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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

This Exists... Because of A Lady

Now Girls Can Have Urinals of Their Very Own! Equality? Convenience?

Tired of long bathroom lines? Wanna pee standing up (or, rather, crouched) with four other women instead? Well, lucky for you there’s the Pollee, a female urinal designed to mainstream your time in the bathroom.

An open-air, four-prong urinal, the Pollee is apparently designed to “balance a public and private pee atmosphere.” They come in three different proto-types: Pollee Shy, Pollee Topless, and Pollee Naked, each with different amount of coverage. Excited yet?

The prototype is supposed to be of good use at places like music festivals, when bathroom lines can get insanely long . According to DesignBuzz, “The design aims to replace the much more private port-a-potties that are otherwise found at festivals with a more fun, open and “social” design that allows women to pee in a semi-squat position while holding onto specially created platforms built into the walls of the module,” (emphasis ours). Urinal parties, girls! Just what you’ve always dreamed of. Just look how much fun this lady is having!

I have to admit, of all the privileges that have historically come with being male, access to a urinal has never really been on top of the list of things I strive for. But I may be in the minority here.

(DesignBuzz via Gizmodo)


  • DH

    Hmm. I would probably use one of these, say at a concert or something. I used to camp a lot and don’t really have shame issues or problems with peeing in weird locations. Honestly though, in terms of toilet reform, I’d like someone to invent a toilet that allows for squatting rather than sitting.

    …is there some brilliant pun in the “Pollee” name that I’m missing?

  • She Creates Stuff

    I have a problem with the idea that I must use my hands to balance myself while squatting on the unit.      It sounds quite creepy enough, squatting around in an open grouping of four other women to pee, without having to grasp at some surface a hundred other women have clung to while in various stages of peeing and cleaning themselves.

  • Feklar Fourtytwo

    There are porcelain squat, go and flush toilets across Asia.  I also saw them in Turkey.  I tend pee as much on my shoes (I guess you eventually learn to aim)  as the hole when I use them, so I can’t say they were an improvement.  Also, I’m not sure my knees could take them anymore.

  • Feklar Fourtytwo

    I kind of like the concept, but I think it would only work for me if I was wearing a skirt.  I don’t see being agile enough to do it in pants. as for the handles, realistically, you are doing that everytime you flush, open a stall door, turn the water knob, etc.  given the aerosolization of urine and feces by flushing, there is probably nothing “clean” in or around any bathroom.

  • Adam R. Charpentier


  • loretta obuchowski

    Ladies (okay some of you) I am gunna tell you right now: You take too long in the bathroom. I would be okay with it but you also piss all over the seat and leave me no more tp. 

  • Erin

    I think this would be useful at concerts and events like that.  Though honestly, if you wear a skirt, you can just hop off to the woods and pop a squat where ever you want without giving the world a pee-p show.  I kind of wonder if that’s one of the reasons women have worn skirts in a lot of places…

  • Anonymous

    Seriously – I had the same problem. How the freak do they manage to not have the pee go everywhere? I thought I had okay aim but boy was I wrong.

  • She Creates Stuff

     It is the idea of, on purpose, maximizing possible mess just for the purposes of “going like a guy” is weird and backward. You would be surprised how little contact you can have with bathroom surfaces.  I’m not a germaphobic and do know about what’s floating around but I’ve worked in clean settings where you get an education on using the bathroom with minimal contact.

  • AlannaBennett

    “Pee-p Show.” Win. 

  • Nick Gaston

    The hell of it is, these aren’t a recent invention…not the same design, but female urinals have actually been around for years, albeit not very popular. There are still some installed in the National Zoo restrooms.

  • Ashley Sue

    What do you mean, creepy? It’s a urinal party!

  • Anonymous

    My local drive-in has female urinals in two of its stalls, and virtually everyone I see open those doors squeals, ‘Oh god, no!’, and continues to wait for another door to open. Which means *I* never have to wait in line, so, awesome.

    Also, this:

  • Anonymous

    Just imagine the shit smelling homeless person next to you pissing. Sorry but this is a huge NO. I’d rather piss my own pants, shit in the woods and call it a day.