I *like* the trend of computers getting better aesthetics. If the computer is an anemic piece of crap… well, then you’re all right, and this is an atrocious marketing ploy. If it’s just a differentiating bit of flavour? I wholeheartedly support it.

  • Anonymous

    If it’s like a cheap Macbook Air, that would be nice. They can take that floral crap and shove it as far as I’m concerned, though.

    Oh, and you can get skins for laptops to make them look how you want anyway, my old Dell at home has a big cartoon rabbit on it with the word ‘YUM!’ around it. It’s known as the Buntop :-) It was built out of parts I found in a skip …

  • Joanna

    Ha! My PC looks like Knight Rider. Nuff said. =D

  • Neal Johnson

    While I would’t toss the ladies that read this site in with this category, the market DOES exist, sadly. I worked retail, and definitely a few times I sold a laptop, not on its specs, in fact, in SPITE of its specs, but because it was pink…

  • Trina Talma

    Yikes! If it were as large as me… well, best not to think about the logistics of carrying that around.

  • Anonymous

    “Have you any idea how it feels to be a Fembot living in a Manbot’s Manputer’s world?”

  • alizardx

    Prediction? Marketing will backfire, it’s DOA. Those of us looking for computer deals or for some reason, actually like this concept might as well wait. They’ll have to unload the unsold computers at discount stores at a huge loss. You can always buy a skin to put over the computer, replace Win8 with Kubuntu (KDE conventional desktop form of Ubuntu), check if you want to replace hard drive with a fast SSD.

  • Inky

    I’ll admit, I actually chose a netbook partially because it was blue once. But it was also the same model my Mom had (hers is white), so I knew it was a really good netbook for the price. The fact that it came in my favorite color was just icing on the cake.

  • Magic Xylophone


  • Magic Xylophone

    No, I don’t. Could you Femsplain it to me?

  • Kate


  • Jori

    That is my complaint too. Is it is always superficial. That the only reason why a woman is purchasing an item is because it sparkles.

  • Jori

    Ive noticed this: since it’s woman centered, I have seen “does it work?”, as if woman would be junk product or that because it’s targeted toward women that it’s a junk product.

    My complaint with woman centered items is it’s always overly feminine design and not marketed by what is in it but “cute factor”. I look for what is in it and how nice it looks. But nice looking usually comes last. Especially since I use my computer in my house where I’m the only one who has to look at it.

  • Andybob

    Why do women get worked up over
    silly things? You should be pleased.

    Firstly, this company has spent
    a lot of time and money asking women what they want. What many women want are
    notebooks that look as if Hello Kitty vomited all over them. There is no
    accounting for taste. This is not a global tragedy.

    Secondly, you don’t have to buy
    a pink notebook, but you can if you want to. Otherwise, just select from their
    usual range. No-one is oppressing, patronising or marginalising you. Your
    choices in notebooks have increased – that is all.

    No-one ever asks men what we want. We get to choose from charcoal black, matte black, metallic black, midnight black, black black and, for the non-conformist exhibitionists among us, silver. No-one cares that I want a platinum notebook with a fire-breathing dragon driving a Jaguar on it – and no-one ever will. That’s unfortunate, but I put a brave face on it and get on with life – that’s what men do.

    Stop interpreting this kind of strategy as sexism, and start celebrating it for what it is: a marketing strategy that panders to the princesses end of the market. They have rights too. Women are free to select from any market they like – from executive black (or silver), to Tinkerbell Pink with Extra Sparkles. You can have it all because the market, as always, hangs on your every word.

    Complaining about it just looks churlish.